Qubool Hai 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher is excited to hear from sanam, that ahil wants her to go the dargah with him. sanam is super excited saying that she feels that she shall be united with ahil soon, and he knows about Tanveer. Seheer hopes the best for her, and says that she shall search the house, while they are gone. They smile.

While the new bride tries to do some blcak magic on ahil’s door, when sanma calls her from behind, and she stopd midway. Gazalla and razaak watch the drama. Sanam tells the new bride, that she is going to the dargah with ahil, and asks if she should ask something for her too. She denies. sanam is about to get inside ahil’s room, when the new bride tells her that being ahil’s wife, she cant allow her to go inside his room. sanam is shocked, and asks if she is angry at her for something. the new bride stares at her, while sanam is boggled, asking whats the matter. Before she can answer, ahil comes out, and finding both of them together, he asks the new bride, if she is sure that she doesnt want to go. she asks him to go with sanam this time, as next time, she would tag along. Just then, tanveer comes and asks if they are ready to leave. she leaves with ahil, while sanam faces a stern new bride again. She is baffled. Gazalla and razaak are scared too of her conscientious gaze. then the new bride smiles, and sanam leaves. The new bride eyes her going. Later, as ahil and tanveer are about to go, sanam follows them in tow. She does some move with her hand, and all of a sudden, sanam’s nose starts bleeding, much to her horror and surprise. She calls out to Ahil, who is shocked to find her bleeding. gazall and razaak eye her and the new bride and are shocked. tanveer realises that the new bride is behind this. Ahil asks her to rest as they can go some other time. sanam says that she can come. Tanveer tells her that she doesnt think she should go. But tanveer says that she doesnt want anything to happen to sanam, in the long road. sanam is baffled. tanveer says that he realises his emotions, but he had made a vow that he would visit the mazaar with his wife, and thats the new sanam, and not this one. Hence she feels that he should take her. tanveer eyes the new bride, who pretends to let it be, as she can go some other time, and sanam should come right now. Ahil says that he cant take her like this, as she needs rest. Asking her to relax, he says that he shall have to take tanveer though today only. He leaves with tanveer, while sanam is disheartened, as she hears the new bride saying, THANK THE LORD.

Gazalla and razaak are shocked to see what the new bride did to sanam, and decide to search her hideout, in the store closet, wherein the apple that she was eating falls on the floor, and touches the dirt, the same that she uses for black magic. as they take a bite back, they both start, getting scared, and rush from there. Behind the door is actually a pic of ahil and sanam, with her face smeared with turmeric paste.

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Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Rahat is alarmed by the sound of the doorbell. When he opens the security guards tell him that its time for him to leave. He looks at haya, and gets distraught. He turns around to find haya ready with his uniform, ready to bid him goodbye, expressing her belief in their trust and love, while he too assures her that faiz wont be able to do anything to them or their relation. He is given a teary farewell by her.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Rahat finds a person lying unconscious on the floor. He gets concerned, and steps out of his car.

Scene 4:
Location: To the dargah
While ahil, the new sanam and tanveer are on their way to the dargah, she tries to give water to ahil, vehemently and insistently, he irritably continues denying. Tanveer too gets frustrated and asks the new bride to give it a rest, as he would have water when and if he needs, and she doesnt need to smother him. The bride silences. but then she does some black magic stealthily, and ahil starts coughing badly. Tanveer is concerned to realise the new brdie’s true potential. the new bride gives him water, which he drinks. tanveer is concerned.

Scene 5:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam, seher and rehaan are concerned for sanam’s nose bleeding incident. They find it really weird. while seher says that even though she doesnt have any proof right now, but she is sure that tanveer is behind this, as razaak and gazaal arent capable of planning this, while the new bride is very nice. Sanam gets tensed to hear this. Rehaan says that there’s just one way to expose tanveer in front of ahil, and thats to prove her wrong in front of his eyes. Both the sisters are tensed. Seher again continues to protest, that the new bride is a good girl, but it definitely is tanveer behind this. Sanam tells rehaan and seher, about the weird behaviour in which the new bride behaved with her. She is tensed, and others are too. They try to find out new ways to expose tanveer before ahil, and start thinking that the newspaper containing Nawab’s death can be retrieved from the city archives. Rehaan goes to check on it. Sanam is tensed as she remembers the new bride’s weird behaviour. She hopes that ahil returns back safely, and isnt in any other trap now. The screen freezes on her, ahil’s and the new bride’s face.

