Qubool Hai 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Haya tensedly talks to Ahil, while seher observes. ahil asks her to open up and talk to him, as own people can only say. Seher comes and says that maybe haya was helpless to talk then at the party, and its no big deal. Ahil asks how can she be so careless and callous, who used to be bothered at the slightest problem of haya and dilshad. seher is tensed, and says that she still cares like that, and nothing has changed, but if this is what they want, then they should support her. Seher says that if she loves rahat and wants to start afresh, she would have to forgive her past life, only then can she make a new beginning. ahil is convinced and calls haya to him, and then asks her to share everything. seher is relieved. haya is convinced that people change with time, as the past sanam would be very upset that haya didnt tell her, but right now she sems unfazed that haya kept a secret from her. She is tensed. they leave off haya.

Inside, ahil says that he is impressed with her, accepting haya’s marriage to rahat so easily. She says that if two people are destined to meet by god’s grace, then who is she to question it. she gets emotional seeing rehaan pass by, and comments that she is happy that haya’s love story got fulfilled. Ahil says that their love story is similar too. Seher senses him coming close, and leaves citing an excuse of work in the kitchen. ahil is frustrated.

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In sanam’s room, azhar’s parents are busy trying to find the perfect place to hide something, oblivious that seher is on the way. They strew around files looking for a place and finally settle on the lantern lying, and place the secret mike and camera inside. they rush out, and are shocked to find seher confronting them, asking what are they doing in her room. they are stunned into silence, and start fumbling, and then say that they came searching for food. She is tensed with them, but doesnt say anything, and passes by. They are relieved. The camera starts recording, as seher enters the room, and then razia comes after her, and locks the door. seher asks why is she so pleased. razia shows her the papers, saying that her one more trap, and then they shall be successful, adding that these are the new property papers, which if signed by ahil and seher once, would get the property in Razia’s name. Seher asks that this isnt that easy, as ahil isnt illiterate or blind. razia asks her not to think like sunehri, but like sanam, who ahil is desperately in love, and says that she is sure that sunehri would easily be able to come up with something. She also adds that this work should be done before rahat and haya’s marriage. Sunehri says that its impossible, as she has just 3 days then. razia says that ahil’s marriage contract ends in four days, and if the papers arent signed till then, the whole property goes in trust, and hence gives her 3 days to finish it, or else her money would go too. Razia leaves. Seher thinks that life doesnt give second chances, and maybe this is is her chance to take advantage of it.

tanveer, in her room, thinks that she just needs one evidence to expose Ssanam in front of ahil, and then he would change his understanding about sanam, as she isnt that simple as she seems, and he just needs to feel betrayed once, and then he would easily sign off the property papers, and then throw sanam out of his life and his house forever, and her marriage would be over before even the contract ends, and that once the papers are signed, it would be very easy for her, to get rid of ahil too. they smile evilly.

After seher leaves the room, azhar’s parents enter and take the camera, and are about to move out, when they are confronted yet again with seher, who came back as she had forgotten her phone. Azhar’s father hides the camera in a potted plant, and give the excuse of cleaning the house. His wife too plays along. seher taunts them and asks them to get a broom, and clean this room nicely. They are shocked, but out of her scare, they comply, and rush out. they return back with broom and wipes, and clean the room spic and span. they are tired and exhausted, while seher taunts them to continue doing this nice work. After they leave, seher is sure that they definitely must have done something wrong,since they came. She searches around, and tries to grab onto the ceiling, to find whats hidden there, and as fate would have it, her foot slips, she falls right in ahil’s arms. They both awkwardly compose themselves. Ahil tells her that he knows that their contract marriage ends in four days and she must be nervous, her mind full of questions and he is ready to answer them all. He asks her to come along, while she is confused.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Haya senses someone’s presence, while working in the kitchen, and thinks that its rahat. She happily and excitedly begins to go towards the closed door, in anticipation. she opens the door, smilingly, but is shocked to find noone. She is disapppointed. faiz comes and finds her staring at the empty doorway, and asks her whats the matter. she controls her tears and without saying anything, she heads inside, but rahat steps in, and she is again aware of his presence. She turns around and so does faiz, to find rahat standing in the doorway. She smiles shyly while faiz goes and hugs him, and rahat too isnt able to take his eyes off haya. faiz expresses his happiness at rahat having gotten leave so early. Rahat comes to haya and wishes her a Happy diwali, and apologises for being late. Haya says that its okay and atleast he came, and Diwali is bright with dear ones only. An excited faiz comes and says that he has given the biggest surprise of his life today, by coming unannounced. rahat says that he plans to give the biggest surprise yet, and that he came but he might have to go back on duty anyday, and thats by getting the priest to fix the date of their marriage. haya is happy, that her prayer got fulfilled, and that noone shall separate them now. rahat too thinks that he has tortured haya enough, and now he shall never let haya out of his sight at all. he leaves too. faiz too thinks that he cant beleive this, and that sooner rahat marries haya, the sooner he shall divorce her, and then haya shall come back to him. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Tanveer thinks that till now, all her fatal attempts on Sanam, have gone in vain, but this time around, the world shall see the price one has to pay for being disloyal to Tanveer. she smiles evilly. Meanwhile, Seher is shocked, and frustratedly tells razia that she cant take care of her plan anymore, and she isnt interested in her money too, as ahil has gone mad, and wants to marry her when the contract ends. Razia is happy and excitedly asks her to get ready for marriage and then once its done, she should take his signatures, and then collect her money and vanish. Seher is shocked beyond belief.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Bakwas ho gaya ab ye show, koi sanam ko wapas le aao

  2. Omg,what the hell is going!
    I want
    rahat n haya,
    ahil n sanam
    seher n rehaan together

  3. PLease huh… Stop this show.. Today.. We cant watch Ahil with two sisters… Sanam & reehan will get marry and Ahil & Seher/suneri.. Heck.. above the hills… please let this non sense stop..

  4. So bad, I have no comments. I still had a hope for SaHil but now it’s all messed up. Very disappointed episode 🙁

  5. I actually watched this serial last night and sadly there was no subtitles… I was distraught! Writers please do something!!!

  6. seher please do not marry ahil he is you sister sanam husband and it would be the biggest mistake of your life. start running away as far as you can get from razia forget the money it does not worth it go to rehat and tell him every thing you know he do not like lies so if you want a second chance as you said do the right thing quickly and go to rehatt revealing everything and let ahil know what is going on also so that he can find sanam before its toooooooo late. what perfect couples, ahil and sanam, rahatt and haya and last but not least rehat and seher. all the other could go to hell.

  7. i think seher will tell d truth 2 ahil n expose the truth of razia n that chudel tanveer
    then he will rescue sanam n sanam will tell same
    then ahil will thank seher
    then seher n sanam will kno they r d sisters
    n seher n rehann love story will start agaun 😀

  8. this is sooo annoying….I want sanam n aahi saher n rehasn I liked there live scenes if they add saher n aahil ths show will end soo fast writes be creative don’t repeat the danger thing over n over

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