Qubool Hai 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While applying medicine, on seher’s feet, he recounts the horror, that he went through when he assumed that she spent the night with ahil. he remembers how he was boggled, and then relieved when he found out that it wasnt seher but sanam. Seher too is tensed god knows what would have happened had they not acted in time. rehaan is disgusted with what tanveer stooped down to, to get her way, and now that she knows everything. Seher says that tanveer might try all that she wants, but she wont be able to separate the two copuples, as they love each other dearly. They have a good laugh.

Tanveer is frustrated, while gazalla and razaak lament as to how their trap went against them. they warn tanveer that before they go to ahil to expose her, they should go to ahil to tell about the secret that sanam and seher have kept from him. She denies saying that haste shall only worsen things, and ahil hasnt forgotten sanam completely, and he doesnt want him to fall for her again. They ask what shall she do then. tanveer eyes the new bride, as she passes in the corridor. she says that she would relieve her load off her head today. she walks behind her.

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In the kitchen, the new bride is dipping eggs in the water bowl, while chanting something, appearing to be doing some sort of black magic. Tanveer comes and stops her, while the new bride is surprised. She asks the bride what does she think she is doing. The bride gets tensed. tanveer says that she brought her, so that she could take ahil’s peace of mind, but she joined hands with the enemy, and that she is doing the complete reverse. the new bride tries to speak, but tanveer shuts her up, saying that she shouldnt lie, as she knows her truth very well. tanveer says that she got to know her truth, when she sent gazalla and razaak to find out about the twin sisters, and warns her that she can suffer anything, but not betrayal. she says that she has lost the chance to stay here, as she joined with her enemy. She grabs the new bride by her hands, but she doesnt let her force her. Tanveer turns around surprised, and is faced with the new bride eyeing her stoically, finally releasing her own hand from tanveer’s grip with a jerk. Tanveer is shocked, as she says that she isnt as worthless as she seems. the new bride eyes the water in the bowl, turning blue. tanveer is shocked, and asks whats all this. The new bride says that it isnt necessary what she is, what she knows and what she is doing. She says that whats important is that she wants to do exactly what tanveer wants her to do. The new bride comes determinedly, in front of tanveer, saying that she wants ahil and wants to make him hers, if not by love, then by any other means, and now that they both are aware of each other’s plan, which is to get rid of sanam, from ahil’s life, and hence they should have an equal partnership now. She says that love can make people supercede their capabilities, and who knows it better than her, as she once was a rejected woman, and today she is the Nawab’s wife, and she too would be like that, and shall make ahil hers, and even she cant stand in her way. The new bride says that they should get rid of the master-servant relationship, and become friends with her. She extends her hand out to tanveer. The new bride says that she knows that tanveer has gotten her sight back, and asks her to shake hands with her. tanveer is surprised yet amused too. She says that she is proud, that she brought her in ahil’s life. the new sanam is determined.

The next say, sanam takes those special eggs, when the new bride comes in, and asks whats she doing. she starts ranting as to how she is lovingly making food, for ahil. she asks sanam, taking an egg from her, if she would help her learn to cook. sanam takes the egg from her, saying that she shall do it some other time, as ahil seems to be in a hurry right now. While sanam goes to get the plate, the new bride eyes the eggs weirdly and strangely.While sanam sets the dish, the new bride scratches some dirt kept on the stand, and it falls on the floor, as if terminating some sort of ritual that she was doing. sanam leaves with ahil’s breakfast. Sanam lays out the plate in front of her. Ahil eyes the half fried egg dish, thats completely ruined, burnt and a nightmare, and asks sanam whats it, feeling disgusted. she says that she made it since he likes it. sanam eyes the dish and finds it perfectly normal. But when ahil looks at it, he finds that its a rotten dish. The new sanam eyes her black magic working from a distance. tanveer too sees it.sanam is confused as to whats the matter, and asks him to taste it. But he leaves. she is boggled. the new bride says that today he is just disgusted by the food that she made, soon he would start hating her too. Tanveer thinks that the new bride isnt that worthless too, and she would use her to her advantage, and wonders how would sanam save ahil from the new bride. She evilly smiles.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
haya hugs rahat saying that she thanks the lord that he is okay. he asks why is she saying so. she is about to talk about faiz’s phone call, when the doorbell rings, and a letter is delivered. rahat reads it and is tensed. haya asks what does it say. rahat says that it says that his holidays are over and if he doesnt join immediately, then he would be called a betrayer. She is shocked, saying that she is very scared right now, as faiz cant do anything, and just needs an oppurtunity, and she cant afford that right now. rahat says that nothing like that would happen. He says that its a matter, of one day only, as he would report to the base. And then, he shall apply for more holidays, and if they dont agree, then he would opt for voluntary retirement. He says that he shall instruct the security officers to do their duty, and that god dhall help her if she helps herselves, and that she has to be strong to not let faiz scare her. He says that even then if she doesnt want him to go, then he wont. she says that she wont be scared, and wait for him to come home.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
tanveer comes to ahil and asks whats the matter, and why didnt he touch his food. He makes an excuse. She says that she had come to remind him, that its Nawab’s anniversary in some days, and he gets tensed at its mention, as he recounts his nightmarish childhoos, while tanveer enjoys his plight. She says that she knows nawab was never a father to him, but he cant neglect his role as a son, and that he should move on, and nothing can help him move on, other than going to the dargah, where she wants to go with him. He is alarmed, as he remembers that its the place where he first fell for sanam, and remembered an old dream, that the next time he goes, he shall go with sanam. tanveer is frustrated. She points out that sanam didnt marry him, and hence they dont need to go together, and that he should just go with the new sanam. he is tensed. He says that when he took that dream, he just had place for sanam in his heart. Ahil tells tanveer that he wants that if they go to the dargah, then he wants to take sanam wih them, and asks tanveer if she doesnt have a problem with that. she is tensed, but smiles pretentiously. he insists like a childish whim, and she agrees. the new bride overhears this, and thinks that sanam wont be able to walk two steps, leaving alone going to the dargah. the new bride says that she wont allow sanam to go. she says that now this game shall be dangerous, and that noone can stop her for getting ahil. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: sanam tells the new bride, that she is going to the dargah with ahil, and asks if she should ask something for her too. She denies. sanam is about to get inside ahil’s room, when the new bride tells her that being ahil’s wife, she cant allow her to go inside his room. sanam is shocked. later, as ahil and tanveer are about to go, sanam follows them in tow. She does some move with her hand, and all of a sudden, sanam’s upper lip starts bleeding, much to her horror and surprise.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. What the hell is going on ?black magic.its not the horror movie.pls make some sense or end this show.

