Qubool Hai 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: On the road and Ahil’s residence
Ahil gets to searching sanam, but in vain. he gets berserk in frustration. Both ahil and sanam are tensed and highly distraught, as both are away from their love, as they both reminiesce their past bitter, sweet moments. The next morning, ahil eyes the taveez, and emotionally wonders where is she, as he cant live without her, and pleads that she comes back. Latif comes with food, and aasks him to eat something, as he hasnt eaten anything for the past two days. He says that he isnt hungry and throws the food away. Latif is disturbed, while he leaves.

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Inside, gazalla and razaak find the new bride going out, and razaak asks gazalla that they have to do their investigation and she says that they have to confirm the new bride’s pregnancy, as she has neither vomitted nor has dizzy spells. they follow her indiscreetly, as she makes her way to the kitchen. They decide that if she eats anything sour, she is pregnant. The bride eyes the fruit compartment, while they wait for her to choose something. But she just takes water and then drinks. They are boggled, as they dont know what she is upto. They are scared as she springs up startling them. the new bride warns them that those who keep an eye on her, soon lose their eyes. They apologise profusely, and say that they are being extra cautious as she is pregnant. The bride leaves.

In the residence, the sisters discuss bout ahil’s problems, and shazia says that the new bride is ahil’s latest problem, and she would have to do seomthing so that she goes out of the house. The new bride out side hears this, and thinks that she would have to take care of this girl too now, as whoever comes in her path wont be spared. she decides to give shazia a punishment. She begins to go, when shazia holds her shoulders and stops her. She turns around tensedly to confront her. Shazia asks why was she eavesdropping. She says that she just wanted to ensure as their Bhabhi if they wanted anything. She curtly replies that if she needs anything, they have latif, and secondly, when ahil doesnt consider her as his wife, then she isnt their bhabhi even. Shazia leaves angrily. The new bride is frustrated at this new tension in her life nw, and before she says anything to ahil, she would have to do something.

Meanwhile, Ahil distraughtedly gets down on his knees to pray, for sanam’s safe return to him. he prays seeking help, and that he knows he did injustice to the love that he gave him, and that he hurt sanam but never betrayed her, and begs for another chance, so that he meets sanam again, and hopes for a single sign, about sanam’s whereabouts. he says that he has only loved sanam, and he cant afford to betray her. he says that if his love is genuine then he should definitely get sanam back. Meanwhile, the truck driver changes its course, after he gets a call, that there’s army checkposts, and decide to go over the Chenab bridge. In the truck, sanam hopes to desperately meet ahil, as if she cant be his, then she cant be anyone else’s, and she only belongs to him. the truck meanwhile is on its way to Kashmir, while ahil desperately prays for sanam’s safety and return. The truck goes through a tumultous track, with severe road blocks and bumps. The truck goes out of control, and collides on the road. sanam is thrown out of the truck, and she slides downhill and finally falls into the river stream nearby, unconscious and lying flat in the waters, wherever the water current takes her, crossing over to another area, In Pakistan Territory. instinctively ahil screams out her name, from his prayers. The screen freezes on Pakistani Speed Post, beside which sanam lies unconscious beside the rocks.

Precap: Sanam wakes up, and a stranger asks her questions about her, her whereabouts and her accidents and she has no memory of it, as she walks in a daze. Meanwhile, a pakistani army officer is shown to ride on a bike.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Only dis much????

  2. so sad aahil sanam :'( :'(

  3. Anyway ,I’m de 1st 1 to comment 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. I hope ahil nd sanam meet each other soon & find seher also 🙁

  5. humein ye chutiyapa bilkul bhi qubool nahi hai!!!

  6. Florabelle Lutchman

    Ahil and Sanam are having too many problems. Let them meet soon, and also Seher.

