Qubool Hai 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 25th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
haider remembers humaira’s words, and screams out that he didnt come here to leave, as he has come to take revenge and balance the due 17 years back. He takes out a paper cutting, remembering how he had gone to the doll factory, with zoya, his sister and his aunt. Their mother goes inside the doll factory, while they are playing outside. Haider keeps his sister busy in playing. soon they see the fire and are stunned. Haider walks in to hear razia and mamujaan’s conversation, wherev razia says that she had no other option other than killing that girl, who would have defamed them in the society, due to carrying mamujaan’s illegitimate relation with her. razia says that noone would find out that she killed the lady, and rashid would

forever blame himself for this. haider, in the present state says that when he got conscious, he realised that it had been too late, and that noone was there with him, he had lost his sister and his aunt. His father died too due to the trauma and mother too due to the unbearable load of loans on their heads. He had lost everything in an instant. he says that razia and mamu are responsible for this, and they had started this story but he would finish this story, by taking his revenge on them. He says that he has nothing left other than his revenge, as he has already lost his mother, father, aunt and cousin.

Meanwhile, zoya too sees that same dream, of the fire in the factory, and wonders why did she dream after such a long time. she says that it feels as if some important person is here with her, whose herse, and that she isnt alone. she says that she has lost everything once, hence asad and his family mean so much to him, and hence she would have to find this truth.

Razia says that the fire is catching upto her after 17 years, and this fire would have to be doused, and before zolya can unravel the secret, she would have to be thrown out of the house. haider says that the fire may have been doused, but its still simmering, and first person to be trapped would be humaira. haider says that he would trap humaira, in his love and then break her heart. he says that he would give her so much pain, that lfie would be a burden on her, as he has no other option to torment razia.

Dilshad is surprised to find zoya tensed, wanting to sleep with her. she asks whats the matter, if it was another dream. zoya says that she thought that she had gotten rid of the past, but it wasnt so. Dilshad assures her that she is right here, and that zoya should sleep. zoya says that she tried to, but asad scolded her. as she goes on to vent her frustration, dilshad is amused, but asks her to go to sleep, and she would scold asad. Dilshad puts her to sleep, while zoya even in her sleep, tries to recount what all she saw and where she had searched. She wakes up with a start, and wakes dilshad too, and says that she didnt search razia’s room and is sure that the papers are there. Zoya boasts off saying that this work has to be done in typical zoya smartness. dilshad asks her to elaborate. Zoya goes into her impromptu poetry mode, much to dilshad’s despair:

Tree ugega wahi, jaya gayab that boya,
kaun sa aisa kaam hai, jo nahi kar sakti great zoya.

Dilshad praises her and asks her to go to sleep once again.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Nazma surprises nikhat by setting up her room for a romantic evening ahead, and also compliments that she’s looking extremely beautiful, in this dress gifted by him. Nazma says that now the next move has to be hers. nikhat is shy. A car’s horn makes nazma leave, so that farhan and nikhat may have some privacy. farhan compliments her on looking so beautiful. Nikhat asks, when farhan questions whats all this, if they can have a romantic evening, just the two of them. He is shy making her nervous, but she is relieved when he smiles. Farhan says that he would just go and freshen up. after he goes to the bathroom, someone clutches at her dupatta, and as she turns around, she doesnt find anyone, and is scared. She is very scared of someone else’s presence. the lights of the the candles go off, and she hits her leg on something and falls on the ground. Just then, she finds ragged footsteps, in anklets, walking out of the room. She is shit scared. She goes berserk, and gets farhan out of the bathroom and into their room, where she finds the dupatta burning. The entire family tries to convince that the candles may have burnt the dupatta. Nikhat tries to explain what she went through. haseena is tensed, when she mentions someone’s presence. haseena tries to divert their attention saying that nikhat is concocting a story to get farhan’s attention. but imran refuses to believ it, and he along with nazma, tries to present a logical conclusion too. haseena asks farhan to put her off to sleep,a s she;s disturbed and they all retire. After they are gone, farhan asks nikhat to relax. nikhat says that they may believe what they want to, and whatever happend was weird, and that she had seen someone, which is a sign of anger and hatred, that someone is unable to see her happy. Farhan distraughtly asks what anklets and who might be after her happiness. Nikaht says that its sameera and that sameera’s soul is after her and she doesnt want that she be with farhan. farhan is tensed and boggled, while nikhat is very scared.

In her room, sameera is highly tensed herself. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: farhan says that his first descision was right where he didnt want to tell anything about sameera to her. She knows how much he loves sameera and yet she is concocting such false stories about her. nikhat tries to say something, but farhan asks her to stop as he wont hear anything else. He leaves the room, while she is distraught and tries to stop him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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