Qubool Hai 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 23rd December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the jungle
Razia loses her balance, by a piece of rock and falls on the ground, while the veiled person tops her. she throws some hay into that person’s eyes, and runs off from there. haider picks up the knife and runs after her. She hides behinda bush while he runs after her. razia is shocked to find that person from his behibnd, without recognising it to be haider. She picks up a stone stealthily, while haider too is aware of someone’s presence. before he can turn around, he has brick sand splashed all over his face. razia runs from there. She sees that the driver has already been killed. ashe is shocked. she hides underneath the car. haider comes running and finds the car emoty from the other side. later, Hiding behind the car, razia sees haider from

the other end, progressing fast and cautiously towards her. she is shocked and shit scared. But he finally gives up, while razia is praying for life. She again sees from underneath, that the footsteps have gone and she runs away for life from there.

Scene 2:
Location: haseena’s residence
Haseena is very scared about her recent encounter in the kitchen, and is shocked at the slightest noise, but realises that its nazma. Nazma gives her the bangles she needed. Nikhat is asked about farhan, and she says that he has gone out for some imp work. nazma is surpised. Nazma asks if farhan sleeps on the sofa, seeing his blanket on it. she asks nikhat if everything is okay. nikhat shyly says yes. Nazma says that there were tensions between them from panchgani, and it should have been resolved by now. Nikhat says that everything is okay nazma asks why is he sleeping on the couch then. she says that being her sister, she is concerned for her and since farhan is the reserve types, she would have to make the best use of it and give the first move herself, so that their relation can develop. Nazma leaves. Nikhat thinks that nazma is right and that her relation is in her hands, and she should make the best efforts to salvage it. She lies down on the bed, and wonders when would farhan return. she places farhan’s blanket too on the bed. meanwhile, after nikhat wakes up after a short time, she again finds the blanket on the couch. she is surprised, but thinks that farhan must have returned and kept it back on the couch. she wonders where is he. she walks out of the room, shouting at him, but gets no response. she wonders if farhan hasnt returned then who kept it back. She doesnt realise that the same silhouette is following her and fast approaching her. Nikhat is scared of the darkness, as she turns around, the shadow disappears. Haseena takes the shadow from there, into a dark room in the basement, and its finally revealed that sameera is actually alive. she asks her not to step outside again. haseena thinks that she always keeps her inebriated but doesnt know how she comes out. While sameera again dozes off, haseena locks her and again puts the ominous painting back in place, so that the concealed room isnt seen. she moves from there.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
In his room, haider is frustrated at having lost his chance to have his revenge on razia. He finds a thorn pricked in his thigh, and takes it out. He thinks that razia may have survived today, but this pain is nothing compared to what she gave him 17 years back, and the time for revenge is finally over. he shatters the mirror in despair.

Meanwhile, mamu wakes up hearing razia’s crying, and asks why is she so dishevelled. in her terrorised stqate, she is unable to answer. mamu is tensed. Finally she narrates everything to mamu, while he listens worriedly. He asks if she could see his face. she says that she couldnt, but the voice on the phone was fake, as the silhouette wasnt a woman but a man. She says that she couldnt see anymore. she says that the person that they know nothing about, knows everything about them, their secret and the doll factory. He says that they would have to do something to get rid of the unseen enemy, and asks her to stop being scared. he says that he would have to find out about the person, and his connection with the doll factory, as that person is very dangerous.

The next morning, humaira comes in and tries to wake up haider, for breakfast, but he doesnt respond. she sees that he’s hurt on the head, while haider too wakes up. As she asks how did that happen, he gets up with a start, and makes an excuse of hitting the mirror in the bathroom. while humaira is tending to haider’s head wounds, razia walks in, calling for humaira and is surprised. humaira explains haider’s injury. razia remembers hitting the veiled person last night at the exact same place. razia asks how did he get hurt. Haider says that he slipped in the bathroom. she asks if its true, and humaira complies for him. She leaves, but razia stops on her way out and haider is scared that she might have seen the cape that he was wearing last night. He is tensed, as she looks back. But he is relieved, when razia asks humaira for her headache medicine. Humaira asks her to go and rest while she gets it for her. razia leaves.

outside, razia thinks that for once, she thought haider was the person threatening her. Humaira finds wet patches of sand on the floor, indicating to have come from mudsoaked shoes. seh finds the shoes too, while haider is tensed. she gets the shoes and confronts him. Se pulls off the blanket, and is super angry when she finds that there isnt any plaster on his leg. The screen freezes on haider’s tensed face.

Precap: While someone is reading the newspaper, with the face coverede by the paper, sitting on the dining table’s centre chair, mamu comes in asking who is this person, who came into this house uninvited and also is sitting on his place. The eprson drwas away the newspaper and it turns out to be zoya, sitting defiantly. she says that he has had a misunderstanding, as the house is hers. while dilshad is content, mamujaan is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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