Qubool Hai 30th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 30th April 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 30th April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Dilshad, in her room, is given company by tanveer, with her evil plans, coming to give

her milk. But dilshad refuses, saying that she wont be at rest till she gets asad

married. Tanveer tries to comfort her and asks her to take the descision after

thinking. Dilshad says that she doesnt have time, hence she has to take the descision

right away. She says that tanveer was right about asad, and knows the house and its

rituals, and hence she wanted to talk to her about this. She reminds how asad and

tanveer were supposed to marry when they were kids, according to people. She says that

now the time has come, and before taking her descision, she wants to talk to tanveer,

about the fact that whether she’s taking the descision for him is right. Tanveer,

thinking that the result would be in her favour, asks her to slow down. Dilshad thanks the lord, that the type of girl she wants asad to marry, is right in front of her. tanveer smiles and shys away thinking she’s talking about her. Dilshad says that asad knows already who’s right for him, but wont ever accept it from the mouth, and hence she has to impose this on him, and sooner than later, he would understand that she has taken the right descision. she asks if she’s right in doing this. Tanveer asks her to relax, and rest, for now. she begins to leave.

While closing the door, Tanveer thinks that her destiny is over gracious on her, and

wonders if it all is a dream. She thinks that now her revenge on razia going to be a

reality finally.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia tries ayan’s number, but in vain, and is tensed, that he should have returned. Badi bi taunts her for the same. Razia asks where has she sent her. But badi bi continues to instigate razia, and asks her to quiet down and not shout. razia is adamant that ayan would never change his descision, and nor would she ever get humaira married to someone else. Razia is told that that she should never have too much faith on destiny. badi bi leaves.

Razia holds badi bi’s hair from behind, and accuses her for poisoning humaira. Badi bi says that she didnt want ayan to marry, but she would never go to this length to do that. She instaed accuses razia behind this conspiracy. razia asks her to accept it. But badi bi says that she had told she would never let her marry ayan to humaira. this shocks razia. Razia warns her that ayan and humaiar would get engaged, and then marry, and she would rule this house, ad as far as she’s concerned, she would see to it, that badi bi comes on the streets. Badi bi says that anything can happen, and she even might not be here, then how would she rule this house. Razia smirks her that is she capable of taking her out of the house. Badi bi is determined, that there’s someone who has this capacity, and she cant even fathom who that is. razia is surprised and asks who is it. badi bi says that it would be humaira. Razia pretends to be scared at that, and says that badi bi has actually gone mad. Badi bi says that she needs treatment, and not her, and asks her to wait for mere ten more days, for her doom.

Razia asks what is she planning to do, that her own daughter would throw her out of the house. badi bi asks her to se it for herself. when razia doesnt take seriously, badi bi asks her to laugh as much as she can, as after that noone would take her seriously. She says that the first bet would begin tomorrow at 10 in the morning.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad finds zoya, looking lost and calls out to her. Asad talks about tanveer’s statements about her, but zoya says that its okay as she understands what she wants to say, and that she’s sorry that she kept bothering him, to accept what was never there in his heart. she tells him that she was coming to him only, to return the ring. Asad is shocked, but says that she’s right. (MITWA MOMENT) Zoya too is angry and says that its right that she should return the ring, so that he can put it on his fiancee’s finger. But the ring is stuck. Asad asks her to stop, as its helping, but zoya continues. When asad asks her to let it be, holding her hand, she says that she doesnt want any memory of his to stay with her. Tanveer helps zoya in taking out the ring, which isnt exactly what zoya wants. Zoya’s finger starts hurting, while tanveer starts to push the ring out. Finally the ring comes out, with a jerk, and lands on dilshad’s feet, who picks it up, and says that its good, that she took it off, as she has arrived at a descision, and it would be nice if asad does so himself. She says that she had chosen the girl long back, but she never told this. But after talking to tanveer, and asad interrupts her,and so dilshad asks him to shut up, saying that she wont listen to him today. Dilshad says to asad, that he would get married in the next 10 days, on jumaa night.

Asad asks about the girl, she wants him to marry. Dilshad says that the girl that

would marry him, is someone he knows very well, and likes too. Dilshad says that she

has found her daughter in law, and there can never be a better match for him. When
asad asks who is it, she points to a direction, where both tanveer and zoya are standing expectantly. She starts approaching to the girls. While zoya is tensed, tanveer is over exuberant that she would choose her only. She finally chooses zoya, saying that she would never hear it from him, hence she is imposing the same on him. While asad is happy, he doesnt reveal, and nazma i very happy, tanveer is distraught. She declares that asad and zoya would get married in the next 10 days. The screen freezes on dilshad’s face.

Precap: Finally asad puts the ring inzoya’s finger, while zoya is emotional, and asad too is overwhelmed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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