Qubool Hai 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 29th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Sanam’s residence
Sanam and her family is shocked at this. Dilshad asks anwar’s mother whats all this. she says that she doesnt know anything. dilshad says that anwar cant do this. anwar’s mother leaves to get him and talk to him. while she leaves, Dilshad composes sanam to try and calm herself down and that everything would be alright. But sanam is distraught and leaves from there, and resigns herself on the sofa while remembering anwar’s denial to marry her. She is heart broken.

After two houes, dilshad is tensed that its been 2 hours and they havent reurtned and wonder whats the matter. Dilshad offers to go and find out whats the matter. But sanam stops her and shocks her by saying that he wont come now. dilshad still has hopes and wants to go, but sanam stops her. Haya is tensed too. they find that the guests are beginning to leave. They are tensed. sanam leaves for the front door. All guests are perplexed. sanam thanks them all for being with them in their happiness, but this marriage isnt happening. the guest say that this isnt good. sanam says that she doesnt need sympathy but blessings, as Lord never does anything wrong with his people. Sanam says that the fact that he left her robbing oof everything, doesnt break her, in fact it strengthens her to get ahed in life. She says that she is the daughter of Asad ahmad khan and Zoya, and dilshad’s strength and she wont bow down so easily. The guest ask why did anwar do this. Sanam says that it doesnt matter. Dilshad and haya emotionally eye her, as she faces the guests with a stern determination, saying that there’s someone out there, who name is written in her mehendi and who would willingly say Qubool hai to her.

Scene 2:
Location: In the office
Rehaan tells the client’s rep that ahil has asked them not to meet anyone right now. They hear gunshots and they rush inside. they find that ahil is actually playing video games. The employee comes and says that its urgent for him to discuss the financial statementsof ahil’s deals. The employee continues to give an account of what the unexplained expenses there are, in his account. finally after having won the game, ahil is super excited and then attends to the query, and gives a detailed account of money by money. He then sends him outside and tells rehaan that

The interview continues, and while he is an arrogant and snob, a girl comes in and gives him a befitting response, saying that he too would get a girl like a life partner, who gets him to learn to respect women. she leaves, while ahil maintains the stance that he needs hot and entertaining girl, a complete package of a beauty with brains. rehaan tries to advice but then resigns in. When the next one comes in, ahil is super interested, as he finds that the kinda girl he is looking for is right in front of him. Rehaan is amused. Ahil takes her for the interview and immediately selects her, and gives her a chit, stating his room number. the servant comes in saying that they just saw anwar and his mother going to the bus stop. sanam is highly tensed and leaves in her marriage outfit while dilshad is tensed and distraught.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Anwar and his mother, in the auto, are thinking that they go off easily and that its good that they got rid of sanam, and got the jewellery. they arrive at the bus stop. in the meanwhile, Sanam too catches up on them. Anwar and his mother hastily pack in their bags and run off in their jeep, while ignoring all of sanam’s threats, requests and pleads to listen and not do this to her. But they run off, while sanam falls on the fround, while following them barefoot. She curses them saying that he has ruined their respect and she wont let him off the hook so easily and wherever and whenever she finds him, he would have to pay for his sins and he wont be spared then.

Scene 4:
Location: Sanam’s residence
While dilshad and haya are worried for sanam, she finally walks inside in a daze. Dilshad asks what happened. Sanam tells what she saw, and asks why and how could he do this. dilshad says that she doesnt know who made what mistake and that anwar was so right and they had blind faith on him. Sanam says that this was their mistake, and that people break faith always and anwar too did the same. Dilshad remembers giving everything to anwar. sanam tells about the jewellery that he took alongwith him. Dilshad is tensed and shocked. Sanam still is determined and says that this taught them not to trust and that she is unfazed by the loss, and that she would reconstruct the Dhaba and composes them all, despite being distraught herself. Just then, a worker comes in with a letter that the Dhaba land now belongs to some Srishti Constructions, and remembers signing it off. They all are shocked. dilshad refuses to believe it. But sanam says that the land is gone and that anwar sold the land too. They are all distraught. Sanam says that she is very happy that she isnt married to that lowlife, and thanks the lord, that she didnt marry anwar, the greedy and lowlife person. But sanam is still determined that anwar may have robbed them of everything, but he cant take away her hoeps and dreams and aspirations and thats always with her. sanam remembers about their arguement about the money from the dhaba going to dilshad and haya, and not to anwar. dilshasd is shocked and asks why did she do this. Sanam asks what right is she talking about, and that they are her family. dilshad says that she did wrong, and that she is responsible for breaking off her marriage. Sanam says that she cant shy away from her duties as whatever she is, is due to her. And that she can never do this. she curses anwar again and again. sanam says that she is self sufficient alone, and asks them not to cry as she can rectify everything, as she built this dhaba when they had nothing and she can do so again. Dilshad and haya hug sanam, while she is filled with a venomous rage against Anwar. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ahil is shown to be beating someone to pulp, in frustration. meanwhile, sanam is surfing through job oppurtunities in paper, and as destiny would have it, they find that same job for Sanam, that ahil must have given an ad for.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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