Qubool Hai 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer makes an appointment with the lawyer for tomorrow, for the property papers. razia comes in with tea, and tanveer is amused, as she starts treating her like a real servant, by pulling all master stunts at her. razia is shocked in rage. tanveer says that she wanted to tell her that time has never betrayed her, and today too is with her. She says that she has wanted this so desperately and is finally getting it herself, when the haveli would be hers tomorrow, and not just that, if ahil and sanam sign the papers, then she would rule the whole of bhopal. She smiles in glee, while razia pouring out tea for her, says that destiny and time have always been with her, but it doesnt take time to change the good times, and that this happiness is making her glow, but asks her to think, that the property shall only be saved from going to the trust, and what if ahil or sanam refuse to sign the papers. tanveer is tensed and says that ahil may die but wouldnt refuse her, and as for sanam, she owes so much to her, that she cant even breathe by her own wish. Razia reminds her that if they decide to stay together, what then, and what if, they dont want to call off the marriage, and mostly what if they fall in love. tanveer starts getting frustrated. But she starts laughing thinking that ahil cant fall in love, assuring the same to razi. tanveer tells her that she has brought up ahil like such, that he hates love, and even if he does fall in love, he would leave it himself. She says that her biggest threat right now is dilshad, and that she has already thought whats to be done with her. Razia is tensed, while tanveer is amused.

Tanveer senses ahil in the room, and asks whats the matter and why’s he here. Ahil says that she should send rehaan to another far site project, as he would be busy in his work there. tanveer is disturbed and asks if there are any issues. Ahil says that he doesnt want to let issues arise. tanveer says that anyone can do them, and if rehaan goes from here, who would takle care of the duties here. Ahil says that he would take care of everything here, and he wants rehaan to handle the kohinoor project, as rehaan knows what he likes and dislikes. Tanveer tries to object, but ahil says that it would be better if he goes, or else he himself shall go. tanveer is left speechless, while ahil leaves. she is frustrated. Rehaan comes with his bags pakced. tanveer says that she wanted to talk to him, and brings up ahil’s request, clarifying that ahil could have gone, but if he goes the property papersshall be left in the lurch. rehaan says that he knows what and why ahil wants what he does, and he was going to go, but it feels good that she too wants this. she says that she is doing this just for him. rehaan says that she doesnt need to say more, as he knows what importance is this property for her, and agrees to go, but adds that this would be his last project and once its done, then he would have no relation with this company and this house. Tanveer asks whats he saying, and that in a couple of days everything would be okay. rehaan says that she neednt don anything, as she did and said what she could. Rehaan tells tanveer tearfully that he is leaving right now, and bids goodbye to her, while she stands shocked. she thinks that she broke his heart, for money and property, but is assured that she would get everything right for rehaan, and once ahil signs the papers, then he would be thrown out, and after that the entire property shall be her son’s, rehaan’s. He goes out in the lobby, while ahil comes out of his room, and they accidentally confront each other, tensedly, as they remember their confrontation last night. Ahil tries to stop him, but composes himself just in time. Rehaan leaves. He casts a tearful glance back at the haveli, and eyes sanam, in the balcony overwhelmingly, as he remembers their past moments together. He leaves. sanam turns around but finds the doorway empty, as rehaan had already left.

Scene 2:
Location: Faiz’s residence
Faiz and haya lie in the same bed, with their backs turned on each other, both unable to sleep. faiz gets up restlessly, and then eyes haya, from her back. He comes close to her, and haya pretends to be asleep. He starts caressing her hairs, and she starts getting tensed and apalled, as tears fall down her eyes, as he stealthily takes off her dupatta, while she clutches at the bed terrified and apalled. She finally turns around and begins to kiss her at the nape of her neck, while she is shocked and visibly at discomfort, tears splotching her face. As faiz tries to get intimate with haya, kissing her on the lips, she shoves him away, while he asks her to relax as its normal between a normal married couple, and asks if he did anything wrong. haya in an outburst, takes off her dupatta, and asks him to go ahead if that the only thing which marriage means. faiz asks if she is mad, and then drapes her dupatta around her, and tries to tell her that the marriage brings two souls together. he asks her whats wrong with her, as he feels she is physically here but not mentally. He asks her to speak up, if she isnt happy with this relation or there’s anything else. he assures her that he would stand by her, and would do anything for her. but she continues crying and breaks into inconsolable tears. He storms out of the house, while his aunt looks at him, shocked, from a distance and then finds haya crying. she wonders everything was okay when she last saw them, and concludes that they were pretending then, and is unable to believe that her own nephew betrayed her.

The next morning, while haya is laying out breakfast for them, their hands accidentally collide, and she instantly jerks it off. She leaves, and his aunt tries to pretnd that she forgot that haya is deaf. faiz is tensed. his aunt continues to instigate him about haya, whether she is being a good wife, and whether she would stand by him in his old times. faiz takes haya’s hand, and tries to prove to his aunt that they both love each other, and that they dont need to worry. His aunt thinks that if he can pretend, she can pretend it too, and knows very well how much they love each other, and is determined to expose them in front of everyone, and throw haya out of the house. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: tanveer excitedly gets the papers to ahil to sign them. He tries hard but due to his plastered hand, he is in terrible pain as he tries to make signatures, which require movement. sanam is apalled to see him wincing in pain, while tanveer oblivious of his pain, tries to help him in signing eager to get the sign, and it pains him all the more. finally unable to bear it any longer, sanam asks tanveer to stop, and takes the pen away. tanveer is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Great!
    Haya should go back to rahat!!
    I luv their pairing!

  2. ahil should not sign the property papers as he n sanam lovs each ozer.tanveer should b out of this house!

  3. Luv diz episode..y faiz iz boarderline btwn two luvr..haya must say abt her flngs to faiz….bt thre is no cncern to rahat..u hv 2 shw his conditn also nt only haya’s. . . . .n well done sanam..

  4. i like the couple of ahil and sanam, and i think they should be together.

    1. Half sister n half-brother. Imran’s kids

  5. I feel sorry for both Haya and Faiz. Haya should have left if she wasn’t happy being with him after she found out that her groom wasn’t Rahat. Instead she stayed and making Faiz life worse since he didn’t even know there was a mix up. Since she chose to stay she could at least treat the boy better!!!! by the way, I hated the character Faiz, but he has matured so much since he got married to Haya making him difficult for me to continue hating him. lol.

  6. And can somebody explain to me Faiz’s cousin’s hairstlye…. I usually can’t stop staring at it. lolol

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