Qubool Hai 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence, India and Shaad’s residence
As misbah eyes sanam being comforted by shaad, she takes the oppurtunity to get a catch on the dustbin. Sanam spots her and is again haunted by tanveer’s memories, and her head starts paining. As his attention shifts to sanam, Misbah deliberately collides into her dustbin making its contens spill out, and tries to stealthily take the dustbin and hide it in her dupatta, but sanam sees her doing so, and is alarmed and tensed. Meanwhile, the police inspector asks her if she gave her fingerprints and she says that she shall do so rightaway.

While the new bride is asleep, ahil tries to rummage through her room, and finds the dark magic laden drawings and stuffs, and is shocked to find it all directed against sanam, and wonders if she has done something wrong to his sanam. Accidentally, his hand falls on some stuff, and it falls on the ground, causing a clanking noise. The new bride senses some noise from behind the curtain, and takes the knife and asks who’s there, while ahil hides behind the curtains. She finally gives a fatal blow with the dagger, while sanam, across the borders wakes up immensely scared, of soemthing terrible having happened. She screams at shaad who comes near him. she says that she is very restless. but he assures her otherwise. She says that she feels that her husband’s life is in danger. shaad is alarmed, while sanam is boggled as to how could this be, as he is sitting right before her, as he is her husband after all. He is tensed. She says that she doesnt realise if they had a love marriage, why doesnt she remember anything and also feels disconnected and distant. She says that she feels she is here but her heart elsewhere. he is alarmed. She wonders why she thinks like that, and disturbs him too. She says that she has a solution, and wants to talk to her parents, so that she might get a clue to remember. He says that they shall talk tomorrow, as its very late. She agrees, and he begins to go. She stops him, saying that a marital relation is bound by trust, and that she hopes he never hides stuff from her, like a good husband, as in this whole world, the only truth about her life is he, himself. he asks her to sleep, and then closes the lights. As he comes outside, he thinks that he distracted her, but the truth shall come out someday and he cant lie to her anymore, and even though he needs her to get to Shashi kapoor, but he isnt that selfish that he keeps sanam away from her true love.

The next morning, ahil eyes the new bride sleeping away and thinks that there’s no use wasting time anymore, as he would have to catch her red handed. He stealthily begins to leave. he is alarmed to hear the new bride asking why was he hiding behind the curtain. She gets up and eyes him angrily. He gives an excuse that he came to check on her and the child. She asks why did he have to hide. He says that he didnt want to disturb her. She asks him to come and sit. She asks him to give his hand, so that he is able to do what he has come for, when he finally sits. He places his hand on her belly, asking if he can feel the child, as she stares at him sternly. he gets up with a jerk and leaves without responding.

Meanwhile, misbah’s mother clutches at a pic, hoping that wherever her daughter is, she should be safe, which is not the current misbah’s pic. she says that for the safety of her child, she is betraying her own family. just then, misbah springs from behind, taunting her that she misses her child, whereas she terribly failed in doing one thing, which was to convince shaad’s father to marry her to shaad. She says that she would torture her actual misbah now. Her mother is apallled. Misbah asks her to calm down, and not say a word, or else her daughter shall not be alive. she says that she was treated like an orpahn by both her parents, and hence she doesnt know to forgive but to punish. she tells the lady that if she wants to see her daughter alive, then she should silently comply, or else she knows what she can do to her daughter. Misbah’s mother breaks into incoherent tears. Misbah leaves angrily. As she comes out, she finds sanam standing in her way and wonders if she has read. Sanam catches her off guard, while saying that she doesnt know how, but she knows her truth, and that she may befool everyone but not her. She says that her eyes only have betrayal, and her heart contains only evil. she says that she has decided, noty to be scared of her anymore, as if she finds her doing anything wrong, she would teach her a lesson for life, and not a helpless woman, who she can misuse or take advantage of. Sanam confronts and tells Misbah, that she can stay in the house but only because she is Shaad’s friend, but she wont ever be able to trust her. she says that hence before doing anything wrong, she should be aware that along with god, her eyes too shall be on her all the time. Misbah eyes her tensedly. Sanam leaves. Misbah says that she underestimates her, and she would have to pay a price for it. the screen freezes on Misbah’s face.

Precap: As ahil tries the ISD number he had gotten a call from, and sanam responds from the other end, Ahil overwhelmingly speaks up sanam’s name, while she stands confused and boggled, at the other end of the line.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Ohhh ho ho ho…..when will the evil fade from Qubool Hai………..these people just don’t believe in god ………..time for romance after a long storm

  2. for how more long does dis updating proces takes place?

  3. Thank god ahil got saved

  4. But soon karan ll be replaced by sm 1 else..sad

  5. Plz update the rest guys..

  6. Why don’t they end this show. It’s so repetitive. Evil Tanveer, kept Ahil’s dad captive for 20 years, now evil daughter Mishab keeping someone’s daughter captive…Seher, Haya, Rahat disappeared from the face of the the earth with no explanation and all these new people with completely off track story to original script…thank god I don’t watch anymore…these written updates sucks enough to want to watch

  7. Just wish that sanam should unite with ahil befor karan leavin the shw..bt i thnk dis ll hapn

  8. stupid show……….
    Feed up with the storyline…………
    In a muslim drama,,,,,,there is no
    bad work is left untouched………
    Whereas Islam does nt support
    this kind of deed at all………..

  9. This serial is a tangle of stupidity.Actual Misbah!new turn.Iam to tell that there will be only turnings in this serial.

  10. will miss….KV !!

  11. Dear story writer ahil k ghar mein igni khichadi pakk rhi hy and wherd is ahil’s dad? ….. Where is miss seher?

  12. Dear story writer why in your serials only females are villain? WWhy not any males ?????

    1. hello sadhana madam, here we are troubled with villany first of all and you are bothered that villan roles are offered to only females. why?

  13. Dear story writter why in you r serials only females are villains? Why not any male roles?

  14. I think Vivian dsena will b in place of karan

  15. @sadhana, there was a male villain in this show – Faiz.

  16. time for romance cum on all theses nt happen in real live

  17. I will have to stop watching this story line.Evil in India and Evil in Pakistan.This is all we get to watch.Thi used to be such a good script I do not know what happened to these writers mind.

  18. My gudness ,tanveers daughter is not real misbha,thn is her originality is shashi kapoor.who are her parents?awesome,again a battle starts between sanam and tanveer in form of her daughter.but both sides ahil gets to no about sanam 2 evil mind and here sanam to find evil of tanveers daughter.i want sanam and ahil to join together before kv leaves.it would be even worse r wen tanveers daughter gets to no of her mom relation with sanam.i want seher to come back as shaads pair.saving ahil seher lost rehaan.now saving sanam ,seher to find her love shaad.lets see the upcoming twist……

  19. What is puzzling me is how Shaad and his Dad think she is Misbah?! Tanveer daughter and the actual Misbah from the pic looks nothing alike what’s the real deal here i’m confused!!

  20. Now it wil take 2 generations to bring out misbah’s truth 🙁

  21. I feel sanam & SHAAD luks gud 2gethr

  22. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. Rahul ll replce krnsingh bohra

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