Qubool Hai 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 2nd August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya applauds asad’s effort, and he is happy but he is embarassed when nazma and dilshad too come and see. Asad says that it was just for her, but they all get together and tease him, on his singing and dancing abilities. Asad gets hurt and goes, but nazma and dilshad says that they are leaving, and apologise for watching his show for free. They leave. While zoya is in splits of laughter, asad looks smilingly at her, and says that she should always keep smiling, and he can see her dimples all the time, and thats what he wants.(MITWA MOMENTS) Zoya is shy, and says that he shouldnt give her so much happiness, and give some time before realising her wishes. Asad says that then he would wait before fulfilling her next wish. Zoya says that as it is, the next wish cant be done ton ight, as its raining, and gives him time to fulfill it. As asad progresses backwards, she too goes into her room.

zoya gets in to her bed, and is about to sleep, turning off the lights, she sees thousands of starts illuminating the ceiling, and she remembers her wish, that she wants her beloved to hold her hand under a clear starlit sky. she gets up, and is shocked when asad comes and holds her hand, pleasantly surprising her. She is overwhelmed with gratitude, and they both lie together on the bed, staring at the starlit ceiling. zoya says that he had asked for some gap before the next wish. He says that he did that and gave exactly a 15 minutes space. She laughs out, and says that she cant digets this much of happiness. She says that she wouldnt be able to come down from heaven if this continues. Asad says that he doesnt know about her, but for him, heaven is where she is. They stare at each other romantically, holding hands. (RAB NE BANA DI JODI0 He gets up and asks her to come with him. she is puzzled where is he taking her. He helps her get down the bed, and they both leave the room.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Rashid is shocked at the wish list of haseena, who seems unsatiable. razia reprimands him for being such a miser. rashid says that he doesnt understand what would keep her satisfied. shirin too does the same to try and convince him, but he is very angry. They see nikhat and the other girls listening to him, and he composes himself and says that she shouldnt bother, and its just marriage related tension. Shirin asks them to go inside. They comply. As they go back, rajni asks if she wants her marriage to be like this. Nikhat says that neither she nor imran wants it. Rajni asks her to say something then, as its her marriage after all, along with imran’s. She asks her to speak up, before its too late, citing rashid’s tension. As she leaves, nikhat is tensed.

Rajni is sitting lonely, while ayan comes and asks what is she doing, referring to her as humaira. then he composes himself, and asks why hasnt he broken her roza. she says that she never found the mangalsutra, and says that it doesnt look nice for a married woman without a mangalsutra, and vikram had got it with so much love, when he didnt have any money. She says that she feels ashamed that she’s such a bad wife, that she cant even preserve her mangalsutra. Ayan is tensed, seeing her sad. she says that she cant understand where it went. ayan is tensed, remembering his guilt. .

While razia and rajni are sleeping, ayan comes in and stealthily and places the mangalsutra by the bedside, and closes the door as he goes out. That wakes up razia, and she finds rajni sleeping. She gets up.
thinking it stime for sehri and everyone to wake up, and she has to finish the task before that. She takes badi bi out from under the bed, and says that its good luck, that badi bi is about to get rid, from her life, and their house too. She is scared and shocked at vikram placing a hand on her shoulder. Vikram, teases her about being scared. Razia asks her to shut up, and get to work. razia and the imposter together take badi bi out of the room, assuming rajni to be asleep. After they wheel her out, Rajni wakes up and wonders if anyone came here, and is surprised to not find razia in the bed, and assumes that she must have got up for sehri, but then thinks that this isnt the time for sehri. She eyes the mangalsutra and thinks that vikram must have spent the entire night searching for it, and decides to go and thank him for this. She gets up and goes out stealthily.

Rajni opens the guest room, and is surprised to not find

In the backyard, they are trying to fix badi bi inside the car, where the imposter starts panting
and decides to ask for extra money fro this from razia, but she snubs him off. Razia tells him to leave badi bi at some desolate location, and leave the car too, as noone uses it too. The imposter says that how can he leave the car, and decides to throw badi bi, and keep the car to himself. He reassures her that the work would be done. razia leaves frustratedly. The impsoter expresses his sadness, tauntingly at badi bi, that he would have to do this for the sake of money. But the car doesnt start at all. he then decides to take take her in another car. Meanwhile ayan finds rajni walking out, and is tensed himself and follows her. As he is putting badi bi in the car, and about to sit and start, he is alarmed at the sight of rajni calling out to him, and asking whats he doing here. He says that he came out for freah air, and saw the car bonnet open and was trying to close it, while badi bi is stuffed inside it. Rajni thanks him for finding the mangalsutra, and asks him to put it around her neck. He tries to ward her off, while she says that she would wear it through him only. He says that she should try it herself, and gets on stucking badi bi inside the car. And then behind Rajni, ayan too comes rushing as to what are they doing here. While badi bi desperately tries to call out for ayan, who is unable to see her, vikram is shit scared. rajni tells what vikram told her. rajni says that maybe the car is wrong. Ayan gets to see the car, but is stopped by vikram, who asks him to put the mangalsutra around her neck and put the neck, as his hands are soiled. this shocks both ayan and rajni. rajni shyly complies, while ayan puts the mangalsutra around her neck. The screen freezes on ayan’s face.

Precap: Zoya, in her room, thinks that asad made the impossible happen to her, by remembering all that he did for her, to fulfill her wish. But as she eyes her next wish, she says that he wouldnt be able to fulfill this wish of hers, as this wish is supposed to be imcomplete in her destiny. She is in tears thinking about it, and eyeing her wish list..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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