Precap: Ahil’s car stops in middle. He gets off to check. The new bride tells Tanveer that she thought to fulfill her wish even before reaching Dargah. Ahil informs Tanveer until mechanic comes and fixes the car, they will have to stay in a hotel nearby.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Black magic?Really? In Islam or any other religion, I believe black magic is not a way of life…being a Islamic based story, how could they write about the power of magic…….it seems th black magic is winning… And even thou Tanveer does all the bad things at the end Tanveer say thanks to Allah for showing her way……I hate when she keeps on winning … At some point she should realize tht Allah is not in favor of her and she should be punished and she should realize tht the punishment is from Allah …. I’m getting bored and fed up for the truth to be revealed….at least by now ahil should start to get to know the real Tanveer…..please don tell me that this black magic story is going to be dragged for another year……..come on….need to reveal the true color of the vamp by now……..

    1. well said guys….really feeling bore with this QH…writter plz stop this mess between sanam and ahil……again and again tanveer only winning since zoya period onwards….now new bride came like tanveer……plz don’t make any end like which happnd in zoya’s life due to tanveer….plz make tht truth come out about tanveer to ahil…..its really irritating…

  2. A soap with soooo long n monotonous negative storyline. Writers, we r sick of u ppl 🙁

  3. Highly disappointed with this soapie..well said Roma & gloria keiller wouldn’t have said better than this. .Please Writers do something good with soapie if you cant than End it in a good way. .

  4. Omg… I have a bad feeling about this >.<

  5. writers sapne suhane ladakpan has eventually came to an end with kt and rachna please stop going around in circles with qubool hai this nonsense is going on toooooooooo long with ahil sanam and tanveer now all of a sudden the new bride alias long toenail was helping sanam she too has changed overnight and is working black magic now for ahil and sanam to hate one another what nonsense is going on and the same thing with haya and rahat mad ass faiz is only in the way causing them trouble please writers make some sense with this soap bring it to an end let good and love triumph over evil because eventually the soap must end so why all this going around in circles I am so fed up with ahil with his childish behavior and whining all the time you know you love sanam come out straight and let tanveer know there is nothing she can do to stop that but instead it a while pack of shit going on to tell the truth if I was sanam not long toenail I would leave ahil ass and get a real man as for rahat it is about time he take care of faiz and finish him off do not leave it for haya to do imagine hayas life in danger and you leaving her to go back to the army no that is all wrong rahatt needs to fix faiz mad jealous ass first get rid of him once and for all so rahatt ask for some time from the army do what you have to do and protect your wife haya well rehat you and seher are good now so writers those little hints I have given you fix your scripts and bring this soap to a happy ending one more thing make sure tanveer goes back to her original look ie blind and then then throw her and her accomplices in jail and throw away the key

  6. Well said @rosey. I’m also following QH from beginning, as they showed Zoya being an USA return highly educated a Computer Engineer and Asad as very big business tycoon. Zoya was very modern and yet close to religion and Asad being traditional. That storyline was very good. But now their daughters are not educated well enough, one was dhaba owner and other is thief. There are so many loopholes in this story now. Now they added black magic to it. In this day of century who believes in this. This is all looks like this is not happening 20 years later but showing 20 years back of Asad-Zoya time. This show is going backwards. Very disappointing writers. Very bad for these talented cast specially Surbhi and KV……… 🙁

    1. The belief in Black Magic is bringing the downfall of this show. Some melodrama is acceptable but too much stupidity does not have any ‘take away’. Audience abroad miss their culture and wish to see something to teach their children and keep in touch but stuff like this is a laughing stock. How do we explain this?

  7. This is too much, tanveer should get punish now done.

  8. Do you writers believe that women are so naive to believe this foolishness.I have been following this show since
    the beginning.All you learn from this show is deception and the rich and famous taking advantage of the under-
    privilege.Now it has taken a spin on wickedness, advantage and black magic and adultery.Sanam is still married to Ahil and his adulterous wife is trying black magic.Writers is this what Indian women worth.Please, show some
    class.Your women are educated .They are good mothers and business women.Show some thing educational about them.Not just sitting at home a planning the next revenge.To me there is nothing there for our youths of this era to learn more than take abuse,take someone’s husband and make black magic to be loved.Get real and show reality to us.

  9. Thanks for update Rimjhim. I really don’t like this black magic track. The truth should expose soon…

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