Qubool Hai 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 24th December 2013 Written Update

Humaria looks at Haider’s shoes and flings the blanket off his feet and realizes that his foot is perfectly fine and that he lied to her. She yells at him and says she will make sure he leaves this house. Haider is frustrated.

Nikhat & Najma are redecorating the house. Najma suggests that they move the big painting. Haseena hears this and remembers what happened last night. She refuses to get the painting moved. Najma says she spoke to Farhan – Imran. Haseena blocks the painting. Farhan asks the workers to remove the painting. Haseena fakes illness and asks Farhan to stop the work. Haseena says if you guys dont listen to me, I will leave the house. Farhan says no dont worry, we will get the work done later. Nikhat eyes the painting with suspicion.

Gauffer comes down

and asks for tea and is walking to his chair and sees someone in his seat and asks them to get up. Zoya replies back saying that she is the owner of this house. Zoya tells him that Asad is an equal owner now, as Rashid gave him all his property. Gauffer says when kids see a reflection of the moon, they think they have gotten the moon. Gauffer says Rashid cant make a choice in such a condition. Dilshad supports Zoya and says that Rashid had gotten the papers made before his accident. Inder brings a phone call for Gauffer, but Zoya takes it and says that from now on all phone calls will be transferred to Mr. Asad Ahmed Khan. Zoya says that she will make changes necessary for Asad to stay here. Razia is boggled that Asad will also be staying here. Zoya takes Dilshad and both of them leave hand in hand.

Nikhat is walking to the kitchen and is scared. Najma calls her and Nikhat is scared. Najma gives Nikhat a gift saying that someone left it for her. Farhan sends Nikhat a gift.

Dilshad-Zoya are having a conversation about Rashid’s innocence. Asad is in Delhi talking to a lawyer. Dilshad-Zoya are searching for the papers. Zoya has a plan in mind. Humaria sees Haider trying on clothes. Humaria is yelling at Haider saying that she will get him kicked out. He flirts with her and calls her Hunaria. Dilshad is praying. Dilshad tells Zoya I wish Rashid could tell us where the papers are. Razia and Gauffer are worried about Asad taking over the property and the unknown guy who knows about the Gudia Factory. Razia says unless we see something we shouldnt believe it. Haider walks into his room to find Humaria standing there and says if my dad cant kick you out, I will. Haider pins Humaria to the door and says rich families girls dont treat guests this way. Haider says I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying with you. Dilshad says we have to find the papers before them. Zoya says if they find it before us, they will not let us find it. Dilshad wishes that someone was there to tell them about the raaz that happened 17 years ago.

Precap : Haider is mad. Haider says how can I leave so soon, I have to fulfill so much revenge and of course it will take a while. He is staring at a piece of paper.

Update Credit to: Dancing Diva

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  1. Asad needs to cut his hair n look like the old Asad.

    1. Asad needs a haircut,this hair just doesn’t suit him

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