  7. a new problem of memoryloss to sanam as if shez the problems shz facing iz not enough..what do d writers think of themselves??? what r they tryng to shw ?? that love true love always face problms nd hard to success?? very disappointed…

  8. Ippdi oru kevalamana story ya na pathatey illa………..

    1. Anjali unmayave romba kevalama irukku :/

  9. wtf??? this is 2 much

  10. wat a nonsense story. The writers must also be evil tats why they come up with so must evil n stupid story

  11. Miss ahil and sanam love scene

  12. Kahani mai twist

  13. when will these writers stop writing soooooooooo much shit for the umpteenth time sanam will lose her memory again so now she will forget ahil and fall in love with this man who find her this is so stupid when will this serial come to an end please writers frustration to the highest let this serial end the storylines are toooooooooo repitious it is one thing over and over again murder kidnapping poisoning memory loss for heavens sake stop all this nonsensical garbage now tanveer is dead and all of a sudden long toenail sanam 2 is a witch with so much powers which she acquired afterwards come stop the shity scripts and let ahil sanam haya rahatt seher and rehann live happily married

  14. So much stupidity in this show!!!.

  15. Loosing your memory is the in thing on these shows.There were about two to four shows or more I watched where an actress looses her memory after accident.They are taking bits and pieces of other shows to enhance the others.I refuse to comment on this foolish witch of Endor.Is Seher dead or in some hospltal and Sanam as far as I know cannot be killed,She was buried alive already and still living.Her mother is her angel that is guarding her.The new wife will meet some oppositions with Ahil”s sisters and she may try to kill them too .The thing is I am lost with this whole craziness that is going on.I am asking WHAT NEXT?

  16. Memory loss such bull

  17. Wtfh us this new twist…they must rather end this serial…its getting boring

  18. Every serial in zeetv is all about memory loss soon i will lose mine nd stop watching wat a bull shit .ىىىىىىىىىىىلهه

  19. Finally sanam loses her memory of her past and remembers nothing about her love ahil. How pityful? But now it will be quite interesting to watch sanams new identity as afsana. .hopefully the hero will play a positive role in this. Hopefully sheer didn’t die and will come to save her behn. But now how will sanam remember her past? How will she reach her luv ahil in bhopal again? Wat will she react wen she realises that she has been someone’s wife in Pakistan? How will Pakistan army officer react wen he gets to no of sanams past? Will he give up his luv life for his luv life sanam to reunite with her luv? Wen will sanam come to face with tan veers daughter. ??? My gudness, many twist are waiting ahead .interesting. finally the would be very nyc if sheer and that pakistani officer joins and ahil and sanam all three daughters of naw ab together. Director’s plz end the story in reuniting a family again. And sanam 2 to get chucked out because of a hill sis in climax. That would be fun. Let’s see what qubool has have for the viewer’s.

  20. Enik vayya.mein thak chuki hoon is se.i wanna see ahil n sanam together.

  21. is seher dead orr not pls tell me

  22. Omg wat going on n how come sanam loss her memory all of a sudden

  23. No happiness in this show too many tears sanam

  24. dis shw is going out of track 1 prob goes & another cums nonsense track. Gulfam plz make sumthing nyc dat is y ur shw humsafars survived nly for 2-3 mnths

  25. Yah I agree with you anjali nd Sano…….rmba rmba kevalama iruku

  26. If this is how love is, we all won’t pray to fall in love. This series is not going right. Now rehan & sanaM mayb ahil & seher. Rubbish

  27. Hopeless story blo*dy buldhit.ahil suits to b villian.he is a dull character in the serial flopppp.

  28. Haha just lyk uttaran i hope that pakistan hero is nyc

  29. Pls don’t spoil this episode don’t let the new sanam succeed in her motives

  30. oh no!!! wht a sad situation for sanam and ahil. it is so bad.

  31. i like the story twist bored of ahil

  32. It seems as if Qubool Hai’s storyline is veering onto the same path as Hitler Didi. The main character of that serial Indira also ended up having amnesia, living in Pakistan and also married to an army officer…..

    Does these days writers lack imagination that they are unable to give us viewers something fresh and different?
    Must we always be subjected to the same storyline over and over?

    I love watching serials that have a little bit of everything; Romance, high voltage drama and comedy but Qubool Hai seems to be overtaken with negativity and so much evil. Tanveer’s reign has ended but the evil still lingers in the form of Sanam No.2.

    Qubool Hai has the potential of becoming really great again, if only it’s makers took more interest in public views and the actors potential. Writers also need to have more logic in their storyline, they often jump from one issue to the other without really completing the current situation that they have created. We the viewers love entertainment but we also like a plausible storyline with a dose of realism.

  33. Wat stupidity

  34. same happened with meeti in uttaran but she dont had any memory loss.it is ridiculous.i think writers are draging it alot.

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