Qubool Hai 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
As sunehri boasts of a new found evidence, the new bride is tensed. Sunehri leaves. The new bride hears gazalla and razaak tensed to search for the newspaper, and wonders if this is the same thing, that sunehri was boasting about. While seher securely keeps the newspaper under the bed, and goes to the washroom to freshen up, the new bride comes and starts rummaging through the room, and finally finds the piece of newspaper, and wonders if this is what they were searching for.

Meanwhile, while tanveer lashes out at gazalla and razak for being so careless and losing that paper, the new bride comes in showing if this is what she is searching for. tanveer is shocked, and asks how did it come to her, and how did she know where it is hidden. The bride asks her not to question but thank her, and since their relation is of equals, and hence she would have to save her to save this relation. tanveer smiles evilly.

Later, the priests congratulate ahil for being so generous in organising all this. Ahil says that he is doing all this due to tanveer. they ask for her. gazalla says that she is hurt and would join them soon. they begin the prayer service. sanam tries to speak, but ahil again shuts her away, saying that he needs to work right now. sanam is hurt.

In the kitchen, the new bride enters, and starts rummaging through the veggies, when the prayer begins. As the sound of the prayer service reaches her ears, she is tensed and in visible discomfort, getting nervous and dizzy. Latif sees her like this and is shocked. the new bride rushes to the storeroom, to escape that noise.

When seher finds that the evidence is gone, sanam and rehaan are tensed. they wonder who has stolen it.

Meanwhile, in her room, Tanveer eyes the newspaper and thinks that nothing or noone can tell the world, that she committed this crime, and hre past shall never be revealed, as there’s no evidence.

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Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed location
Faiz is dressed as a groom, and starts taunting rahat, that this is the perfect place to marry haya, as she loves rooftops. rahat says that haya wont ever marry him, as she would prefer to die rather than do so. Faiz says that he has a surprise for him, and asks if he wants to see. he turns his chair around, and finds haya walking towards him, in her wedding gown. he is apalled, while she too is distraught. before she can meet him, faiz aims the pistol at her, shocking her and rahat too, saying that he shall kill her, if she moves one step ahead. rahat pleads him not to do anything foolish. Faiz asks him if he can stop him from doing anything, and that he shall take him to haya rightaway, but for that, he shall have to divorce her straight. haya and rahat are shocked. faiz says that he just needs to say TALAK three times, or else he shall kill haya. They both are apalled. Haya asks him not to do so, as they decided that they shall never leave each other’s side, and also promised that he wont ever let bad happen to her, and asks him not to fall prey to faiz’s threats. He asks her not to get closer. rahat is apalled. Haya asks him not to make a joke of this, and pleads faiz not to do this, as this verbal divorce shall not separate them, and asks him to understand the severity of the crime. faiz says that rahat would have to do this, as he doesnt have much time, or else he shall kill her. rahat is bewildered, while haya stands stunned. rahat remembers his moments with her. He finally says it once, while she begs nim not to do so. faiz enjoys this, and asks him to say it again, if he wants her to be alive. she begs him not to, while rahat says it the second too, and haya collapses on the ground. before he can say the third time, she eyes the rod kept nearby, and hits on faiz’s head, and he gets disbalanced. rahat’s wheelchair starts moving. he says that she wont be able to befool him this time. A struggle ensues, and faiz overpowers her. While haya is in faiz’s capture, rahat’s wheelchair starts going behind, and retreating, to a point, where he would fall down. she begs him to allow her to go and save rahat, while faiz watches cruelly. he asks to let things be, as she should have thought this earlier. He says that its good, that rahat would be dead, as then there would be nothing that can come between them. haya bites on his hand, and faiz lets go, screaming in pain, while she rushes to him, while he speedily moves towards the end point. faiz rushes after her. haya loses him just one by a second, and rahat falls down, the multistoreyed building. faiz captures haya yet asgain, while she gets berserk, realising what happened to rahat.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
An old woman enters the mansion, trying to search for someone. She comes and asks razaak, if tanveer is here, as she has to tell urgently about something, that happened in the jail, and identifies her as the jailor. She sounds creepily mysterious. he thinks that she is mad. But when gazalla passes by, she recognises the jailor, and wonders whats she doing here. he tries to ward her off, but gazalla asks her how is she here, after all these years. The olady asks where’s tanveer, as there’s something very urgent. Gazalla shows her the way to her room. She progresses towards it.

Tanveer finds seher and rehaan walking around tensedly, and is amused, thinking that they thought that they could defeat her so simply. she decides to burn the paper. She alights the matchstick too. But before she can burn, the door opens. When she asks who is it, she is surprised to find the jailor in her house, who asks if she didnt recognise her. tanveer turns and is shocked to see her, and hastily closes the door. She asks why is she here, as she had clearly said that she never wants to meet her again. tanveer says that whatever she wanted she did for her, and asks what else does she want. she says that she didnt come to ask for anything, but to give her soemthing. Tanveer is boggled. she says that she has come to give her the child. She says that 20 years back, her son isnt dead but alive. tanveer is shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Rehaan frantically rummages through the stuff, oblivious that the newspaper is right in front of the door. he is tensed, as ahil comes inside, looking for tanveer and is surprised to find him there. Ahil is oblivious that beneath his foot, his mother’s true evidence lies.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Did you see the powers of the prayers start affecting the new bride.Again she will hold Tanveer at ransom because she read the papers.Hell break loose with the both of them and somethings may be revealed.In the first
    serial with Asad and Zoya ,Tanveer was pregnant for Asad brother in law {not certain about him]and she was black mailing him.Zoya found out and she was chased from the house.At that time she did something again and was jailed ,so I believe this was the time she gave the baby boy to the jailer .The jailor took the child as hers and lied that the child died or I think the child was placed in an orphanage but I remember she was pregnant and this is why she came back with all these revenge because she wanted Azad.Also Zoya and Tanveer were related ,therefore ,she is related to Sanam and Seher.Much confusion to understand.

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