Qubool Hai 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Mahira eyes the pic, wondering how is this possible, when they never got married. she takes it out of the frame, and then eyes it closely, and sees the date, which is the same as her and azad’s marriage. She wonders whats going on. Just then, latif comes and takes it, while mahira asks for it. She teases that she too shall see her honeymoon pics. a scuffle ensues, in which her hand slips, and then mahira stumbles, and amad catches her, and takes the pic from her, saying that its for armaan, and not her. He leaves. She says that he might try all he wants, but she wont replace armaan with anyone.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Granny is taunted by begum as to how she became a tigress undaunted by fear and so courageous. Begum says that she came to thank her. Granny is tauntful about it. Begum says that she could have killed her that night, but she didnt, and hence came to thank her, and she can ask for something in return if she so wishes. Granny says that she must have a vicious plan for this too. begum says that good fortune doesnt come many a times. She is about to leave, when granny says that she wishes to bury farida with ehsaan, and wants her to relase ehsaan from her evil capture for sometime.
Begum agrees saying that its a promise, and when she is burying her, only then she would release him.

Scene 3:
Location: Crematorium
As they together bury farida, granny and ehsaan pray together, as they bid a tearful emotion to her. he asks when did this happen. she says that its a long story. he says that he doesnt remember anything, and whats happened to him. she eyes him helplessly, and then suddenly, she thinks that since begum isnt around, she can use this time. She tells him to come along with her, so that she can tell him everything. She takes him away from there.

Scene 4:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Granny gets ehsaan inside, her room, saying that she shall tell him everything, and then hurriedly opens the wardrobe to get the taveez, but doesnt find it anywhere. she is apalled and distraught. Begum comes in and shows her the locket, asking if this is the one, she is searching for. Granny is shocked. begum says that people are thankless, and that she shall punish them. he asks why is she talking to begum like this. Granny says that she isnt who he thinks she is, as she killed farida, and ruined the entire family. he is shocked to hear this. Begum shows the locket to them, and then starts chanting, much to granny’s horror. granny tries to take it, but begum pushes her away. begum says that her powers are with the taveez, and the taveez is with her, hence she can control them. he says that she cant take away the powers of the pure heart. he says that he loved her truely. He challenges her that within the next seven days, he shall defeat her with the power of love. she ridicules them off, citing that only that would happen, which she so wishes. She eyes them angrily.

Scene 5:
Location: Armaan’s office
Armaan tries ehsaan’s number but it doesnt get through. he is worried, and the secretary says that there has been no contact, ever since he left for honeymoon. Just then, Amad comes with a bouquet of roses, and with extra cheerfulness, he asks him to stop the deal with the recent record company. Armaan asks how does he know about it. Amad says that he knows. armaan taunts that now he is interfering in his professional life too. he asks him to call up, and find out what about the deal with Munna Rangila for five records. Armaan gets to dialling. After the call, armaan understands that amad was right. Amad says that he saved crores of rupees. He asks if he wont thank him now. Armaan asks what he needs. Amad says that he wishes to play a game. he is tensed. But he is boggled, when amad lays out the carrom board, saying that since mahira proclaims that they are step brothers, from the same mother, they can find out who plays better. the game begins, as armaan nudges him to go first. Amad starts winning. But armaan wins the queen, and amad asks her to get the pawn too along with it, which is next to impossible, given the way its placed. amad eyes it, while armaan plays his master stroke, and wins it. Amad pretends to be super happy for him, and armaan asks for the queen, metaphorically, and amad resentfully gives it to him. amad suggests drinks to that, but armaan says that mahira is waiting and denies the offer. he then walks out.

Scene 6:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Mahira watches her wedding video with azad on the laptop. She wonders whats the game that amad wishes to play, as its clear from the video that she married azad that day. She finds afreen too in the video, and wonders if the game amad is playing with her, does it bear a connection to afreen. she is determined to find out.

Later, in the night, mahira is tensed as to where is armaan, and that his phone is also not going through, and amad too is noweher to be seen, and hopes he isnt upto something. Meanwhile, armaan returns back with amad, totally inebriated, while mahira is upset and asks amad whats he done. Armaan defends him saying that he didnt do anything, and he is highly humourous and walks in. she goes after him, but he stops her hand saying that he isnt a child and doesnt need her at every instant. she slaps him tight across his face. he then confronts her, when she asks how dare he touch her hand. he taunts her and her anger, as angry girls are more bful. She dares him not to come close to armaan or her, and she shall have him thrown out. she leaves. He guffaws and thinks that time changes unpredictably, and they shall see who is thrown out, as he has so many evidences to show yet.

As she lays the breakfast table the next morning, mahira sees armaan coming in yawning saying that he is very hungry. he finds that she is completely ignoring him, and then goes onto tease that he always wanted this kind of a wife, who always was under his hand, who never looked up or so much as speak, in front of her husband. She finally looks up taunting back. He says that he was jesting, and if she didnt like then so be it. He says that he is sorry for what he did last night. she grumbles, but with his innocence, he wins her over. She finally smiles. he kisses her on the forehead. Armaan asks latif and gazalla to come out, if they have seen enough. they all sit for breakfast. amad comes and joins them. armaan happily welcomes him, and then tells mahira that he was wrong about him, as he didnt come with a wrong intention, but infact he prevented a huge loss for his company. She asks amad to search for another house, as its time for him to leave, since his memory isnt coming, and he has to start sometime. He says that he is a guest in the house, and he cant overstay his welcome. Armaan says that if its was mahira’s wish till now, then its his wish now, that he stays here only, and then asks mahira why is she talking about him leaving now. He says that he knows why mahira wants that he leaves. he then takes out a pic, while she is worried, that he might show it to armaan. The screen freezes on the trio’s faces.

Precap: Amad says that when wives get angry, they throw their husbands out of the room, but she is so angry, that she is throwing him out of the house. mahira listens irritably, as they are in the garden. he asks her to remember…and she immediately asks him not to threaten her at all. Amad suddenly catches her off guard and hugs her, while she detests and vehemently tries to grasp free. Armaan, noticing this from a distance, is shocked to see this, as he insistently hugs her.

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