Qubool Hai 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer tells them that destiny may have distanced her from the haveli, but she never distanced herself. She says that everytime she thinks of this haveli, she is reminded of an incident. ahil is disturbed thinking about his childhood. tanveer says that she missed them badly. ZafaR asks why she didnt come to meet them if she missed them. Shazia says that the truth is she never remembered them. tanveer is disturbed while ahil is tensed, and asks tanveer not to think bad about shazia’s opinion, as she is still immature. tanveer says that shazia is right, as a mother’s identity is with her children, ans the destiny forced her to stay away from her children when they needed her the most. she gets teary, while ahil asks her to stop crying and celebrate instead. Latif points out that asma and azhar are missing. they are tensed.

Asma is waiting outside, when rehaan comes in and tells that he is just a servant here, an orphan who was given life by tanveer. asma asks him not to call himself an orphan, as god looks after them. They introduce themselves formally. He asks her not to be tensed for azhar as he would come soon. asma again voices her concerns for azhar’s strange behaviour and that she is sure that he is hiding something. rehaan says that such question and anxieties are normal as pre wedding jitters, and asks her not to think having out her heart in this marriage.

Meanwhile, azhar ducks inside, having been rendered pennyless in the gambling. Sanam is shocked and finds him like this, and turns around. She asks him to get ready soon, and come down, while she leaves having been called by latif. as she comes down, she meets asma who asks for azhar’s number so that she may call him. Sanam tells her that he is home and is getting ready. asma is relieved and happy. Asma asks if she would come to the engagement. Before she can answer, ahil asks her to go and get tanveer’s room arranged as she would have to rest. Sanam goes to tanveer’s room and looks around. She compliments the beauty of the room, while oblivious that ahil is getting tanveer here. She starts lighting up incense candles. She finds a pic of tanveer, and looks at it disturbed a little, thinking that it feels that she knows this lady. ahil comes with tanveer and sanam turns around so as not to be seen. tanveer leaves to freshen up so that she can rest later. Ahil confronts sanam, while she fumbles through, as ahil asks if the work is done. tanveer is very happy that ahil is taking care of her so much. Sanam is curious to see her face. Ahil asks her to work downstairs, while she excuses herself to go and see dilshad. she tries to tell him that they are coming here, but ahil doesnt listen, and reminds her that he owns her, when she says that he cant do this to her. tanveer asks him to let go, as its a very good day today and ahil is happy too, and that she too should celebrate. ahil instantly agrees, shocking sanam. She turns around to go, after having thanked her.

Meanwhile, dilshad steps outside, still recovering from the shock of sanam working in the same haveli that they used to stay. she opens the door shockingly, remembering the last time she had come here, and the memories flash in front of her, the good, the bad and the really bad ones. Dilshad turns around and begins to leave, while haya asks her to meet sanam first. She tells haya that they would sanam somewhere else. As haya is shocked, Dilshad is surprised to hear sanam’s screams calling out to her. sanam rushes to hug haya and they exchange greetings, while dilshad is still in a daze. She asks sanam if she works here. sanam goes on a rant as to how beautiful the house is.

Inside the house, azhar comes and apologises for being late, and then after tanveer’s permission, the engagement ceremony begins. When its asma’s turn to put on the ring, she notices the grease on his hand, and wonders that she had gone for the operation. He makes an excuse of it having gotten from the room, and not the OT. She complies, after he cleans his hand.

While haya and sanam chat, Dilshad is taken aback by past memories of her family there. Sanam asks her to come and sit down, and asks whats she thinking here. Dilshad asks who stays here. she tells about ahil’s parenst having bought it 18 years back. Dilshad thanks the lord that new people have come to stay here, oblivious that tanveer is inside. She asks sanam if she is happy. Sanam remembers ahil’s atrocities, but says that she is happy here. dilshad hastens to go, surprising her. Sanam tries to stop her, while she gets dizzy and has a coughing bout. sanam asks her to come inside and rest for sometime.

Inside, tanveer continues to be taken care by ahil, who she finally dismisses for attending to the other guests. After he is gone, She is taken back to the haunting memories of the massacre that she created 18 years back.

Sanam enters the house along with dilshad and haya, while dilshad still is terribly uneasy. She hastens to leave again and is visibly uncomfortable, while sanam insists her to sit, ranting about begum’s praises. she goes to get a glass of water for them. Tanveer is super frustrated and walking in the lobby, and sanam comes from the other end, both oblivious of the other’s presence. Finally tanveer senses something and turns towards sanam’s direction, and is surprised. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: In the darkness of the night, while sanam lights up a candle, she is face to face with tanveer. sanam, is surprised while tanveer is frustrated.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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