Qubool Hai 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Rahat’s residence
haya is shocked to find faiz dressed as a groom, while rahat smiling happily at him. meanwhile, Tanveer sneaks in dilshad’s room, where she is lying unconscious. She fells her face and body, and mocks her as she lies unconscious, and asks if she didnt recognise her, and that she too hadnt recognised her when she had come to meet tanveer. Dilshad starts coming out of her consciousness. tanveer says that she must know that she wont let her live, and would look wonderful while dying. Dilshad wakes up finally and is shocked to find tanveer sitting by her bed. she is shocked as tanveer begins to go, bidding her goodbye, as she keeps a poisonous gas can underneath her bed, hoping god will send her to heaven. Meanwhile, as tanveer leaves the room, after having tied dilshad and prepared her for her death, dilshad wakes up, and then finds tanveer leaving. she tries to reach out to her, but tanveer leaves by then. she starts getting dizzy, as a poisonous gas starts filling in the room from the vent, and tries to evade the gas. Downstairs, Sanam and ahil, and tanveer congratulate haya for her marriage, while she is shattered and boggled. sanam tells tanveer that she would take haya and faiz to meet dilshad. Sanam wonders where haya went. she begins to search around for haya. She is about to go inside dilshad’s room, when tanveer hollers at her, and she goes downstairs. Dilshad finally faints in her room.

Outside, as rahat is stealthily creeping out to rejoin the army, he is shocked to find haya standing in the way. he says that he knows that she would feel bad but he wanted to tell it to her, that he is rejoining army tomorrow. Haya, with dry tears, splotched across her face, walks to rahat, in a daze, and keeps her hand on his chest, confusing him. She almost faints and he composes her and places her on the swing. He asks her whats she doing here, and that she should be with faiz, who loves her, and would take good care of her, while he is gone. haya asks what about her heart, as her marriage was to happen with her, as the kurta was for him, as she had accpted him as a groom. rahat is shocked. Haya expresses in despair to rahat, that she has always loved him, and always wanted to get married to him, and still thinks of him as her groom and not faiz. He is shocked. Haya hugs him. Rahat hugs her back, in despair. While haya cries in despair, rahat is distraught and apalled, unable to believe that this happened to them, as they relive their past memories. they both understand what caused the confusion, and haya distraughtedly starts breaking her bangles hitting him hard on the chest, while he stands frustrated. haya asks how didnt he know and realise that she loves rahat and how could he even think that she loves faiz. He is hurt seeing her hands red from with blood, from the bangles breaking. she asks why does he care now, and that he can see the pain, but not the love for him in her eyes. She hugs him, shattered, while rahat too cries badly. He too hugs her tight, as they both cry together. Rahat remembers faiz’s love for her, and their marriage. He then jerks her away saying that this cant be, as she is married to faiz now. she says that she doesnt believe in this marriage. He says that now nothing cant happen. she says that for god’s sake he shouldnt say this. he reminds her of her marriage with faiz, as he loves her and this would break his heart. She asks what about her heart. He again insists. She asks if he doesnt get affected if her heart breaks, and that he is breaking three hearts in this. rahat says that destiny must have had a reason, and that he cant explain enough about this, but pleads her not to break faiz’s heart. she says that he cant run away, when he says that he stayed through their marriage, but not anymore. he asks her not to stop him. She says that he cant go right now, as he has done what a brother has to do, but now he has to play tyhe role of the lover, and that she fell in love with him, the day they met, and that if he wants her destiny to be entwined with faiz, then he himself would have to give her hand in faiz. He is shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Jewellery shop
Razia comes to find the jeweller busy and asks if any girl came to sell a rare necklace set. he fumbles in a no. razia says that his face says that he is lying. She grabs him by the throat, and asks him to say or else she would kill him. She asks about the girl and where she lives. he says that he just knows that she came sometime back and is living in the vicinity. razia is determined to find seher.

Scene 3:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Rahat takes haya by the hand, as she eyes him overwhelmingly, and comes inisde, while faiz, sanam and ahil are confused. haya is tensed and emotional as he places her beside faiz, placing their hands together. sanam is boggled to find haya crying and tensedly looking at rahat, while he says that he hopes that they stay happy forever. faiz begs him not to go. rahat says that he has to go, but he should take such care of haya that she never has to regret her descision. sanam is baffled seeing haya in a tensed state. Rahat bids everyone goodbye, and accidentally his hand brushes past haya’s as she eyes him with a steely glance, as he retreats back and then walks out. He gives her one last glance before lkeaving, while she is emotional and teary eyed. He starts to rush to her, but then composes himself and leaves hastily. The screen freezes on haya’s sad face.

Precap: Sanam hears a gunshot, and is shocked. she screams out ahil’s name, and enters dilshad’s room, filled with gas, and is shocked. She finds ahil coming out in a daze, blood splattered all over him, as he succumbs in her arms, while she is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wow am enjoying and precap is awsum………..

  2. Yeh ahil ko kya hogaya

  3. OMG what happend to Ahil??
    Is it another trick of Tanveer or something please let it only be a dream or haluccination please 🙁

  4. Omg plzzzz don’t let tanveer hurt dilshad

  5. If ahil is hurt that’s good sanam will realise she loves him yay!!!!!!!!!

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