Qubool Hai 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Finally, shaad and sanam descend down the stairs, and ahil instantly cringes at the western attire that sanam is wearing, much to the amusement of latif, gazalla and the new bride. Ahil is furious as to what she is wearing. He goes to the bar, and then orders for a special drink, and the bartender goes to get it. She comes and gives a long lecture as to why she ios wearing this dress only for shaad. ahil tries to show sanam the pic. She turns around frustratedly and the pic falls on the ground, upside down. Sanam eyes it tensedly. At the bar counter, Sanam stops ahil from drinking, habituated by memories of the past, and ahil is overwhelmed. She asks him not to profess the love like that and asks him not to show off. he says that even today, his wife

doesnt like his drinking.

Sanam meanwhile takes an isolated place to correct her zipper. The new bride turns around and then says that the zip is completely okay and maybe she isnt habituated to wear such clothes. She then gives sanam a drink, that she deftly got laced with some medication. Sanam complies silently. the new bride asks her to go to the washroom, after she has taken her drink. She complies. The new bride thinks if she is not conscious, then how she would know her dress is opening up. With dress, her dignity will also go down. And when that happens, she will hate Ahil more. She will lock herself in a room where her death is already waiting for her. Ahil will only get her hatred even after she dies.

Meanwhile, someone says what fun in party without noise. Take out the car.

Shaad eyes Shashi Kapoor while she’s talking to guests. Sanam comes to him and starts saying she noticed he’s been ignoring her lately. Shaad is still looking at Shashi Kapoor. Sanam turns his face to her and asks where his mind is these days. Shaad says he’s listening. She says no he’s not. She wants to tell him something important and when he ignores like this, she doesn’t understand when to tell him. He says after party. She says she can’t delay. He asks what she wants to say. Sanam then notices Ahil is looking at us. She remembers her telling Ahil that she will prove everyone how much she loves Shaad. Shaad asks her what happened. Sanam gets closer to him, but hesitates to say anything.

Shashi Kapoor interrupts and asks don’t they think something is missing in the party. She asks Ahil to do something. May be a song? The new bride comes with a guitar and tells him, he was going to sing his dastaan of mohabbat..prove his love for Sanam. What happened? He got scared that his love might lose? Ahil says there is no win and loss for love. He starts walking away, but Shashi Kapoor stops him and says if not for them, then at least sing for his Sanam. Ahil looks at Sanam and says, indeed he will have to give voice to his love. He asks the new bride for guitar. She gives it angrily. Ahil eyes Sanam. Sanam holds Shaad arm to annoy him. Junoon tere ishq ka.. plays. Ahil is all set to play. Shashi Kapoor watches as she has attached something with guitar..which will give high voltage to Ahil when a switch is turned on and hence die.

Precap: Shashi Kapoor goes to turn on the switch. Just then Ahil sees Sanam’s dress is open from behind. A new entry is shown.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I see that now so inhabitants show

  2. thanks rimjhim for the update.

  3. writers this serial is utter nonsense you should be shot down with shit bullets the serial is going nowhere round and round like a merry go round and ending up with the same shit

    1. The same original first stories being repeated in each episode/scene. Everyone now live in Ahil’s house. They have even turned the sweet Latif into a villain. As soon as the manage to get Sanam off that stupid memory loss let them end the drama. Zoya’s generation were all ortayed as Dewitt. poor storyline.. Sack those writers.

  4. Shaad had shoot Aahil

  5. updates is to short.whyyyyy

  6. thi iz no longer QH dat i used to know

  7. For god sake, this memory crap is still going on…I haven’t watched for like over 2 months and it was because of this stupid memory loss BS and it’s still ongoing…damn people, give up already and finish the show…

  8. plzz sanam shud get back her memory soon…….and ia that true shaad will shoot say aahil…? OMG…then for what. .?

  9. plzz sanam shud get back her memory soon…….and ia that true shaad will shoot say aahil…? OMG…then for what. .?Then why is this update vry short …we need exact update. ..comparing to all other updates only QH and KB was too short….this is not fair yaar….

  10. plzz sanam shud get back her memory soon…….and is that true shaad will shoot say aahil…? OMG…then for what. .?Then why is this update vry short …we need exact update. ..comparing to all other updates only QH and KB was too short….this is not fair yaar….

  11. Sanam need to stop show off she need to grow up she is getting me on my nerve with her big eye and that new salman need to pluck all her bottom teeth out she look like a witch and scare the kids she is so ugly the need to end this stupid show the keep showing pure stupiedness these bad people never get exposure and the people that act good they are so stupid sanam is acting like a wild woman with two men the new sanam is only mucking ahail and he can’t do any thing these women in this serial are acting like s##t especially shashi kapoor who mother was a no good and she want to take revenge with out finding out what her no good mother did please end this stupid show

  12. Stupidity. But for the sake of Sanam only

  13. Pura bagwas stop it ediot ice serial pls otherwise sanam ka yadgash vapas karo pls trp will go down if it is like this

  14. Plz stop this idiot show. Kuch vi ho raha hai is show me……

  15. What is the theme of the story – I’d say “history repeats itself”. There’s so much repetition going on, is Ahil’s house a home for orphans. Anyone can live there. Do people in India live so stupidly, any Tom, Dick or Harry is welcome. If so, its a joke.
    A home is a private place for immediate family only. I wish Shashi Kapoor (a petite lady who has the strength to overpower army trained men-gosh) would kill everyone and the show closes – it sucks.

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