Qubool Hai 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Part 1

Gazala worries what will they do if Sanam-2 returns as ghost. Ahil asks them whats going on. He spots Sanam-2’s pic and asks the matter. Latif says Sanam-2 left us forever, Allah ko pyari ho gai. Ahil says dont think so but why are you all sad. Be happy. Rejoice. Ahil says dont think its true, evil cant be ended so easily. He gives money to Latif to feed beggars and says prepare for party tonight, Saifs sister is coming. Latif praises Ahil.

Sanam-2 is drinking water when she spots Sanam walking towards the hotel. She is shocked. Sanam-2 runs after Sanam. Shaad tells Sanam restaurant is upstairs, lets go. They leave before Sanam-2 can spot them. Ahil arrives at the same spot but Sanam-2 is gone by then. Ahil self thought, will take my Sanam home and when the past calls a person, she cant refuse. That house has Sanam’s memory at every corner, Sanam will recollect all.

Gazala – Latif are busy fighting over Sanam-2’s clothes. They tease about her clothes. Gazala says dont think Shaitan Bhootni will be back. Latif says always praised her when she was here. Gazala says when your throat is under the sword, you gotta do whats told. Latif takes Sanam-2’s jewelery.

Sanam tells Shaad she is sorry, she fell asleep midway. Was he saying anything important. Shaad says its fine. He says wanted to tell you this since long. Wasnt able to. Sanam asks what is the matter. She holds Shaads hand and says i share all with you. Am your wife. Dont hide anything. Shaad smiles at her. Ahil arrives and fumes watching them holding hands. He greets them and joins them. Shaad asks the matter, why here so early. Ahil says came to ask something from you guys. Hope you both wont refuse. Ahil says want to take you both home. He says its my sisters Roka so i want you both to be part of it. Shaad thanks Ahil and says cant make it, busy. Ahil tells him to join after work is over. He asks Sanam. Sanam hesitates. Shaad tells Sanam to join and that he will try to join as well. Sanam agrees.

Ahil looks at Sanam as he brings the car to a halt outside the mansion. Sanam stares at it. Ahil says OUR home is here. Ahil opens the car door for Sanam. Sanam steps out of the car. Flashback shown of Sanam arriving at the mansion the very first time. She stares dazed at the mansion. A manager comes and identifies Sanam and smiles. Ahil points him to stay mum. He asks for help from Ahil to finalize gift for Mayor. Ahil goes, tells Sanam to go inside the house and wait. He tells her, she will be able to find her way all by herself. Sanam is stunned.

Part 2

Sanam steps inside the house with tentative steps. She looks at the hall. BG – Jee loon zara. Ahil watches Sanam as she is looking at the whole house tentatively. Flashbacks of Ahil-Sanam moments. Sanam wonders whats happening to her and why she feels as if all is her own in this house. Self thought, have never been at this place before then why do i feel as if i am connected to this house.

Meanwhile Shashi Kapoor is being driven in her Mayor cavalcade. Shaad is driving just next to her but doesnt spot her yet. Sanam-2 runs inside the house fuming. Sanam and she miss noticing each other. Sanam-2 spots her photograph with candles being lit. She bumps into Gazala and notices her wearing Sanam-2’s saree. She fumes on her but Gazala passes out.

Ahil asks Sanam how she found the house. She says very beautiful. Sanam says there is something in this house that pulls us towards it. Sanam says i feel connected to this house and feel i know this house, every corner. Ahil doesnt answer and says let me show you the most special place of this house, most beautiful thing. Ahil says once you will see it, you will become a part of this house completely. Ahil takes Sanam to their room and shows her a wall piece hanging but covered with red cloth. Sanam says beautiful room. You gonna show me something. Ahil says wanna show you the most beautiful thing in the world. Ahil says its behind that red cloth.

Part 3

Ahil says behind that red cloth, the face thats there gives me courage to face the world. Gives me faith that nothing is greater than love and the one who has love in his heart, is the most pious. Ahil tells Sanam, the face, for which i am ready to face any pain to see the smile on that face. Behind the cloth is the face of my wife. Sanam removes the cloth and its a mirror. Sanam can see her reflection. She is surprised. Right then Sanam-2 steps in the frame and says ‘i am Ahils wife’. Sanam is stunned. Ahil too.

Precap — Sanam-2 tells Ahil there is only one SANAM in your life, me. You are trying to establish your JANNAT with this Jannat. But i will turn this heaven into hell. Sanam-2 offers Sanam special pan and she happily accepts.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. this is very good for ahil because he was an ass to bring that witch back into his house after he got rid of her so nicely now take what you get misery and trouble sanam 1 girl try not to remember and get out of that haunted house and go get your man shad you deserve each other and as for ahil leave him in his mess

  2. why ahil do not start to act like a man in charge of his household he has that witch of a woman long toe nail sanam 2 running the show and doing what ever she wants ahil send her ass packing and throw her out of your house wake up and smell the coffee see what is really going on around you before it is toooooooooooo late the step you took when you cleaned every thing out the vaul and bank and all the cards and pretended to sell the house that was good why on earth did you go back and get yourself into the same situation always go forward never go back big mistake now you have to stand the consequences poor boy

  3. Ahil you are too trusting – get rid of the witch before you lose your real love forever

  4. Hmm good epi… But laz sec I didn’t expect dat crow foot sanam ll interrupt saahil ?

  5. Gloria I totally agree with you girl Ahil is to dotish. Sanam and shaad should stay together even if she does remember she should choose to stay with shaad just for Ahil stupidity of bringing that witch back after he went through all that trouble to get rid of her.

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