Qubool Hai 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 26th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Farahn is super angry at nikhat’s accusation. but nikhat desperately tries to recount all that she had gone through. farhan says that it isnt possible as sameera is alive. but nikhat says that haseena is alive. Farhan says that he’s very angry that the thing that he told her confidentially, she revealed to the entire world. Niikhat is shocked when farhan says that what she did today led them to doubting in relation to that only, and he wont be able to bear that. Farhan says that his first descision was right where he didnt want to tell anything about sameera to her. She knows how much he loves sameera and yet she is concocting such false stories about her. nikhat tries to say something, but farhan asks her to stop as he wont hear anything

else. He leaves the room, while she is distraught and tries to stop him.

haseena calls chandbi, and tells that nikhat knows more than required about sameera, and hence she has to come asap, as she was equally guilty in what happened to sameera, and theredfore she has to rectify it along with haseena. she cancels the phone, but is tensed.

meanwhile, nazma and imran too are discussing nikhat’s strange behaviour, when imran says that ever since he rteurned from the USA he had one strange incident, where he heard some foosteps, as if someone walks out of this room. Nazma says that nikhat too heard them. Imran says that he saw a shadow too, nazma says that nikhat too saw it and gets scared. imran says that sometimes he wakes up scared, and then is amused when nazma falls prey to his pranks, and is scared. nazma is angry while imran has a good laugh.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya is searching for the papers in razia’s room, when she overhears razia and mamujaan talking about how they should talk about the papers with the lawyer, and how rashid is posing a threat even in his paralysed state. She doesnt realise that the papers are lying underneath the bed. razia and mamu enter, while zoya hides in the closet. raZia is shocked when she sees zoya hiding in the closet. Zoya makes up for the situation, by cracking a joke, saying that this is her house, and she can do whatever she wants with it. mamu is angry, but zoya keeps her calm, and gets on the bed, clarifying that this is rashid’s property, and hence she has a direct claim on this. Zoya reminds mamujaan that rashid has a bigger stake in the business and hence because it belongs to asad, they have a bigger claim on it than mamu. razia asks her to prove it, by showing the papers, as they wont believe hearsay. zoya is speechless. Razia gets her chance to say that she should show if there is anything. dilshad comes in asking whats happening. Razia taunts her too in the name of the papers, or leave if they cant produce the papers. zoya asks her to be silent and calm down, as she can show them the papers, and produces a bunch of papers, shocking mamujaan and razia. As mamu sees the papers, zoya asks what did they think, that zoya wouldnt have proof and is just saying for the heck of it. she asks them to leave in one corner, and particularly read a clause that staes that if they try to pose a hindrance, they can have a lawsuit filed against them. As mamujaan is about to read, zoya distracts him again, by calling the servant to pack up his things from the closet. zoya says that he wont read the papers if he was her, as that would just hurt them more, and they wouldnt look forward to hearings in court, that would take care of the rest of the savings, as they have already lost out on their business. razia is about to speak, but mamu asks her not to create a drama over a room. razia is shocked, but mamu insists on her to leave. Razia gives a cold stare to zoya and leaves. dilshad is shocked at zoya’s tactics. Dilshad is relieved that zoya found the papers. But zoya produces the papers, but first goes into her poetry mode:

Yeh dil hi that jo seh gaya, ashkon ka dariyan beh gaya…
mera jeevan kora kagaz, kora hi reh gaya……

she shows dilshad the empty papers, titling it to be TYPICAL ZOYA SMARTNESS. dilshad is shocked. Zoya says that some fools they are, some she made. she says that razia is very shrewd, and they would have to find out very soon about the papers. They get to searching for the papers.

Outside, mamujaan is convinced that zoya definitely has the papers. razia is tensed at this. haider and humaira overhear mamu and razia’s conversation. Zoya is amsued too at this. She hollers at razia to get her stuff out of the room, so that she can make space for her own self. haider is amsued at this, while humaira is distraught. Haider compliments zoya’s tactics, while humaira is irritated. she eys haider angrily. haider goes onto falsely sympathise while humaira says that he must be very amused. He thinks that he is, but says that he just wants to help her. she says that she doesnt need help. He says that mamu would never ask him to leave, as they have a project happening together, and if he stops that, they would be in huge trouble. Hence she shouldnt increase their troubles. He goes onto emotionally blackmail her into not telling them anything. Humaira is frustrated and leaves from there. after she is gone, haider eyes her angrily.

As razia tries to enter zoya’s room, zoya asks her to knock the room and come. razia says that she came here for her paandaan, thats her property. As she goes onto take it, her eyes falls on the empty papres, that zoya passed off as property papers, and is shocked. dilshad sees this, and nudges zoya. Zoya taunts how much time does that take. razia leaves resignedly.

later, razia tells mamujaan that the papers were blank. Mamu is shocked and unconvinced. But razia says that zoya made a fool out of them, and there was nothing written on them. Razia is frustrated when she finds sand in her paandaan. Zoya plays a cruel joke on them, by mixing sand in her paandaan, and having a good hearty laugh at it, while razia and mamujaan are super angry at her. Razia says that zoya maybe shrewd but very small in front of razia, who will outsmart her, as she knows the papers are blank and she would play her bet now.

later, haider compliemtnjs her for teaching razia a good lesson. Humaira tells haider that even she cant believe that she could do this. Humaira overhears them, and realises that they are together playing a cruel joke and conspiring against them, but she is determined that she wont let happen for very long. haider compliements her saying well done chutki, that he used to say to his cousin who he lost in the fire in the doll factory. Zoya is angry that he called her that, while he gest nostalgic remembering his lost sister. haider asks her to keep the name that he so lovingly kept for her, even if that doesnt suit her. they high five each other, marking their bond of friendship, and have a hearty laugh. The screen freezes on their happy faces.

Precap: Humaira takes the sheets off haider sleeping on her bed, and asks her to leave. Haider amusingly tells her that he wont leave. she says that she would do whatever it takes, even if shouting, to get him thrown out of this room and the house too. Haider corners her and asks her to try whatever she wants to, but he wont leave either the room, or the house. She starts shouting, and he corners her into a tight intimate embrace, causing a big level of physical intimacy amongst them, to silence humaira.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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