Qubool Hai 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Tanveer tells sanam that she needs to go due to some important work, and instructs ahil to come soon with sanam. Sanam offers to take her out, while tanveer says that she can see herself out. tanveer begins to leave and thinks that she already did what she had to do, and dilshad must have died by now. Sanam asks haya to take dilshad’s blessings, while haya is still in a daze. Tanveer thinks that haya can go all she wants, but dilshad wont be able to bless them. faiz also wants to go, and sanam takes him along too. Ahil stands dejected. Faiz invites ahil too, while sanam is tensed of his reaction. Sanam asks faiz to come along and rush. Faiz says that he cant say no to her, and complies to her wish. the trio leave, leaving behind ahil, who finally unable to control himself, says that he too shall come to meet dilshad. Sanam is shocked but smiles quietly nevertheless. She looks back at him tensedly, and he joins them too. Faiz gives ahil’s hand in sanam’s while they eye each other awkwardly. haya is distraught as faiz holds her hand, saying that love never decreases by this gesture. Haya is tensed to hear this. she starts following him mutely, her hand in his, as she remembers her intimacy with rahat. sanam and ahil too walk hand in hand, as they both remember their heated arguements, yet liking this new proximity. Finally, they both let the other’s hand go.

As they reach dilshad’s room, they find gas which ahil identifies to be poisonous, and asks faiz to get help. Ahil turns them away, while sanam is super tensed for dilshad, but ahil asks her to stand still and have faith on her. He gets inside, while sanam and haya are shocked. As ahil makes his way through the haze of gas, he finds dilshad lying unconscious on the floor, and is shocked. he rushes to her, and begins to check her pulse, and finds that the gas is increasing. He decides to take her out, and carries her in his arms, and asks sanam to open the door. she complies, and they take her out, and rush her down, while the room is filled with gas. Ahil assures her that dilshad shall be alright,. while he himself goes to check on the gas. sanam stops him. Ahil says that the poisonous gas can fill up in the entire house, and has to be stopped. he asks her not to bother for him. he asks her not to worry for him, as he shall be okay. while she is tensed, he rushes to the room. Sanam attends to dilshad. ahil enters the room, and tries to find the source of the gas. Meanwhile faiz comes with the doctor downstairs. Finally, ahil finds the can, and he dips it in water. Sanam hears an explosion, and is shocked. she screams out ahil’s name, and enters dilshad’s room, filled with gas, and is shocked. She finds ahil coming out in a daze, blood splattered all over him, as he succumbs in her arms, while she is shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Jewellery shop
Seher disguises herself as a rich english woman, and comes to the same jewellery shop, where she had sold the jewellery, with much airs and attitude, pretending to be the Princess of Baluchistan, and loving india and its culture. The owner considers himself lucky, while she starts saying that she came for the marriage of her younger sister, and wants to gift her something expensive and rare, and adds that she thinks that she wont find it in his small shop. the owner gets into a bid to please her, and goes to get the items. She demands for a glass of water, from the security fellow, and he turns around to give it. She injects him into unconsciousness. She starts taking everything, and the jeweller catches her red handed, and as sehere makes a mad dash with the cash and jewellery, the jeweller presses the alarm button, and the security guards run after her, on the owner’s instructions.

On the road, razia is asking for seher from the people, when seher starts running towards her. While running, seher collides into razia, and razia lashes out at her. Seher turns around, and in a fit of anger, throws the fake wig at razia, and she is shocked to find seher. She then runs off, with the security after her. razia identifies her as seher, and is amused that she has turned into a thief, and that now that she knows that seher is alive, she would find him at any cost. Just then, ahil’s ambulance wheezes past headed to the hospital.

Scene 3:
Location: In the hospital
Sanam screams at ahil to come back to senses, as he is carried on the stretcher. she is distraught when he doesnt respond. the nurse prohibit her from coming any further so that they can begin their treatment. As ahil keeps slipping in and out of unconsciousness, sanam keeps assuring him, his hand in hers, that she wont let anything happen to him. as he doses off, sanam is tensed. He is taken outside, while sanam stands tensed, watching him being taken away.

While running, seher too comes inside the hospital, with the security guards at her to find her. She ducks just in time, to evade them. She begins to play hide and seek with the guards, dressed in a patient’s dress.

meanwhile, haya is about to faint, when faiz asks her to compose herself. Sanam asks her to go home, but haya refuses to leave. Sanam says that she is here for her, and the doctor wont allow much people around dilshad. haya asks her to go instead and she offers to stay back instead. sanam looks at faiz, and he asks haya to comply to sanam’s wishes, who promises that she would give an update by calling her. Finally haya and faiz leave.

Rehaan and tanveer come in asking how this happened. sanam says that she feels there was a motive for murder looking at dilshad’s condition. Sanam is sure, while tanveer asks her not to think so. Sanam tells about ahil to tanveer, that he critical and severely wounded, and had immense blood loss. Tanveer is shocked, rehaan is distraught. tanveer is frustrated that dilshad didnt die, and is tensed that if ahil dies, she would be in big trouble. the screen freezes on tanveer’s tensed face.

Precap: As fate would have it, dilshad is donated blood by both the sisters, while sanam is tensed, and seher casually donates blood, oblivious that she is doing so for her own grandmother. Ahil’s hand is held by sanam, who says that he cant have his way all the time, and do what he wants to, as she owns him now, being his wife. Seher finds sanam from the back, seated by ahil’s bed. As sanam turns around, both the sisters look at each other through the glass window in between them. Seher is shocked, while sanam is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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