Qubool Hai 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 26th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s and asad’s residence
Ayan comes from the b athroom, preparing to sleep, while he sees zoya tensed. He asks her to sleep, but she refuses saying that she isnt feeling sleepy. He asks her to try while he leaves the room, to sleep outside. She eyes the ring, which asad had given her, and remembers the incident by which he had captured the moon, in the ring. She is sad. outside, ayan too is distraught, having humaira’s pic and thinking about humaira’s proposal to him, and confession of her love to him. Humaira too is stunned into sadness, tears flowing down yet, as she eyes the necklace with the pendant, that had her and ayan’s pic in it, and remembers ayan’s confession of his love for her.

Asad too enters his empty room, but hallucinates

zoya sleeping, soundly. (Piya Aaye Naa)But finds that its empty actually, and is sad caressing the bed, where he pictured zoya asleep. But he cant stop hallucinating himself and zoya sitting together and enjoying and doing things together, and is distraught when those images disappear. He remembers zoya dressed as a bride, and telling him that she would never go away from him. All four people are shown to be distraught and sad, as their lives are engulfed in sadness.

The next morning, asad wakes up still teary eyed, finding zoya’s music box by the bedside. He opens and listens to the music. He also finds zoya’s tablet kept there too. Meanwhile, zoya too wakes up in ayan’s room, and does her morning prayers.After she’s done, she is folding the mat, when the door is knocked, and a servant comes in with a parcel and a letter. she is confused. she asks him to keep it inside, and he complies. after he leaves, she finds a letter from asad, saying that he’s sending some stuff of hers, without which she cant live. She clutches the letter, caressing the letter, tears flowing down her cheeks. (SAD MITWA) She opens the bag to find her father’s sketch, the old pic that she has of him, her tablet, and her music box, and gets emotional seeing this.

Later, Asad too in his house, gets a parcel from someone, with a letter. Its a letter from zoya, saying that she cant live without one thing and thats Him. She says that she finds these sympathies all the more fake, as had he actually cared for her, he would never have let her go so far away from him. Asad is worried and sad to read this.(MITWA SAD)

Zoya is distraught in her room. She is surfing through her stuff. meanwhile, mamu is searching around for the newspaper, unaware that zoya is actually holding a pic of him in her hand, while going through her stuff. Zoya remembers how she had been hopeful of seeing her father soon. She finds her music box, while mamu is busy reading the newspaper. she remembers how much she had been excited, at the prospect of finding this and her father too. Zoya opens the music box, thinking who can understand a daughter’s pain better thn her own father. Mamu leaves from there. But mamujaan while reading the newspaper, hears it and is surprised as to where the sound is coming from, and how did it come here, and who brought it. Zoya is unaware of this. Mamujaan frantically tries to find out about the source of the music. he increasingly approaches zoya’s room, where zoya is sad listening to the music. But just then, razia comes before he can see where the music is coming from, and asks whats he looking for. He talks about the music box. razia says that it must be playing somewhere around. He says that he lost itr in Jashne-eid, and wonders how did it come back. razia is shocked, and she turns back to find the music box in zoya’s hand. She makes an excuse saying that she must have mistaken the tune. But he insists that he had heard the right tune. She asks him to let go, as he’s very tensed and tired lately, and asks him to go and have some tea in peace. Mamu leaves, confused, while razia eyes zoya angrily. She thinks that she would have to find a way to keep him away from zoya, as she cant ever let this be known that he’s Zoya’s father, as that would spoil everything.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s and nazma’s residence
As asad expresses her anxiety to nzma if she’s fine, then dilshad asks him not to pamper her, as she may face difficult times but she would have to learn to adjust. Nazma remembers haseena’s greedy behaviour and ecides not to tell them, and assures them that she’s completely fine, and asks asad not to bother her. Dilshad agrees and says that everything would be alright in sometime. She would have to handle things on her own, without depending on her brother now. He asks how’s imran. She says that he’s very fine, and takes care of her. Dilshad asks her to use the proper mannerisms, by which she should address her husband. She complkies. dilshad says that without her, the house looks bare and they miss her, but they would have to learn to live without her. She says that this would be difficult, but if imran is with her, then she would manage, as a husband always takes care of his wife, and imran would do that too. both get emotional. They big goddbye, and cancel the phone. Dilshad thinks about zoya, and wonders who would take care of her.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Seeing zoya tensed, ayan offers her water, or something else, but zoya responds curtly that she would take whatever she needs. Ayan says that this house is a stranger to her, and she wont be able to find her way out easily. Zoya says that she isnt habituated to easy things now. She gets up to leave to get something. Ayan says that he will get it for her. Zoya says that she would do it herself, as she may have been a bet in the two brothers’ generosity once, but that doesnt mean that she cant do anything on her own. she reminds him that she’s perfectly capable of doing so, and doesnt need his or his brother’s help. She leaves, while ayan is tensed. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Mamu takes a look at zoya’s suitcase and eyes the clothes that she wears, and asks how can she wear such dress, as that wouldnt be appropriate for the Bahu of this house. Zoya says that she wears such things only, and she doesnt find it inappropriate or bad at all. Razia seeing all of this is tensed too. mamu leaves from there, but then turns back to find the same music box lying in zoya’s stuff. Mamu eyes the music box and asks whats that, much to razia’s horror.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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