Qubool Hai 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 5th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Shireen rues..wonder what has happened to this house.. some or other incident is happening..! She rues wonder what is up with Ayan..! RAsheed says that Nikhat n Nuzhat are there with him ..not to worry n he just loses his cool at times..! Shireen guesses someone told something to Ayan! She asks Razia n Razia says..why would she say anything to Ayan? She suspects someone has cursed the house..! Rashed says ..if someone has mouth..its not necessary to talk.. n create rumors..! Rasheeds mom comes and Rasheed asks if she needs something? She says came to take blanket!

They enter the room and think there is something n Rasheed switches on the light n see a vodoo doll..! Razia n Shireen wonder what it is? Razia asks Rasheed if he will still say she is spreading rumor? She tells Shireen that its a vodoo doll whose hair is like Shireens..! Shireen recollects losing hair..! Razia tells Shireen someone is doing black magic on Shireen! Shireen starts to guess that..hence she is feeling dizzy n nauseous! Rasheed thrashes the crap talk and says…there is nothing like black magic..! He asks her to rest..!

Part 2

Its late in the night.. Zoya is on the terrace n reads the letter that Asad gives n recollects his words..of not having any reason of not going back! Tanvir comes n asks her what she is thinking? Zoya says nothing! Tanvir says..she knows what Zoya is thinking..that she has stayed at this place for so long..she feels bad leaving it! Zoya says..she is not sure about leaving..! Asad says that Asad has given her appointment letter so her visa can be extended! Tanvir acts innocent n says.. Jammy gave? Zoya says.yes.. n says..she is not sure if she wants to go! She says..the biggest reason to leave was coz Asad din want her to stay. .but now after this letter..seems she had thought wrong..! She says that there is a lot of confusion! She tells Tanvir that Asad is Emotionally Challenged.. he never shares what he wants upfront..! Tanvir asks Zoya.. what she wants? She wants to leave right? Zoya says that this sunday its her Jiju n Sis anniversary ..but she din get tickets..so her mood is out! Also she is confused whether to go or not! She asks Tanvir to tell her what Asad wants? If he doesnt want her to go? Tanvier says.. its difficult to understand what Asad is feeling n thinking ..! Zoya says..exactly .. .by giving letter Asad wants to stop her from leaving..! She rues every time she has to use her intelligence.. but this time Tanvir has helped her..! She says.. she isnt going anywhere..! Tanvir says …U have to leave.. Zoya Farukhi ..else how will Jammy be hers..! She resolves to do something!

Razia is in the kitchen ..sees Shireen and asks her what she is doing here? She asks her to rest! Shireen asks her why is she heating water? Razia says to clean utensils..! Razia asks Shireen to empty the vessel..and while she is doing it.. Razia spills hot water on her hand .n Shireen screams..! She asks for water and ice.. but Razia drags her to her room and shows the vodoo doll with pierced hand..! She tells Shireen that the person doing black magic on Shireen wants to destroy her..! She points to Rasheeds mom who is praying! Razia tells Shireen that people who fake being scared of God ..never let others know their true intent..!

Zoya and Asad meet at the hall ..! Asad asks Zoya if all is ok with the letter? Zoya says yes. its fine! Asad asks her if she will deposit it in the visa office? Zoya says she is not yet sure about it.. once she will decide she will let Asad know..! Zoya turns n smiles..! Asad is anxious.! Zoya rues that if Asad wants her to stay back..why not tell her to stay back! Asad rues..why cant she tell what she has decided..!

Asad says – Confused Ladki .. Zoya says – Complicated Man

Zoya says – Strong banne ki koshish karte hain …
Asad says – Bevakuf ladki ..smart banti rehti hai.

Zoya says..good she understood his signals.. or he did be standing staring at the watch ! Asad resolves no matter what he will not ask Zoya again ..! Zoya smiles that its good she can read Asads mind.. he does not need to say anything!

Shireen tells Ayan nothing will happone with meds..! Ayan says he will painkiller for her.. n she will be ok! Shireen says..its not the pain of injury that meds will heal her.! Ayan says..she is stressed so thinking all this!

Ayan coms out of Shireens room n sees Razia.. n asks why staring? Razia says.. not staring ..watching.. how someone can forget ones promise..! She reminds him that he had to made a declaration.. ! Ayan says..no time for this Shireen is sick! Razia says ..thats why he needs to fulfill his promise..else tomorrow morning Shireen will wake up and see Rasheed being taken away by cops..! She tells Ayan..that she can give him few hours only..! She asks Ayan to go take care of Shireen for now.. whose luck is running bad.. who knows next day morning might be even worse..!

Part 3

Zoya cancels her booking and Tanvir is shocked..! Asad comes and asks her if Zoya cancelled her ticket? Tanvir says yes.. tickets for Sunday she cancelled..as Sunday is her bro in law n sis wedding anniversary..! She says Zoya wants to go 2-3 days before .! Asad is sad . ! Tanvir tells Asad that she has made Kheer like Dilshad makes..! Tanvier asks Asad to taste .. but he says..it must be nice.! Tanvir asks Asad if he is troubled coz of Zoya? He says no..! He then shares that he had given her a job offer to help her stay back as her visa was expiring! Tanvir says.. that Zoya is troubled.. n wants to go.. n is not getting tickets..! She suggests Asad to get Zoyas ticket booked.! Asad says fine.. if Zoya wants .. this. .n it shall be done! Asad leaves from there! Tanvir smirks! BG- Billo rani! Self thought . Wah Tanvir Kya Kheer banai hai.. ! She says ..iss kheer ki tarah meethi

Precap — Tanvier asks Asad what is this in his hand? She takes the envelope and opens it n its Zoyas ticket for next day…! Zoya says.. dinno Asad would help her so much to leave from there..! She thanks Asad … takes the ticket from him ..turns n leaves! Asad is sad..!

Ayan holds Humeras hand n tells everyone that he wants to marry Humera! All are shocked.. Razia smirks..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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