Qubool Hai 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 4th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s house
The entire family is shocked at asad’s declaration, while the reporters are shooting the entire thing. As ayan looks on happily, while the entire family and the priest is shocked, and the reporters are covering the event, intentionally expecting a huge drama. Asad asks zoya to come along. zoya looks hesitatingly at ayan, and when he smiles back, she moves ahead towards asad. razia thinks that finally what she wanted is hapening, and she wont have to do anything, as asad is doing it for her, by taking away zoya. Humaira too is happy. zoya tries to clarify, but asad says that he isnt interested to know whats happening here, but knows that his patience has reached its limit. The priest asks mamujaan to interfere from whats happening. Mamu asks him not to do personal drama infront of everyone. Badi bi says to asad that a person cant fight destiny, and that he would have to forget zoya as she is ayan’s wife, and he cant marry her. Asad says that zoya didnt agree to the marriage. The priest says that she had given her consent. asad denies that. Shirin asks whats this now, as he had helped them when nikhat needed him. Asad says that nikhat wont be affected. Rashid says that what he is saying and doing is right, but the way of doing it is wrong. He asks him to sit and resolve it out. Asad says that this isnt one of them, and that all of them have waietd long enough, and they wont anymore. Mamujaan asks that he should be ashamed of what he is doing, and that he is a shameless man, to be doing this, as he doesnt value relations. asad asks what about his sacrifice, and that he should be happy that he’s giving humaira back her rightful place in ayan’s life. He says that he wont be able to understand all this. Badi bi stops him again, saying that he had got zoya to sign the certificate, and still he’s talking about the girl’s choice. she says that she wants to confirm zoya’s choice, and whatever she decides, they would accept. Asad says that zoya also wants this. badi bi says that she wants to hear it from zoya herself. Asad and razia are tensed. All confront zoya and ask what does she want, go with asad, or dutifully be in this marriage. All wait for her answer, while she is torn and distraught. Shirin asks whats she doing, as she’s asking a lover if she wants to go with the love of her life. Badi bi says that she isnt trivialising marriage, but wont keep zoya against her wish, and that if she wants to go, then they wont stop her. all ask her insistently. zoya tearfully says, that she didnt grow up with parents, and she has no strong memories of them, and goes on to tell her entire life story about her father leaving her mother, and not fulfilling any promise that he made to her, which made her realise that she wont do this. she says that for her, marriage is a step taken forever, and she too wanted this, but life teaches new lessons everyday, and she also learnt a new lesson, that of love. she looks at asad.(MITWA) She says that nopw she kn ows, that the relation of love is above all rituals and customs, even above destiny. She says that she wants to go with the person, who she loves. Asad smiles, while razia and humaira are relieved, and others are shocked, as she contin ues that if she doesnt do thios, then she would insult love, which is the biggest force in the world, and she cant do this, as she loves asad very much. They smile at each other. The priest reprimands mamujaan for tolerating all this. Shirin is shocked when badi bi gives them permission to go wqith asad. asad takes zoya by the hand, ayan tells himk to take whats truly belongs to him and takes her out of the house. shirin is berserk and asks everyone to stop them, as whats happening is wrong, and would insult them badly in the society. rashid asks shirin to let them go, as whats happening should have happened long ago. humaira comes by ayan’s side. Zoya glances back at them. They finally leave, while humaira and ayan look on happily.

The priest comes abd reprimands them that they would have to bear the brunt of what happened today. They leave. The reproters are about to leave, but zAyan asks the tape of the recording that their cameraman had taken stealthily. The girls pretend innocence, but he extracts the tape. The he goes on to his poetry:

Firaagaye meri aankh mein ansu,
Kyunki kitchen mein wajid ne kaate hai pyaaz…..
He bores them with his poetry and thye flee from there. humaira comes upto him smilingly. Ayan faces her and says that he knows that everything is over, and he had tried top make her realise but she didnt believe him. He says that he’s getting late, and hence leaves, leaving huamira sad.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Dilshad promises someone on the phone that she would definitely come for the diwali celebration in their house. She says that she would just wish that in this festivel, some light glows that would light their lives. After cancelling the phone, She thinks that the light of their house, is lighting someone else’s house. She thinks that without zoya, nothing seems fine. As dilshad is disheartedly lighting diyas, the sound of the door opening, makes her look and she finds zoya standing in the doorway, with asad behind her with her suitcase. She goes to her and hugs her, emotionally with tears in her eyes. She thanks the lord, and says that finally Diwali feels like and happy and merry. She kisses zoya on the forehead. The screen freezes on asad’s happy face.

Precap: Zoya and asad romatically and intimately dance to the romantic song, Saans, celebrating their reunion.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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