Qubool Hai 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Restaurant
Sehere is frustrated to find her attentiopn being diverted by the victim, business couple, when rehaan steps in finding him confusing her to be sanam. She plays along, and finding that her victims are beginning to leave, assuring her that everything would work out, shge rushes after them, while rehaan is confused. Seher runs to find her victim gone. rehaan runs out looking for her, and she ducks just is time, to get rid of him. rehaan wonders where she went. He gets in the same car behind which she is hiding. He drives off, and she thinks that he was an equally good victim looking at the car that he rides. She eyes wallet kept in another car and deftly steals it. But she hears something, and is shocked to find out who’s talking and doesnt find anyone as she turns around. She gets an almighty voiuce, beckoning her not to steal and render someone helpless. He gets her into an emotional descision, and puts the wallet back, frustrated at herself for doing so.

Scene 2:
Location: Faiz’s residence
faiz is excited to see his aunt along with her daughter. She starts reprimanding him for marrying secretly. faiz apologises for her not being at his wedding. she starts reprimanding him for marrying so hastily that he couldnt wait for her relatives. haya comes out and is tensed. His aunt notices the tension between them, and that haya came out from a different room, and is determined to find out.

While haya lays out the table, his aunt, accidentally drops the cup, and starts calling haya to clear it up, but when she doesnt respond, the aunt is shocked. His aunt complains about it with faiz. he tells her that haya is deaf and dumb. his aunt is shocked to find that she is deaf and dumb, and then goes on to ask faiz, if there was such a dearth of girls, that he had to marry a deaf and dumb one.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
As ahil sits working, sipping coffee, sanam comes in saying that he should eat instead of coffee. he asks her not to think that she can tell him what to do, as he is the master of his own will, and he wont listen to her orders. she says that he too has forgotten that he needs meds, and needs food for that. he says that he is working and wont eat right now. But she stops him. He asks her to leave. sanam tries to get him to eat, while ahil continues to say that he doesnt want to, and asks whats her problem, that she is insisting and asks who is she to him after all. she is shocked. In his fit, he accidentally topples the plate of food, and is shocked, as sanam is scared too. She asks whats wrong with him, and he asks the same question, and she frustratedly says that if he doesnt take meds, he wont recover, and how he had a close shave at life, and asks him to hate her as much as he want, but dont hate himself, and that due to her he is in such a state, and hence she wants him to get better soon, and orders him that he cant have his way all the time. she tells him sternly that she is going to get another plate of food, and she would see to it, that he eats even if forcefully. She leaves, while ahil is stunned to see such fervour.

Sanam comes back with another plate of food, while ahil turns his head away, saying that the way she talked to him, noone has ever dared to. sanam is unfazed and it irritates him all the more. He asks her to look at him, and remember that noone behaves the way she does. she starts feeding him, and asks whats she trying to prove, as she wont be able to feed him forcefull. She lays out two spoon fulls, and coaxes him to eat with her eyes, but he doesnt comply and thrown them off. But sanam is unfazed and continues to give him one spoonful after another. As ahil is about to say something and throw it again, sanam stops him by placing her hand over his mouth, silencing him, and an awkward romantic gaze follows. He finally starts complying, and she feeds him. he gets a call, and begins to attend to it, while she smiles to herself, at her latest interaction with him. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ahil starts going by the proverbial petal wise answer, asking himself if he should tell about what he feels for her to sanam. He wonders what kind of a dilemma he is placed in now. He takes name of the lead from new Zee show (promotion) and says he’s lucky, he’s directly connected to God.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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