Qubool Hai 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Farmhouse
Faiz is shocked as haya stabs him on the back. She finds his blood tainted hands, and then rushes down the bed, while faiz lies unconscious. In her rush, the candle falls, and the drapes around the bed catch fire. Haya watches as the candle lights the whole bed, afire by the sides, while faiz lies on it, helplessly, writhing in pain, screaming out to her. she ignores him, and runs off to escape. She starts the car, but is scared by faiz screaming for her. finally, he lies dead, and haya runs off.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Rahat wakes up instinctively, sensing something, and opens the door. He doesnt find anything, and then turns around. He doesnt realise that haya has walked in after him, dazed and terror stricken, mumbling that she killed faiz. rahat is too dazed and stunned to see haya, standing before him. She keeps mumbling in shock, and is about to fall off, when rahat catches her and holds her in his arms, as she lies unconscious.

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Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil goes through his pics with sanam, when tanveer comes in. he gets conscious and then comes in to help her sit. She says that she has come to apologise, while he says that it isnt needed. She says that after rehaan and ahil told her, she is sure that she is hallucinating, and she is always scared and restless, as she feels that someone is trying to ruin her ad her family. He tries to assure her, but she says that she is certain about that. He says that good people always have good fate. She says that she has decided to keep a prayer gathering at home, where everybody prays together and that she has called the priest for this, so that they can be out of doubts of darkness. He agrees. she thanks him, while smiling evilly, thinking about her plan.

While sanam gets ready to pray, tanveer comes and congratulates her on her victory, but doesnt ask her to think that this is permanent, as new year shall bring her defeat. Sanam asks her to let go now, as all her efforts failed, and that she wont be able to win, as god favours those who are true. tanveer says that means god is with her, as she too survived many death atacks, and is very truthful. sanam asks her to let it be on time. Tanveer asks if she can hide her secret for too long, as she knows there’s someone, who is behind her, and who is giving her courage to move on, and that having seen the world, she knows that she is being supported by someone, and the day she gets to know who is it, her game shall be over. Sanam defiantly says that there is someone who sticks beside her like a shadow, that gives her strength and courage, her God, who as long as he is by her side, noone can defeat her. Tanveer says that she may need someone, but she is capable to handle sanam alone, and that they shall decide who wins and who loses. she snidely wishes her a happy new year, and sanam reciprocates.

Ahil, in his room, is tensed remembering the latest incidents, and then his romantic memories with sanam. As he walks aimlessly in the hallway, he collides into sanam, who falls in his arms, as fate would have it, and romantic yet awkward eyelock follows. they both compose themselves. sanam asks whats he doing at such a late hour. He says that he wanted to see her, as what happened today wasnt her fault, and had rehaan not told him, he wouldnt have understood. Sanam says that she doesnt know why tanveer feels so, as she doesnt want harm for her. Ahil says that she may not be able to be blamed for today, but she is guilty, of jilting him at the altar, and making a joke of his love and their relation in front of everyone, and for that he shall never be able to forgive her. Sanam asks that she accepts her mistake, and that there should be a punishment too, and asks him what he wants, as she would accept whatever punishment he gives her. He says that the only punishment for what she did to him, is that he doesnt want anything from her. He leaves, while she stands tensed, wondering when would ahil’s anger subside and she would be able to see the old ahil again. Sanam finds fireworks, celebrating new year, through the window, and thinks that this year took away a lot, but gave too, ahil and rehaan’s company and her sister, seher, and hopes that the lord gives her the strength that she is able to take revenge for her parents’ death, from tanveer. Ahil prays thinking that he doesnt know who to believe or not, as all are god’s people, and hopes that in this new year, he gets to know the truth, and return his love back to him, as he eyes sanam’s pic overwhelmingly.

Seher and rehaan are in the garden, where seher as usual, starts chattering about her new year resolutions, and rehaan overwhelmingly eyes her, amused at her loose ended resolutions. He teases her saying that she wont be able to do anything. She says that she has one that she has decided to fulfill, and thats to never lie to him. He says that he shall also promise never to disbelieve her love ever again, and asks her to promise that she would agree to whatever he tells her. She asks how is that possible. She also says that they need to resolve that they shall never fight as that would stop their love from progressing. they have a good laugh at this.

Some priests come, and are taken inside by gazalla to tanveer’s room. Meanwhile, Tanveer evilly thinks that she has passion for victory, and hence she shall win, this year and sanam would have to lose. She says aloud that the new year shall forever pull sanam into darkness, and then greets the priests. They smile and then take off their beards. They take out their surgical kit and gloves, and begin to get ready for an operation, while tanveer smiles congratulating herself too on the new year. She lies down for the surgery to begin, as the doctors ask if she is ready. she complies. the screen freezes on her evil face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. i want rehaan to know her relation with haya

  2. Eureka Eureka begum sahib going to get her eye sight in one day. I think she got motiabind in her eyes. Even it not cure within one day. but begum will get her eye sight back. Nothing is impossible with serial writers

  3. My sixth sense is getting that faiz will not dead and he will be back become more dangerous and then rahat will send him to jail. SeHan scene was awesome, so cute, so simple and yet very sensational. I just loved it. Why doesn’t Sanam tell truth to Aahil? Tanvir will become more dangerous after getting her eyesight back. So many things are going on. 🙂

  4. haya rehan forever

    Finally.faiz is dead

  5. I think tanveer Will get her eyesight back and will ruin everything

  6. I just cannot believe haya killed faiz .I did not like faiz, but never wanted him to die in his love (haya).It was so embracing the wayhaya acted to save her life by ruining faiz life.but hopes so the real trouble starts to brew haya life’s after this.it is shocking that tanveer is getting back her eyesight. Just waiting her to see zoyas face again after 22yrs. And the real battle between true love , revenge and the evil has started. Show is quite interesting. Wat abt sanam 2? Wen will she be out of sanams life.just waiting tanveer to spill the truth and hail to realise the innocence of sanam and her selfless love and tanveer truth, and rehabs original identiy. Wen will haya and sanam knoweach oother’s life struggle?

  7. Uhoh i think tanveer is getting her eyesight back

  8. Qubool hai is gettin boring now take it off its to long now same shit like pavitra rishta boring

  9. Awesome but no precap

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