Qubool Hai 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Despite Ahil is shocked when tanveer tells him in front of sanam, holding a glass of milk, that sanam has poisoned this to kill tanveer. He asks whats this nonsense. Sanam says that she shall drink, and then a struggle follows between sanam and ahil. seher watches tensedly from behind the pillar. razaak too in hiding thinks that if the trap dosnt fall in place, then everything would be ruined. Just as ahil is about to drink it, tanveer snatches the milk. She says that she shall prove by drinking it, and complies. she then falls unconscious in his arms, much to her horror and shock. sanam is shocked. Ahil turns away from her, saying that she caused this. Razaak tries to give her the antidote injecvtion but is unable to. Rehaan comes distraught and then they call the doctor, and take her to her room.

In the kitchen, sanam tells seher that she hasnt given poison as she cant do something like this. seher asks her to relax as she knows that she hasnt done anything, and that tanveer is just doing drama, and shows her the injection, which shocks sanam. She says that she saw the syringe in the window, and hence got to know the entire plan. Sanam says that she touched her arms, and found that she had gone cold. Seher says that its good if she dies, as noone would want her alive. sanamn says that ahil would feel she killed her, and that she wont ever be able to prove that she didnt mix anything in the milk. She says that if she died, ahil would never forgive her, nor would turn away to look at her, and she wont be able to live without ahil. seher says that she must have thought of an antidote too, and hence she wouldnt die that easy. Sanam is still tensed.

In the room, ahil and rehaan pray and hope that tanveer comes to senses. Razaak thinks that tanveer had said to give the antidote in ten minutes, or else she would actually die. he starts screaming tht sanam killed tanveer. rehaan says that he doesnt believe it. Ahil berserkedly calls the doctor asking whats the matter, and the reason for delay. Rehaan asks ahil if this is true, and ahil doesnt respond. Razaak tries to give n injection, and ahil surprised asking whats he doing. He leaves the injection, and goes to get salt water from the kitchen, as instructed by ahil.

When seher finds razaak coming, she hides herself. Razaak tells sanam that tanveer is dying. He makes the salt water and leaves rushedly from there. He gives the salt water, to ahil, who tries to make her drink it, but she doesnt comply, as rehaan’s moments with his mother flash before his eyes, and he gets apalled, while ahil desperately tries to make her drink it, and goes down the memory lane herself. Meanwhile, seher goes to find why the doctor hasnt arrived yet. Sanam is tensed. Seher comes with the doctor to tanveer’s room. The doctor checks the pulse, and ahil insistently asks him if she would be fine. the doctor says that he fears that they shall lose her. All are shocked. The screen freezes on sanam and tanveer’s face.

Precap: In the middle of the dargah, haya starts screaming for a thief, trying to grab everyone’s attention. rahat identifies it as haya’s voice from a distance, and finds haya screaming in the middle. he calls out to her. Meanwhile, Rehaan shuts the door and locks seher inside it, and her hand comes in the doorway. she screams out Bappa in pain, making rehaan stop. He asks if she is sunehri, and asks her to confess if she is, and not the sanam that they are thinking. seher overwhelmingly complies. They both hug each other.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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