Qubool Hai 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 6th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the shelter
Asad, dressed handsomely in a black shirt, comes out to find zoya dressed in a pink saree, laughing uncontrollably. Asad too joins in with her. He says that its the fault of her bad company.(MITWA MOMENT) They are blabbering all the while for no reason, but still dont leave arguing with each other. Asad says that zoya isnt mature, zoya says that she is mature and cares for people and tells him that he should too start caring for the people, and not term it as interfering into people’s life. They again into their constant bickerings, without any relation to any relevant topic whatsoever. Zoya says that he even doesnt care for the feeling of her own mother, leave alone strangers.

Asad says that how would she know since she had none. Instead of getting angry and hurt, she is laughing incoherently. she says that she can kill anyone with the dimple that happens when she smiles. Asad is mesmerised by her smiling.(MITWA MOMENT) Asad and zoya romantically start enjoying the rain, under a canopy and dancing the night away, under the effect of the Bhaang. They get intimate during this, singing while enjoying each other’s romantic vibes.

Asad and zoya get back into their room. Asad gets a call, and laughs off with the person, who called him to tell that the tyre has been fixed. But ayan locks the door from outside, so that asad isnt able to get out. Inside, asad finds that the door is locked. zoya and asad again joke at that. Zoya blurts this out, laughing, that ayan and she had planned this all along, so that he cant get to the court. Asad, is stunned for a second, but then breaks out into laughing.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Badi bi is sleeping, when shirin tries to wake her up and tells that the doctor is coming to check her up. Badi bi pretends to sleep, but talks in her sleep, saying that razia has the key that would prove rashid’s innocence.

shirin says that she doesnt know what is the medicines that the doctor is giving, when he comes, as its causing badi bi to talk in her sleep. the doctor demands to know what she said, to be able to understand her mental dilemma.

Shirin says that badi bi muttered, that during doll factory incident, razia clicked pics. razia is shocked, and shirin too agrees as to why would someone do that also adding that badi bi also told that razia had hung her upside down for killing her. When the doctor tries to show interest in this, razia reprimands him by saying that he too now thinks that razia tried to kill her. She loses her cool at the fear of being exposed. She tries to say that badi bi is now bad mouthing her evn in her sleep. while everyone is baffled, mamujaan has a stoical look on his face. Humaira takes her out of the room. After everyone leaves, badi bi wakes up.

Razia calls up Billo Rani, saying that they need to act fast, as things are getting out of hand, and the doll being retrieved is her last option. she is told by the servant that maujaan wishes to see her. she goes into his room, and faces a chair turned against her, says that she knows why he called him, and that he is angry at her, but she says that she didnt have any option, as rashid is in jail, and she is forever scared that investigations would surface their role in it too, and if someone gets the evidence, then everything would finish. She says that badi might be dying, but she always feels that she would be a cause to immense trouble. she proceeds to the chair, saying that noone would ever know her involvement in the conspiracy, and she already is in the process of getting the evidence into her safe custody.

She says that everyone would need to know that the person who dies in that fire, didnt die because of the fire, but had been killed earlier only. as she comes inf ront of the chair, she finds badi bi sitting there, instead of mamujaan. while badi bi has a victorious smile, a speechless razia is unable to look in the eye, at badi bi.

Scene 3:
Location: In the shelter
zoya is again blabbering and says that she told him and he told her everything today, but doesnt know the reason. He says that not everything should have a reason. Zoya says that he can ask her anything and she would ahev the answer to everything. Asad asks that if she is so naughty and ill mannered, then howcome he likes her so much, and finds her so attractive, when he has never met a more idiotic girl. That when he dislikes her so much, then why does she figure in his dreams, and lights up his darkness.(MITWA MOMENT) Zoya says that the answer to this is simple, and that is that he likes her and also adds that she too likes him. Asad and zoya register this fact, but still under the influence of bhaang, they both laugh it off.(A COMPLETE MITWA SEQUENCE) Asad says that there’s huge difference between reality and dreams, and in real, zoya isnt suitable to be anyone’s perfect wife, and she cant sway in any emotions as she’s entirely wrong for his family. Zoya keeps poking him saying that he’s so mean, while they continue laughing. She finally dozes off on his shoulders and he too drifts off to sleep. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Zoya, with blood smeared cheeks, is baffled at being around a casualty, with many injured people, but is cheerful when she sees asad getting out of the car, and raises out her arms at him, while he too runs in her direction. But she is shocked and hurt, when he crosses without paying any attention to her, and goes on to hug another girl.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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