Qubool Hai 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam begins ti pack her stuff. ahil omes and is tensed to find her doing so, and asks if she is going, and says that she doesnt need to. but she doesnt listen and begins to go. Ahil rushedly comes to sanam and asks her where’s she going, as she finds her taking care of her things. he apologises profusely for his behaviour and assures her that it wont ever happen again. She says that these bags are for the orphanage and she isnt going anywhere. He takes her hand and apologises to hr, for the way he behaved outside, which was completely wrong and he shouldnt have done it. She is tensed. He asks her if she would forgive him. She says that she cant. He is tensed and asks why cant she do that, and begs her again to reconsider, as he is genuinely sorry. She stoically says that she has a condition. He is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Razia keeps asking for seher, oblivious that she is standing right behind her with rehaan. They both drive off. Razia thinks that someone from the orphanage must definitely know her. she starts asking people, and when they arent able to identify her, she is tensed. Razia is shown some womamn who can tell her everything about any person here. Razia finds a gaudily dressed lady and wonders whats this now, as people pay homage to her and their respectes. She comes to her stealthily, while that lady responds that she knows why she came here, and how she has been searchingf for someone for long. Razia is surprised and tries to show her the pic. but with her eyes closed, she says that she knows and also knows where she would find that woman. Just then, another woman comes in and starts praising her. razia asks her to tell then. The lady opens her eyes and asks why. razia says that she has some work. The lady says whats her favour in this. razia asks what she wants. The lady says that she wants 3 things, and razia is eager to fulfill them. The lady says that first, she would have to pluck 100 flowers from the Red kothi. razia starts fuming at her. As razia begins to go, the lady says that her name is sunehri and she herself is razia. this stuns razia, and the lady asks her to do what she has been told, if she wants to know sunehri’s address. razia complies. the lady asks her to finish this task, then she would be told the next one. razia leaves hurriedly.

Scene 3:
Location: Rehaan’s office
Seher comes to the room to find herself face to face with the couple. The supposed couple accuse her of knowing beforehand that another key is required, while she says that she didnt know. The lady tells her that she wont be able to change her lifestyle, as she is basically a thief and would remain so. The man tells her that they wont even let her forget and tell her that if she doesnt comply, then rehaan would know her truth. The lady asks what would be rehaan’s reaction if she knows her truth. seher’s supposed parents tell her that love isnt for people like them as it doesnt suit them. Seher says that there’s nothing like that and she just doesnt want to hurt a nice person like rehaan. the lady relates her that her experience tells her that she has fallen in love. moreover, now she would have to steal for them, and gives her a deadline of tomorrow 7 in the evening, by which time if she doesnt get the loot and hand it over to them at the station, they would come and tell her secret to rehaan. seher is tensed and teary eyed. They compose themselves as they find rehaan coming in. they make excuses as to how they couldnt come yesterday, and ask about their dinner. rehaan says that it was okay and then says that they got food for them, and asks seher about her headache. The couple shows concern, and then thanks rehaan for his hospitality. Rehaan says that he likes them and being with them, and then giving them thr food, he leaves for his meeting. Seher is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam and ahil come out in the garden and ahil asks why has she got him here. She asks if he wants to know the condition for his forgiveness. he says yes. She takes his hand and leads him to a balloon stacked pile. He asks whats this. she reminds him that he had said that she doesnt understand, but she does, and says that he cant take away the beauty of his present and future, due to the scars of the past. He gets tensed. she asks her not to worry as she has a solution to this. He eyes her quizzically, and then takes a balloon and writes something with a marker on it, and ahil is shocked as he sees it. Sanam gives him a balloon named Bad dreams, and then asks him to wave it off in the air, and with it all of his problems related to the past, as a mark, and then be able to live out of his past and move on in his life, without the haunting memories of his troubles in the past. She tells him that he would be able to unburden himself. ahil tells her that if it was that simple, then the sky would have been filled with balloons. He begins to go, but she asks him to come back, insistently making him swear on her name. He turns around. She tells him that doing this would give him a new meaning to his life, and get him free from his clutches, and if not for himself, then for her, considering it a childish act. She tells him that if he waves this off, bad dreams would never haunt him again. She gives it to him, while he again remembers them. Ahil is tensed, so is she, as she waits patiently. He takes the balloon and when he is unable to, she holds his hand, supporting him and making him do it. Ahil stands dazed, while she smiles. she takes another and scribbles something else, and makes him get rid of loneliness, sorrow and solitude one by one. ahil silently complies. Sanam says to ahil that they would write his problems one by one on the balloons, and then fly them off, and his troubles too with them. ahil is tensed. As he breaks into tears, she cups his face and then they both hug each other, and break into tears, letting go of their tensions and feeling the pasionate embrace. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Tanveer vents out her frustration angrily at azhar’s parents, asking how dare they lie to her. meanwhile, while seher stealthily tries to break in the safe, when rehaan comes in and she is tensed. She points out to him, that the safe is open. He gives her the key and asks her to close it herself. She asks does he trust her like that. Rehaan says that he trusts her more than himself. He says that in his world of lies, she is only truth in his life. seher is extremely tensed and guilty.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  4. Best part of this epi was SaHil’s hug. The best scene, very emotional and heart touching. Love u sooooo much SaHil Rocks 🙂

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