Qubool Hai 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Shaad’s residence, Faislabad, Lahore and Ahil’s residence, India

While walking in the lobby, Ahil is shocked to find the new bride having turned around feet, signalling a witch and is stunned in shock, while she eyes him evilly.

Eyeing the unconscious bodies, Shashi kapoor finally lifts off the mask. It turns out to be Misbah, who has pretended all this while to be shaad’s and his family’s aide, but is actually seeking out revenge and enemity.


While misbah is hiding behind the curtain in the room, sanam rushes in. Sanam finds shashi kapoor from behind, and is shocked. Meanwhile, misbah is tensed as to what to do to escape while she keeps asking the person to turn around, or else sha shall call the police. she picks up the vase kept on the table, for her safety. Finally, misbah turns around, having lowered her cap. Sanam anxiously waits for her to turn. Before she can see, the lights go off, and misbah has the chance to get back in the mask. When the lights come back again, she asks the person to take off the mask, and asks what has he come here for, and throw the key here. But misbah stealthily takes the vase and throws it to catch sanam off guard. when sanam composes herself back again, she finds that the person is coming towards her with a knife. she overpowers her, and throws her away. Just then, sanam gives the person another blow with the vase, and snatches the key. As she turns back, she is shocked, as misbah’s mask has come off partially. She finds that Shaad Kapoor has long hair. She is shocked, and rushes down screaming for Shaad. Mibsha follows after her, in her masked get-up. She rushes after sanam, who hides herself in a room. Misbah is frustrated.

Precap: The new bride senses some noise from behind the curtain, and takes the knife and asks who’s there, while ahil hides behind the curtains. She finally gives a fatal blow with the dagger, while sanam, across the borders wakes up immensely scared, of soemthing terrible having happened.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. what is this why are you guys always making this boring . Happy that shashi kapoor is revealed finally . But what about sanam ahil and seher.

  2. Is this show still showing? Thought the ended the BS already. Just reading up on it, makes you think it’s a new show or they have done a 10 year leap or something. It has lost it’s originality, complete crap now.

  3. New bride wana get lv frm ahil thn why she wana kill him?

  4. Remember the witch doesn’t have a heart. The writers might make it that she kills Ahil and turn him into whatever she is, so she can control him. BTW, did he loose the amulet that 1st Sanam give to him to protect him. I think the writers as so confused with all these negative comments, they can’t remember themselves where they are going with the show…

  5. faltu…………

  6. What a stupid episode the show is getting boring n outdated

  7. I have nothing to say but this is shit and more shit stop all the evil we want more good

  8. Wat the hell? Taveer pretend to kill nawab for property. Again sanam2 want to stab ahil for her fame as begum of bhopal. How stupidity this serial has become. I think she wants ahil to be in her control so she won’t kill ahil, will make him forget sanam and accept her. I think this is her plan. This side again misbha is revealed as shashi kapoor. But y does she seek revenge from shaad and even killed his frnd. I think she is trying to seek revenge from pakistani army. Well ,they would up this twist later. But guys did u all note one thing of shaad thoughts wen he tasted sanam dish. It seems like he has some relation with sanam as cousin or india. It seems hard to guess .But again, Taveer daughter is evil, so obvilous she will die at end .even rehaan died. So there’s is no tanveer generation. Guess seher to be pregnant with rehaan child and shaad to accept her as his wife. Their pair is awesome. Hope shaad won’t turn evil as faiz in between to separate sanam and ahil. That would be horrible. So waiting for more twist.

  9. I agree with u sharmi .the director is a moron ,bastard considers audience stupid.

  10. I am lost because I cannot comprehend what these writers are really writing.All I will say this is tanta mount to wrath.This is weird and also crazy.Just end the serial it is no good and I cannot take on Tanveer and her wicked ways anymore.Therefore this is my last watching and comment.No good.

  11. did seher fell oft he map..lol ? im sik watchn this episode over nd over gesse

  12. This show should end NOW!

  13. Frm when these dayans start thinking about fame?i only heard that we cant see spirits ,can only feel them.n one mr thng is that spirits or dayans whatever they only seek revenge or use sm1 fr their benifit bt about fame this is 1st tym i heard..lol..and mrovr if that dayan sanam 2 can do nythng thn where were her powers n turn around feet with long toenail when she was sittin out syd a hut when tanveer went to her fr ahil..n remember that once in starting when she was befrnd with sanam or was pretending to be her frnd at that tym she gave sanam a quraan ayat..how could she touch that spiritual holy thng at that time..aftr that when she showed hr true clrs to tanveer n there was a functn fr nawab’s anivrsry that tym she was unable to evn heard quraan..what is this?

  14. this show is going outstanding

  15. please end this crappy show. if you don’t have a better storyline, then please make room for another show.

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