  2. This show ….omg….black magic is where it has reached!?!? The writers really seem to not know what to write again!!!! They need to be fired or this show end!!!! STupid turn….AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I guess they ran out of ideas and storyline for this show, so they have to bring black magic into it i don’t like shows with black magic i’ve lost all interest

  4. Seriously, I don’t like this black magic track at all. Bas isi ki kami thi….. c’mon writers please make good realistic story. This black magic is just disgusting… 🙁 thanks for fast update Rimjhim.

  5. they neva gona let gud win over bad until n unles the shw gona end..
    dat last one day they make gud win over bad n forgiving n al dat drama
    same old shit crap alwas n every where d same

  6. she is such a witch this new bride!!!!!! hate her, she should die
    i just hope things get better for sanam and ahil they are soooooo romantic and cute together

  7. What the hell ….black magic……..its weird…

  8. End the show….itss getting even worse..when will ahil knows the truth…
    Iam going to stop watching this crap…sequel

  9. I hate black magic in the storyline of any serials……. Just can’t bear that….

  10. what nonsense is going on with qubool hai writers cut the crap now all of a sudden this new sanam is a witch come on this soap has become a whole pack of shit toooooooooo much going around in circles people are getting giddy this is not reality come back down to earth please first is tanveer with a nonsense then dead man faiz with his crazy ass self terrorizing haya and his brother who loved him so much now is long toenail sanam the witch what next l0l this is shit writers end this soap please if you all do not have any new ideas frustration to the highest

  11. So u people ar doing things lyk in sasural simar ka or what at least there it was mysterious when u dont know the enemy but this?what kind of crap is this?

  12. And that haya qahat and faiz part cant they just go abroad and leave the show already its realy annoying watching them

  13. wow this is scary o.o

  14. asif siddiqui

    The rating of this show is diffinitely goes down. The whole story is consist of either poisoning or kidnapping somebody and now black majic, commom guys, this is not the century for this. Common, grow up.
    There are so many other shows going very strongly.

  15. Wtf people this is not a horror movie it’s a tv serial what is all this black magic bakwas

  16. Very good comments friends. I wonder why Aahil is being so innocent and mama’s boy, he doesn’t see any difference between Real Sanam and Seher and also doesn’t remember that he was locked inside the room when his father got murdered. As he was shown after 20years leap very smart and strong now he is very dumb and helpless in front of Tanvir. Rehan’s character is much better than 🙁

  17. Very good comments friends. I wonder why Aahil is being so innocent and mama’s boy, he doesn’t see any difference between Real Sanam and Seher and also doesn’t remember that he was locked inside the room when his father got murdered. As Aahil was shown after 20years leap very smart and strong now he is very dumb and helpless in front of Tanvir. Rehan’s character is much better than Aahil 🙁

  18. Seriously the writers could not come with a better script den this..its realy sickening now dat 2 ppl are trieng to separate ahil n sanam..in all this dy are promoting blk magic in a way that it can seprate 2 ppl who love each other dearly.. come on writers yourl can then do better than this…Please just let d truth come out n let all d secrets be exposed…let d serial end in a good way..Please put end to all dis stupid no meaning drama..

  19. black magic???my gudness,newbride knows black magic and sanan doesnt know this.hopefully seher finds out the real face of sanam 2.now sanam has to face tanvir and sanam 2 to save her love..wen will sanam 2 realise that ahil can love only sanam and not herso sad of sanam.now its a big challenge for both the twins to expose the truth to ahil about tanvir and sanam2.show is starting its twist.so,lets see.

  20. Why end sslk when u can end this crap since this show start it only about tanveer and her evil plan first she try to take away everybody men then she tru tp broke azad n zoya marriage till she end up killing them and now she is after sanam n seher lifes oh come on writer it time to end her crap her truth have to come out now and i mean now we peoples getting tired of her evil plans

  21. no they shuld not end this

  22. OMG! this black magic z scaring .

  23. i am glad i ve stopped torturing myself by watching these rediculous dramas that doesnt make sense at all.

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