Qubool Hai 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 23rd September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
The priest asks ayan if he agrees to the fact that zoya is his wife. While all are tensed, and humaira is distraught and waiting for his answer, ayan looks helplessly at asad. Shirin, rashid and razia look helplessly. The priest asks again. Ayan nods his head in a yes. All are shocked. Ayan turns to humaira, who is distraught and runs inside. Ayan goes after her, while razia looks angrily. She locks the door, after getting in the room, while ayan keeps asking her to open the door. Razia talks to him, and asks how many more times is he going to hurt her, and reminds him of humaira’s condition, but still he doesnt stop to hurt her. Ayan says that everything was right between them and that they were to get married, but something wrong

happened. Razia is surprised.

In her room, razia wonders how did all this happen, and asks mamujaan to do something and stop her. He says that he too feel bad but he is helpless. She asks him to talk to the priest. He says that he would have triede that had that helped. He informs that the priest has to come for the marriage certificate to be signed. Razia is shocked. Razia says that this matter is worsening, and if the signs are done, then this would be fatal. He says that they would have to accept this. She says that he may but not her, as that means spoiling her daughter’s marriage, and that she wontr do, as she would only be happy with ayan. She says that she wont let a roadside girl, take away humaira’s happiness. He tries to show her that there’s no other option, but she stops him. She says that the certificate isnt signed yet, and what if at the same time, the divorce papers are also signed, and then the marriage would be annulled. She says that they would wait for sometime, for the matter to fie down, and then they would get rid of the girl. she assures him that this is the only option. She asks him to inform that this marriage would only be for some weeks. The servant informs them that the priest has arrived. They are surprised and tensed too.

Nikhat wakes up dizzily and tries to harm herself, by taking off the bandage, which had stopped the bleeding. She eyes a knife, remembering hasena’s words and is in tears. She manages her way to the table, and picks up the knife. She is determined to slit her wrists.

The priest is greeted by the other members, while all are tensed. Razia sees them and thinks that mamujaan didnt get the time to swap papers. She says that this means that these papers are for marriage. She says that if zoya stays back, then god knows what might happen and that she would have to stop the papers from being signed.

Ayan is lost, when the servant announces that the priest has come and is calling for him. He wipes his tears and goes after him. He is stopped by razia. She informs him as to why is he called, and he is surprised. she says that if they sign, then their marriage is proved and asks if he understands this. She says that humaira’s life is already spoilt and he too wouldnt be ahppy now. Ayan stands helpless saying that he doesnt know what to do. She says that things would still be in control if he refuses to sign the papers. She asks him to say that he would marry only humaira. He says that he cant do this, as he cant do this to nikhat. She asks if he ever bothered to think about humaira once. She asks him to think, what does he choose, his love or his sister. ayan is confused and tensed. She says that nikhat regrest her called off relation, but that can still be handled, as nikhat didnt love farhan, and they would find a better groom for her, but what about humaira, who has loved him all her life, unconditionally even when he rebuked her. She says that this is the time to take humaira’s hand. She asks him to chose humaira, and if he feels shy, then she would tell everyone his descision. While ayan is confused, his eyes fall on nikhat, with the knife in her hand. He rushes after her, and takes the knife from hher. She says that her parenst and family are insulted due to her, and hence she should be allowed to die. Nuzrat sees this too and goes down to call for the doctor.

Downstairs, zoya coaxes him to go now. Asad says that they would have to wait for some more time, till everything is right. Nuzrat informs shirin that nikhat tried again to commit suicide. She is shocked and tells this to rashid, and who gets up to go. The priest asks where’s he going, as this is the last step for their marriage, the signing of the marriage certificate. Zoya and asad are shocked to hear this. The priest says that the marriage would be complete with the signing of these papers. Zoya rushes out from there. Asad follows her. Meanwhile, ayan tries hard to control nikhat. shirin rushes after asad. She tells him that they mightnt be related, and he wouldnt even listen to her. She says that she’s asking this only for her daughter, and informs about nikhat. Shirin requests asad, profusely that only he can save nikhat’s life, as its completely on him now.

Shirin shows asad, nikhat’s condition and says that noone would marry her now, if this relation is called off. she says that she has to be taken to the hospital, but she cant be taken in this condition in front of the guests. She tells him that he considers himself as her elder brother, and only he can save their prestige in the society. she asks him to get back zoya anyhow. Asad is distraught.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Asad sees zoya in tears, and is upset. He calls for her. Zoya says that she wont be able to do this, as this is getting too much, as she’s willing to do anything, but not this. Asad says that even he hadnt thought this. zoya asks to come along then. Asad asks what would happen then for nikhat. Zoya is confused as to what he means. Asad says that he knows, but he also knows that if they go, then nikhat would be dead. Zoya is distraught. He takes asad’s hands. Zoya asks him to let go of as its paining. Asad says that he too is in pain, and says that he doesnt understand why destiny is playing thgis cruel game, and he loves and needs her as much as she does, and that he wont be able to spend one moment without her. He says that right now, its nikhat’s life’s at stakeand that they have to save her life first and foremost. He asks her if she believes in him. She manges to nod, but is unbelievably sad. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Dilshad says to Asad, that he hasnt sacrificed, but its actually zoya’s who’s sacrificed. She says that she would see who stops her as a mother to get back her daughter. dilshad walks out, while asad is helplessly staring. Badi bi shows zoya the room, and tells her to inform them, if she needs anything. Badi bi leaves, while zoya collapses on the floor, breaking down into tears.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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