Qubool Hai 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 2nd May 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Sanam’s residence
When haya wakes up the next morning, she finds that Sanam is nowhere to be seen. she gets tensed. Outside, Dilshad is sitting remembering the tragic deaths of her family, when haya comes in dishevelled and distraught, and finds a aletter in her hqand, saying that sanam went to bhopal. haya is shocked. Dilshad thinks that sanam didnt do right, as the city where she went to fulfill her dreams, that city robbed her of everything and that she shouldnt have gone there as that place isnt for them.

Scene 2:
Location: Cafe in Bhopal
Sanam gives a detailed interview, about her dhaba and her experience with it. she also talks of the pudina chutney. the manager informs her that she has been called for the waitress job and not the cook. He gives her a set of uniform and tells her about customer satisfaction, and asks her to go through the menu. She has difficulty getting through the menu. She finds that her uniform is modern and wonders how to wear this, without a salwar. Sanam asks another waitress about the salwar and is smirked at.

Sanam starts her first day, in her modern dress of a waitress, in which she is highly uncomfortable. she starts messing up orders too. she is tensed, wehn customers start complaining. The manager tells her that she wont spoil his customer base and treatb it as her third class dhaba, and that she is fired immediately. sanam is distraught and emotional.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s haveli
Ahil reaches home with rehaan, drunken and dazed. He wakes up still inebriated. They enter the same haveli, which once belonged to Rashid Ahmad Khan, but has been redone. When the servants do not respond to his screams, he is tensed as he finds a maid running through the corridor. Ahil gets furious when he finds a girl, who he refers to as Nazia, having an asthamtic attack, and starts to give her the inhaler, and is angry at the maid. nazia finally calms down. meanwhile, her mother too calms down finding her daughter better. Ahil is angry for carelessly keeping the inhaler. Ahil reprimands the mother maid, and tells that he needs an inhaler in every drawer, so that his sister isnt at any discomfort. Latif, the maid informs that Azhar has gone out with a lady, and when asked about shazia, ahil is told that shazia is nowhere to be seen. he gets angry and begins to search for her, while nazia asks him to calm down. Finally enters shazia, a young and hip girl, busy listening to music on her earphones. Ahil jerks the headphones off her ears and tells her about nazia’s asthamatic attack, while shazia asks him to calm down, blaming it on nazia’s irresponsible behaviour, and that she isnt her babysitter. Nazia takes the blame too. Ajhil is angry but shazia talks back at him. He gets all the more angry, saying that he gives her everything and just wants her to take care of nazia. she retorts back and leaves, while ahil is furious at her brash behaviour.

meanwhile, at the breakfast table, a couple is shown to be gorging on food, who are shocked hearing ahil’s voice. He asks them what happened. They start fumbling, irritating ahil to the core, while they keep on with the bantering. Ahil asks what happened where they had gone. She says that she went for Azhar’s marriage prospect, but they denied, as they couldnt get to meet azhar. Ahil asks why. Her husband says that they went to Azhar to meet at the hospital, but couldnt, as the sonography machine was spoilt. Ahil signs a check for an machine, which pleases the couple to the core, that ahil fell for their trap. After ahil leaves, rehaan says that they dont need the check, as he would purchase the machine. but they happily eye the check, that their plan succeeded.

Scene 4:
Location: Cafe in Bhopal
Sanam and ahil’s paths cross again, but they dont notice each other. ahil sits on the table, where sanam just served a girl. The girl begins to get intimate with ahil, kissing him, while a person sitting on the next seat, stealthily and inconspicuously clicks a picture of them together. Noticing a smiley on the burger, and serving of salt instead of sugar, ahil gets angry and reprimands the manager for the same. The manager apologises for the new waitress. ahil asks him to fire her. Sanam tries to prove the innocence. The manager tells her that she wont spoil his customer base and treat it as her third class dhaba, and that she is fired immediately. sanam is distraught and emotional. She returns her uniform, and is disturbed when she gets just half day’s pay. Sanam remembers her dreams of this place. She is walking wityh a heavy heart, when another waitress comes in. Sanam is told by another waitress, that the person who complained against her, he is a very influential man in bhopal, and hence he got her fired. She shows sanam, ahil, who’s facing his back towards her. sanam eyes him tensedly. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: While ahil is busy talking on the phone, sanam gets around to trying to find who the person is. The girl with ahil shows that this is the girl that he just got fired. Ahil turns around to take a look. Meanwhile, sanam finds Anwar on the road, talking to an auto driver. She is shocked and rushes after him, but he gets in the auto and leaves, while sanam runs after him on foot.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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