Qubool Hai 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 27th September 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Gaffur asks Razia why she is so eager to send him off to Indore? Razia says not forcing for my own good.. rather so he can go attend the ceremony there and give his lecture! Gaffur says how can he leave his home in this state? Razia says am there.. i will manage and if any need will let u know! Gaffur says as such lots of follow up calls have come from there.. shall start for Indore soon! Razia smirks..and says one trouble sorted! Razia says will think on how to send Zoya far ..cant wait for three months! Zoya comes in the hall and Rasheed asks her if she wants to have tea? She says no..thanks! Rasheed tells her that he understands her pain but not to forget that friendship is above all and says he feels that she can have a cup of tea with her friend! Zoya smiles! Rasheed

pours her a cup of tea and asks sugar? She gets lost in thots of Asad ..and her bickering about amount of sugar to be added in tea ..! She recollects Asad saying. .so much sugar? How can she take in tea? Zoya saying coz she likes her tea sweet unlike him whose coffee is just as bitter as him! Dilshad saying that you both should not marry each other and AsYa saying why?? Dilshad replying that…since they know each other so well there will be nothing to learn after marriage and they will be bored with each other! Zoya says wont be bored and Asad says i like being bored! Dilshad says fine then have your tea and coffee and Zoya speaks out aloud that everyone knows me so well here and Rasheed watches ..! Rasheed says understand that she thinks no one knows her and she doesnt know anyone but soon all will know her and she will know all .. ! Zoya excuses herself to go to her room! Rasheed says thanks for saving my daughters life! Rasheed says accepted you as my daughter in law long back.. but din think she will be in this house this way but assure you that will not let any pain touch u! Zoya teary eyed! Rasheed says if she doesnt trust Ayans dad.. trust her friend! Rasheed says if you need anything tell me anytime!

Najma is about to prepare tea and finds that every utensil is empty in the kitchen and all cupboards are locked…! Servant asks her if she is looking for something? Najma says ingredients to make tea n stuff..! Servant says she wont get anything here as Haseena has everything stored in her room, locked ..so have to ask her! Najma says no need.. ! Imran comes in the kitchen and back hugs Najma and asks what she is doing here? She says came for making tea! Imran says a new bride doesnt enter kitchen directly .. tell the servant! He says give time to your hubby ..! He pulls her out of the kitchen and Najma sees a painting on the wall and says weird painting..! Imran says someone gifted Haseena..! He asks am i looking normal or weird? Najma says ur most weird..! The duo rush to the room! Haseena watches them smirking..!

Part 2

Gaffur tells Razia to ensure there are no embarrassing scenes in the house .in his absence! Gaffur says appreciate that she has made a huge sacrifice by signing the nikah nama but..! Razia spots the musical doll in Zoyas luggage and goes to hide it! Gaffur says may be Zoyas lifestyle is different but now she is in this house and she has to follow the lifestyle and culture of this house! Gaffur asks understood? Zoya nods! Gaffur spots Zoyas clothes and there are jeans in them and he asks what is this?? Razia thinks he is talking about the musical doll ..! Gaffur says the daughter in law of this house cannot wear such clothes! Zoya says i wear these only and there is nothing wrong in them.. and as such not here for much time! Razia tells Gaffur to rush as its getting late and tells Zoya that this is not the way to talk to elders.. rather just obey ..! Ayan comes in the room and asks what is Razia doing here? Zoya says his family is weird.. why hasnt he told everyone that she is here till Nikhats wedding only! Ayan says have not told anyone as the wedding date is not final ..but i will tell all ..but need some time.. so till then dont tell anyone ..please!

Nikhat asks Nuzhat how is Ayan- Zoya ? She says dun feel the courage to face them after all this! Nuzhat says no need to feel guilty ..we all 5 bro-sis are together like a fist ..nothing will go wrong! She says if Nikhat cries so much now what will she do at the time of wedding? By the way .. Haseena has said yes to the wedding ! Nikhat says today yes..tomorrow no … am tired of her games ..dunno what she will say today! Shireen says today she said she wants to rush the wedding and they are coming for the engagement today..! Shireen asks Nuzhat to get Nikhat ready..! Nikhat is shocked..! Shireen asks her to smile ..! She says all the exams that God wrote in her destiny are cleared.. now smile..! Shireen tells Nuzhat to do as told..!

Part 3

Najma says wanted to wear these clothes and jewelery for todays function ..and Haseena says it must be expensive right? Najma says yes..! Haseena says no need to wear such expensive jewelery..! Najma says it matches with my outfit! Haseena says good looking girls dun need jewelery! Haseena says din deposit the wedding attire and jewelery yet? Najma says forgot ..! Najma says will return the other stuff safely..! She leaves ..!

Zoya looks at the mirror and recollects Asads words ..and right then her moby rings.. its Asad! She does not receive the call..! Asad says please talk to me.. please pick up the phone! Zoya doesnt receive the call.! Zoya self thot.. what is left to say? He did what he had to..! Asad self thot trying to call you for so long to let you know that i will set all things right..please lemme explain! Zoya self thot. will try to explain something again… dun wanna talk to you.. without knowing my wishes …took decision of my destiny unilaterally ..so no need to talk now! Din expect this from you..! Dun wanna talk to you ..!

Screen freezes on AsYa in parallel..!

Precap —- Zoya comes in the hall and is standing next to Humera..! Ayan comes and Humera looks at him with pain in her eyes..! He looks away and stands next to Zoya..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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