Qubool Hai 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 24th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Sanam’s residence
Dilshad opens the door to find anwar’s mother and greets her inside. Dilshad calls Sanam. she comes and shyly greets her. Anwar’s mother compliments sanam on her beauty and that she didnt even expect her to be here, and wanted to talk to dilshad. sanam leaves for making tea, but she stops her that she knows that sanam has to go to the dhaba, and she isnt the kind of mother in laws’ who dont let their Bahus work. sanam complies. She asks sanam to wear the blue dress that Anwar likes. sanam complies and leaves. She compliments haya for her embroidery too, and tells dilshad that she has raised both the girls beautifully. Dilshad says that when she came she had nothing, and opened this dhaba somehow, she was always sick, but as it is

said, when children grow old, they support the parents, sanam was always her support since 12, 13 years, and took care of the dhaba, and she always thinks that had this Dhaba not been there, and Sanam didnt effot hard, they wouldnt have survived. Anwar’s mother ensures that sanam’s happy days are here now

While haya is embroidering, dilshad comes and compliments haya, for her craft and is very happy that she idd it all herself for Sanam. she asks haya to get all the Dupattas, and she complies and goes inside. As she comes outside, she finds Dilshad unconscious and gets very tensed and scared. she splashes water and gets her conscious somehow. She goes to call sanam, but dilshad stops her, saying that just some days are left for the marriage, and sanam would refuse if she gets to know this. haya is tensed. Dilshad says that she knwos that it happened twice in the qweek, and maybe she’s tired and exhausted with the arrangements. She asks Haya to promise that she wont tell anything to sanam, as they dont want a problem with sanam’s marriage. Haya complies. She hugs Dilshad.

Scene 2:
Location: In the Car
Aahil tells rehaan that everything is very slow, and that things are taking on forever, for finalising, and that its going to take one month. rehaaan tries to compose him, but aahil says that he doesnt like anything to eat here, even though he is a big time foodie, throwing a typical city boy tantrum, in the villages of punjab. rehaan says that Begum wouldnt want him to travel in the night, and stops him from coming straightaway. ahil asks who would tell mom. rehaan says that he has been ordered by his mother to take care of his every move. Ahil reprimands him teasingly, and then cancels the call. He feels thirsty and wonders where to get water from.

Scene 3:
Location: Sanam Da dhaba
While sanam is cribbing about the lack of pudina, anwar comes in with lots of frills, to decorate the dhaba for the wedding. sanam gets shy and says that they should have done it themselves. Anwar says that its the same thing. He asks her to get back to work, as its her peak business time. he begins to decorate while she gazes at him romantically. The customers compliment on the decoration, while anwar asks if she’s happy, and she says that she’s very happy, as this means everything to her. He leaves, asking her to continue work.

Just then, ahil’s order for a bottle of mineral water, surprises sanam and gets her angry as she remembers her past encounters with him., he reclines on the sofa, while she stands stunned. She goes to give her water in the glass, when he says that the glass is dirty and get another one. she is angry but complies. When she keeps the glass, Ahil asks her to give proper service and give water in the glass. She resignedly complies. He doesnt drink from the glass still, and drinks from the bottle. sanam asks if he would have anything else. He asks if there’s anything edible. she asks him to gaze at the menu. he asks her to get the best dish, so that he can see if its deservant of him to eat. She gets food, and he disgustingly stares at it and asks whats it. she tells that its chole Bhature, but he reprimands it saying that its too oily, and he doesnt eat it like this, when she says that they are made like this. he casually trhrows off the bhature and she is about to get back at him, when the servant stops her. She asks him to get lost from her dhaba, and he asks what if. He begins to tease her, with an innuendo. Sanam warns ahil, saying that he should behave and get out of her dhaba, or else. Ahil takes the challenge and takes her hand asks her what ahead of her warning….referring to her as Ms. Dhaabe Waali. Sanam slaps him tight on his face. he leaves off her hand with a jerk, and brings her closer to him, scaring her. He says that he would give a suitable answer of her slap on his face, by giving her his answer on the lips. as he begins to get closer to her, and draws her closer too, she gets terribly scared and disgusted, while ahil shamelessly brings his lips closer to his. just then, the servant hits ahil in the leg with a lathi, and he falls on the ground. She taunts him not to even think of trying it, addressing him as a beggar. he turns around in fury, and leaves, while she watches still tensed.

In the night, as sanam closes off her Dhaba, she is oblivious that Ahil is spraying petrol all around it, with sheer defiance and any botheration that she might see. when she does, she is shocked, to find him, with a matchstick, that he sets afire in front of her eyes, and burns down the entire dhaba. She is shocked beyond belief, as she sees her Dhaba, her life being burned right in front of her. She tries to get to the dhaba, but he drags her away, and pins her on his car, and gets closer to her, taunting her that he can do anything to her right now. she is scared and closes her eyes, as he sets his mouth too close to her, and then insults her saying that he doesnt take whats beneath him. He gets up again while she regains her composure shocked. He eyes the Dhaba with venomous rage, while she stands stunned. He throws at her a pile of money, asking her to buy another dhaba for herself. She isnt able to digest it. She burns his car afire in a similar fashion, and he turns around shocked and then to add insult to disgust, she throws the pile of money that he threw at her, asking him to buy another car. She also gives him the Rs. 500, saying similarly that this is for his gusto, as noone has talked and behaved such with her too ever. She leaves in a fury, while he stands shocked. He is surprised at her ego, and says that he likes it, and that he would love to break it one day. Ahil, says that if she has to pray, she should pray, that she doesnt have to face him ever again. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: All are celebrating in sanam’s residence, as mrriage festivities start. the servant too dances and says that Sanam’s hands are now basking in the glory of her husband’s name. the ladies ask her to show it. She identifies and shows an A standing for Anwar, but then she is disgustingly reminded, of Ahil Raza Abraham’s name too starting with the same alphabet.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. loves the way sanam gave him answer

  2. Surbhi jyoti as sanam rocksss! Just hoping that no actor would change now. And acting of kvb in qh as a rude man is good!

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