Qubool Hai 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 6th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Haseena and everyone else are shocked at nikhat’s outburst, and refusal to marry imran. Haseena is fuming with anger. As shirin tries to calm her down, nikhat asks her to let her speak, as its her life at stake. She tells haseena that rashid has always bowed down to her wishes and whims for Nikhat’s sake, and if he does anymore he would break, and she wont bear it. haseena says that she’s the one who’s bearing, by taking such insults from her bahu, who’s dark complexioned. She says that everytime they keep coming to her place begging them to keep the relation. Nikhat says that this time they wont come. Imran is shocked and haseena too, while razia is tensed. nikhat says that they arent against this relation, but now it would be an equal treatment, and that she has said enough, and the person who had to, was silent throughout. Haseena says that they have been insulted enough. She says that with time, they found what kind of daughter in law they were about to take. Shirin tries to calm them down, but chandbi also taunts nikhat on her outburst despite her dark skin. She says that she had heard that a father’s influence is on the children, and saw it to. haseena too taunts rashid for their broken home, repsonsible for Nikhat’s ill manners. She says that whole bhopal knows about rashid’s loose character. She says that maybe even nikhat is following in her father’s footsteps. Rashid screams and stops haseena from talking saying that he can bear anything about himself, but he wont do anything nice to her, if she says anything about his daughter, as his children are his pride, and if somebody stains it, he wont bear. He says that she doesnt have to, he breaks off all relations with their family. Haseena says to think again, as if they step out today, they wont return back. rashid says that the door is open, and if she would leave or he sends her out.
Shirin is shocked, but rashid stops her saying that his descision is final. He asks haseena that its his respect and maners that she’s still standing here. Finally she asks imran and chandbi to come along. Amidst shirin’s tears, ayan stops imran and asks if he would go silently, and shows him Nikhat, who needs him the most today, he is escaping today, and she was supposed to get married to him. As he is urged to go, ayan stops him and says that everyone has to make descisions, and he too would have to do in fron t of everyone, and asks him to speak up if he loves her. But imran stays silent. Haseena asks him to come along. All are frustrated at imran’s silence. Haseena drgas imran out from there. Nikhat is in tears and distraught. She rushes to the room, with the other girls in tow. All others are tensed.

Mamu reprimands rashid for such a hasty descision. Rashid says that he wont send the girl to a place where she isnt respected. Mamu and razia tell him that he should have behaved maturely, and what will the society speak. rashid says that he doesnt care, and asks razia not to talk about responsibility, as if she had fulfilled her responsibility, then badi bi wouldnt be absconding today. razia clarifies and tries to justify. Mamu says that god willing, they would find her soon. He insists the gravity of the situation, and that this is one grave mistake, which has made them the butt of jokes. Rashid says that he doesnt care for this, and he wont agree to this relation. Mamu says that they would go to haseena’s place and rectify the mistake. Rashid stops him. Mamu asks shirin to dress up nikhat, as she would go with him, and warns rashid that he would see who stops him. He leaves. As rashid steps ahead, Shirin says that he wont stop mamu. she says that he didnt even think once as to what would happen, and who would marry nikhat or should she marry an aged person, or someone’s second wife. She says that he would never understand the pain of being a second wife. He says that she should think that her daughter wont be happy there. Shirin too says that her descision is final. rashid is shocked and tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya tries to tease nazma about her anger and how the marriage talks are going to drive her crazy, while nazma is tensed for an unknown reason. She tells nazma that she cant escape it, as she has to get married. She asks nazma to face her, and makes her sit down, and asks her not to be tensed. She asks nazma if she loves someone. She is in tears. Zoya asks if they had a breakup. she agrees. nazma says that she doesnt want to talk about this. She says that she cant dread that feeling again. Zoya asks how long back did it happen. She says that it was 3 years back. zoya is stunned to hear this, and says that she would find a suitable groom for her soon, and she would forget her past. She breaks into her poetry:

Dont worry nazma, everything will be fine…
Tumhari yeh would be bhabhi, laga degi ladko ki line…

She manages to get a smile on nazma’s face, and they hug, while nazma says that she’s very lucky, that zoya’s her bhabhi. they tightly embrace each other.

Asad searches in zoya’s room in her absence, for the wish list, thats incomplete. He rummages through her stuff in the almirah, and finally finds it. As asad is fidgeting with the list and keeps it next to the doll, thats the last remains of zoya’s father for her, he is startled when zoya sneaks up on him from behind. He accidentally drops it and breaks it. He instantly apologises for it. Zoya is shocked and hurt that this was the last clue that she could have used to get to her father. asad is confused as he knew that her father is dead. But she, distraughtly, says that her father’s still alive, while crying incoherently. Asad is shocked at this revelation. He asks if her father is alive, then who told her this. She doesnt reply, but asad holds her and asks the same question again. zoya asks to let be, but he is insistent. She finally spills that its tanveer, shocking asad. When he knows the entire truth, he ‘s very overwhelmed at her sacrifice to know about her father, in lieu of saving asad. He says that its her life’s mission to see her father, and he was very mistaken about her being self centred. asad says that actually he doesnt deserve her. Zoya asks her not to talk like that, as she’s very lucky to have found him, and she loves him immensely, and stops him from saying anything, by putting her hand on his mouth. (MITWA) Zoya says that if its in her fate, she would find her father, and she wont complain, as if it snactches something, he gives something back too. She says that she got him, as he’s her life and her world now.(MITWA) They look at each other emotionally. Asad says that she too is his life, and he wont let her be sad. He thinks that he has fulfilled her every wish, and he would also fulfill her last wish, and that she would know about her father, and that he woulf din him for her. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: As zoya is working, she hears the sound of the same doll piece, that asad has held in his hand, all in one piece again. She happily comments that he finally found a way to mend things. Asad is happy at her happiness. Nuzrat comes and tells rashid and the family that nikhat is nowhere to be seen in the house. All are scared and tensed. On the clifftop, imran calls up someone and expresses in a suicidal tone that without her there’s nothing in his life, and that he doesnt care to live or for anything else. As he cancels the call, someone places a hand on his shoulder. He turns around and is happy to find someone, who he instantly hugs tightly and the lady too hugs back.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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