Qubool Hai 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 26th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
ayan is angry at razia’s increased insistence about marriage and stuff. Razia retorts saying that she cant let go of a son in law like ayan. Ayan says that he has given his word to her. Razia says that his word doesnt matter much to her, and threatens that if he doesnt keep his word, then she can reopen the case also, just liek she closed it. She says that when haseena comes for fixing the date of nikhat’s marriage today, he would have to show his inclination to get married, when she talks about humaira and his marriage. Saying so, she leaves.

Evereyone is happy to fix nikhat’s and imran’s marriage. Shirin commenst on the day being very happy. Razia says that they can double date it up with humaira and ayan’s wedding too. everyone is surprised to hear this. Rashid says that they shouldnt discuss about things, that have already been decided about. Razia asks not to have faith on the children, as their likes keep varying, and points to ayan, who excuses himself from the meeting. Haseena says that it looks like ayan felt bad. Razia composes herself saying that its nothing like that, as ayan is actually very fickle minded. She changes the topic daftly.

Imran talks to nikhat, saying that he wants everything to be cl;eared about his past life, as he wants that their new life be based on honesty. when she asks if its about a girl, he agrees saying that he noore has relations with her. When she confirms about it, she says that she had always wanted a husband who wouldnt hide anything from her, and he completely fits the bill.

Haseena decides 12th as the date for the marriage, and decides to confirm from the priest. Shirin asks humaira to get her purse for the priest’s number. As she gets her purse, shirin is surprised to find a red coloured powder. razia is shocked and shouts out as blood. Shirin says that it was in this purse, and takes out a red smeared ball, along with pins stuck in it .Everyone is shocked to see this. Razia asks ayan and humaira if they have done this prank. Ayan says why would they do something like this to their own mother. Badi bi questions humaira that she had got the purse, humaira says that she did, but she didnt place this there.

Razia says that people often do black magic like this. Shirin is scared and cites an example about it being very dangerous. Rashid tlls her that nothing like this has happened. He asks her not to believe such stuff, and wonders why woul someone do that on them. razia says who would do this to them, and what else could it be, if not black magic.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Tanveer while eating apple, thinks that she would show the entire world, that this one eyed tanveer, not belonging to a high caste, can also rule the world. Hearing a knock on the door, she is tensed that the person would see her like that. asad comes in and finds her praying, and leaves. Tanveer is happy to find him gone.

Zoya is still in search for any clue from the photograph, and is making both ends meet, by calling up, everywhere, to find out anything. she takes that showpiece, and is remembered about asad hugging tanveer. (MITWA MOMENT) She is wondering why is he bothered with asad’s personal life, as her only motive is to find her father, and that she would.

Tanveer comes to asad’s room, asad asks her if she’s okay. she says that she’s fine and even if all’s lost, she would make a new life for herself. she asks his permission to use his bathroom, since there’s a problem in hers. Asad agrees. After tanveer goes, zoya sees this and is jealous that asad always bickers when she asks for the same. She says that she would only use his bathroom, only when hers too has a problem. asad says that wont happen since She defiantly tells asad that she would go and fix tanveer’s bathroom right now. She is grumbling that asad underestimates her always, but then remembers that she had actually caused a mess, when she had tried to help them. She says that this time it would be different. She breaks into her poetry:

Doggy bhow bhow, billi meow meow, and bi vroom vroom,
chutki mein thik kar degi zoya, tanveer ka bathroom.

She goes into tanveer’s room, and begins to fix the bathroom. asad comes in behind her. But as usual, zoya increases the problem rather than fixing it. The tap begins to spray water badly, and both asad and zoya get drenched in it.(MITWA MOMENT). But to asad’s frustration, she is unable to stop the flow. Finally she manages it somehow. Zoya asks him to look at the bright side, as she got to know that his watch is waterprrof, but then when it doesnt work, says that it isnt and that how cool he looks in a wet attire. Asad asks her to shut up, as he shouldnt have told her to do anything. zoya says that if thats the case, then why did he ask her to do it. zoya asks him why had he called her in the living room, to talk to her. He remembers finding her earring, and then says that its because, he had gone completely mental and leaves. zoya says that he indeed is compeletly mad. Zoya finds tanveer’s phone ringing, and she goes on to see who is it.

Asad comes in his room, all drenched, while tanveer also comes out of bathing. Tanveer asks asad why is he looking so tensed, and intentionally lest the dupatta slip from one of her shoulders. Asad looks away, whiel tanveer smiles. He says that zoya has made his mad. She is about to place a hand on asad, when zoya comes in giving tanveer, her phone. She says that it wasnt completely audible, but she could find out that it was the masterji from her factory, who wanted to talk to her urgent, hence she gave the person their landline number. tanveer is shocked to hear that, as she feels that if someone else picks up the phone, then her game would be up. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Razia while giving photos, to the studio person, to be framed also gives the one, that zoya has a copy of. The person recognizes the photo, and tells her that he has just got another copy of this photo, today itself, by a woman to be framed. Razia is shocked to hear this. Just then, razia gets someone’s call, while zoya too is shown to be calling someone.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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