Qubool Hai 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 31st January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Asad stomps in his room, while zoya follows him wanting to stop him. He asks how can she stop him. zoya says that there’s something that they dont understand, some secret that is not known. asad says that the secret is known now, as he himself confessed to kidnapping her. Zoya says that he shouldnt be hasty in taking descisions. She takes the mobile from his hand as he begins to call the police. Zoya says that in anger, he wouldnt take the right descision. Zoya gives him the battery saying that he should reconsider. asad is adamant. Zoya tells him that she’s alive due to him only, and he cant ignore it. Asad storms out. Zoya comes after him. Zoya gives him the phone and battery and reemphasises that they shouldnt call the police

right now. Zoya asks him to consider his medical health atleast and that its inhuman. Asad says that they dont deserve her consideration. Asad asks if he’s wrong. She says that the time is wrong. Asad says that that meansd he thinks that he is right and she is wrong, and she too admits without giving it a second thought. but wehn she does, she vents out her frustration and says that she is always right. Asad smirks as she leaves in a huff.

Later, haider and asad sit outside, where they both realise that due to the women in their lives, they are always hassled. haider begins to vents out his frustration at the girls, when they dont know what they want. asad too blames them for being extra emotional, and over sensitive. Asad thanks him for helping zoya out of danger. haider says that he is always there for her and says that he meant it in a platonic sense. While they both are chatting, zoya screams out in anger at him. asad gets scared and ducks his macho sense and says that they should make the first move to get them back to normal. They both discuss how they would get their ladies to approve of them once again. They decide that they should let the girls cool today and would start tomorrow. They shake hands at that.

during the night, mamu is very tensed and emotionally distraught, ans he is in zoya’s room. While zoya is asleep, mamu sits beside her, with the dollpiece in his hand, remembering how he had insulted her time and again, and then places it by her bedside, finding her waking in her sleep and caressing her face, and covering her with the blanket, he is about to caress his face, when razia stops him and drags him out, asking him to leave her. Resignedly, he walks out. Zoya wakes up, and sensing someone’s presence, she begins to look around, and finds the dollpiece open, making the music play. She wonders how was the music box on when she kept it off.

In his room, Mamu asks how dare she stop him. razia says that he has crossed his limits. Razia asks what in his love, would he say to his daughter. he says that he would tell her about the relationship. razia asks would he say that he killed her mother too. He says that he didnt kill her, and she did. Razia says that she would tell everyone that he killed her mother. Mamu lashes out that this is lie. razia says that she very well knows how to convert a lie into truth, and the dagger used for the murder had his and not her fingerprints on it, and tells him how she had gotten his fingerprints. She says that he betrayed her once and since then, she left any hope of his being loyal, and that the reason, she kept ecvidence against him. she asks him to think and keep his emotions under control. Razia says that if he tells zoya about him being her father, then she too would tell zoya, that he killed her mother. And then zoya’s love would turn in a quick second to hate. She leaves while mamu is distraught at his dilemma.

Mamu resignedly starts walking in the doorway. Zoya calls out to mamu, while he is the hallway, referring to him, as ABBU. He is stunned and turns around to face her, as he eyes her surprisedly and emotionally. When he sees her, he finds zoya, talking to herself that she misses her dada and wish he had been there with her. As she walks in, mamu is tensed with his situation and collapses on the sofa kept in the hallway, tear stricken.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Nikhat screams out for nazma, saying that she would prove that she isnt mad, but doesnt find anyone. She decides to call up nazma. But she sees chandbi and haseena. Nikhat hassled, turns to chandbi to tell her about the cellar and sameera inside it. Haseena tries to give her water to drink, but nikhat says that she doesnt want to. as she turns to chandbi to talk, she too asks her to calm down and have some water first. Resignedly, she takes the glass and drinks the water. she understands that something is wrong and they both are together in it. soon she goes dizzy and falls on the floor unconscious. haseena and chandbi eye each other evilly, laughing at her torment.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
As zoya is angry, and asad tries hard to get her to talk, they find that mamu is seated on the breakfast table. mamu leaves his seat for asad to sit. Asad says that its good that he dropped his act but commends him for his perfect timing to fake an attack, and people actually felt that he was sick. mamu says that he cant prove anything, and he knows, that he may do anything, but asad wont trust him. Asad complies saying that he wont trust him. mamu says that he is right in his place. mamu says that only now could he understand the importance of relationships, and has been able to recognise them. While zoya is affected, asad angrily asks to save this for the police, as they would be all ears for this, as he wont be able to fool him with his sympathetic rant, and its good that he is finally able to speak. Zoya is tensed at the way asad reacts with mamu. He begins to try the phone. As asad moves out, zoya eyes mamu questioningly as to what brought this change in mamu. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Both haider and asad are trying everything to get their ladies to talk to them again, with haider actually rolling out papad, saying that this is what would get her mood right again, and asad going down on his knees and begging for forgiveness. But the ladies arent satisfied, and while zoya tells asad to continue his apology in a dramatic tone, humaira throws a banana peel, and asks him to walk on it. Asad barely is able to control his anger as he fulfills zoya’s wish, while haider in his bid to impress humaira, tries to dance on the opeel, and while his foot slips, and he tries to keep his balanace from falling on the floor, the seam of his jeans tears and humaira has a good laugh, while haider is embarassed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I just hope that dey wil understand this Hassena and trust nikhat. And what of ayan and his mom

    1. They really forgot Ayaan . Humeiras character turned out cheaper than pr*stitute I think Asad is only close to Ayaan . How can he support Haider, isn’t Humeira is Ayaan’s would be wife. Haider and Humeira’s story is KCHARA. Bhangaar nahi kaha because bhangaar main paise milate hai., inake scenes 1pasie ke laayak bhi nahi hai ekdum cheap. After ayaan’s exit to fill the gap, introducing Haider’s character as Humeira’s love interest means height of stupidity .This is the standard of wrier and artist. Ayaan aur Zoy ka talaak nahi hua toh asad aur Zoya shaadi kaise kar sakte hai . Ghar ka beta Ghar hod kar gaya hai kisi ko chintaa nahi. Party kar rahe hai shaadi kar rahe hai hai. Humeira ke father usee hotel main rahane ke bare main nahi puchate? Itane careless hai? Ladaki ko barbaad hone ke liye chod rahe hai? Sabki akkal ka diwaala nikal gaya hai.

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