Qubool Hai 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 25th April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
The scene starts with asad and zoya’s embrace (MITWA MOMENT), with tanveer’s disgust at that. Zoya is shocked at this, and stats reprimanding him for the inappropriate gesture of asad. Asad shows her the live wire, and its possible implications, of current in the bathtub. Zoya is shocked at this. Meanwhile, dilshad comes across their room. As asad is about to go, zoya holds him back, saying that he should confess that he feels for her and cares for her, showing him the ring. But asad says that its nothing like that. Dilshad thinks that why cant they see what she can, that they are meant for each other. Tanveer isnt happy about this.

Dilshad is rummaging through dresses, and picks up one by one, thinking which one would zoya like. While she keeps back things, a red dupatta falls down from the almirah, which dilshad instantly likes. Tanveer comes in and asks what is she thinking. Dilshad says that its a strange coincidence, that asad got engaged and she got this dupatta on the same day. Tanveer reminds her about asad calling it a drama, but dilshad says that such things are doen by god, who takes descisions about our life, and destiny mets it out to us. Zoya enters in the meanwhile. Tanveer isnt happy. Dilshad asks zoya to get dressed for an occassion, where they have to go afterwards. Dilshad shows her the dupatta that she has chosen for her to wear.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia searching for the bottle, is asked by humaira what is she searching for. When told about the bottle, Humaira tells her that she accidentally broke it, but replacxed it with another bottle and starts searching for it. Razia asks her not to bother.

Scene 3:
Location: At asad’s relative
Dilshad entertains the guests along with Asad, and tells that nazma and zoya would come in another car. Zoya wears the same dress, and asad cant take his eyes off her, as he watches mesmerised. Zoya too looks longingly at asad. Dilshad watches their eyelock. Tanveer is irritated at all this. nazma asks zoya to come along. Tanveer asks why is zoya wearing the same dupatta chosen for asad’s wife.

The relatives compliment on her beauty. dilshad identifies her as a guest, then says she was one, but now she’s far more than that. Tanveer is dismayed. Dilshad thinks that its a sign that zoya has chosen the dupatta that she had chosen for asad’s wife, that they are meant to be together.

The girls start chatting with zoya. they ask about the ring. She tells them that its her engagement ring, and it happened today only. The girls congratulate her and ask about the groom. She says that he has also come as he’s very possessive, and doesnt leave her alone ever. Asad is at discomfort in all this, and zoya enjoys it. The girls demand to meet him, when zoya says that he’s very shy, and emotionally challenged too, just to tease him. read full updates daily with pics only at desitvbox.com The girls say that it feels like he loves her very much. Zoya gets embarassed and says that she doesnt know as he has never revealed. Zoya is instructed that she would finally have to take it out from him. As the groom arrives, and zoya goes to meet him, she is stopped by asad, demanding for a clarification. zoya pretends to be innocent and asks if she lied. Zoya finds her discomfort amusing. Asad asks her not to talk like that, as he’s very respectable. Zoya asks if the engagement would make him lose his respect. Zoya again asks what doess this mean for him. Asad leaves saying that he doesnt want to talk about this. zoya says that she would make him talk, and express what he feels for her.

The girl’s family too arrives, which has razia and rashid too along with their family, each unaware of the other family being present there also, from the opposite sides.The obliviously progress to meet the other side. But they dont meet up.

Dilshad tells asad, that he would also get married in this arena, as its perfect. Shirin too, on the other end, is discussing ayan’s marriage. As asad goes ahead to take drinks, to avoid discussion with dilshad about marriage, he crosses shirn, but none see the other.

Haseena says to razia that this engagment doesnt look like very lucky. She asks about zoya. razia says that she shouldnt bother, as that girl is taken care of. Haseena taunts her saying that it feels as if she shares some relation with that girl. razia remembers mamujaan playing with zoya in childhood. Razia says that she doesnt have any relation with a girl like that.

Zoya is stopped by some guests, and after formalising, they ask about her parents. But she says that she isnt alone, and is engaged also. Asad takes her aside, and asks her not to talk about this. Zoya asks her to relax, and chill. She again gets into her nonsense banter, irritating asad. Asad says that they would leave, but zoya says that he can go, but she wont. Zoya says that she has a condition, and that is to get her a rose, when asad asks is what. She asks him to be more romantic when he gives the rose, or praise her atleast. She flutters her eyes in a hopeless romantic gesture, and asad too reciprocates in a rom-com manner. (MITWA MOMENT). As she again threatens him that she would divulge their engagement, he gets into saying it. Zoya asks him to be very emotional when he says it. He gives her the rose, coming close to her. The screen freezes on zoya’s apprehensive face.

Precap: Dilshad asks asad that he would have to get married in ten days. She asks him continuously if he loves zoya, as he has officially gotten engaged with her. Asad is in a dilemma to answer, as he feels zoya’s presence in the room, over his shoulders. zoya is tensed to hear the answer.

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