Qubool Hai 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the car
After having had his share of fun with simran, aahil now starts getting frustrated with her company. just then, to add to his agony, his car gets stuck in a pothole, and doesnt come out. He vents out his frustration at her, and asks her to drive while he pushes it out of the pothole. They try to get it, but it doesnt. To add to his misery, the car breaks down too. He again gets angry at her and tries to start the ignition himself, but in vain. He gets very irritated. she starts crying, which pisses him off more. He asks her to shut up, while he checks for the problem. He begins to see whats wrong, and finds that he needs to replace a part and call the mechanic. he leaves to call the mechanic asking her to wait there. She asks him to hurry up, while he


Scene 2:
Location: Sanam’s residence
As the night dawns off, haya gets sanam her wedding dupatta, and drapes it on her head, while she sits basking in the moonlight. Haya asks if she’s nervous, as heroines behave in films. Sanam says that its nothing like that, as the filmy romance isnt real, and starts to depict how it happens in reel and not real life. but haya disagrees, while sanam continues to mock the love romances in serials and films, which is very different from real life arranged marriages. she asks haya to come along and sleep now. As she turns around, something changes, as she gets emotional and tensed, as strong winds start blowing, just the kind of romance and feeling that she was just mocking.

Just then, a knock on the door, and dilshad comes out, and finds Aahil at the doorstep, asking for a mechanic. she tells him the way. sanam comes in asking who it was. dilshad tells her about him. she is still taken by a sudden surge of emotions, as she gets curious to find out who was the person. she finds him, with his back turned, as he mixes in teh darkness finally. She gets nervous and tingly all inside. she begins to rethink her opinion about romances.

The next morning, as dilshad begins to leave, Sanam tells her that she is interested in learning about Italian Cuisine and wants to go to the net for surfing. Sanam says that she was thinking about opening the Dhaba half an hour prior in the evening, to get better customers. dilshad asks if she doesntg get tired working so hard. sanam says that she doesnt get tired dreaming, as this isnt work. She says that she always thinks how would asad and zoya have reacted, if they saw her working like this. Dilshad gets emotional and says that wherever they are, they would be very proud.

later, when sanam is gone, dilshad greets anwar and his mother, as they ask about the marriage preparations. dilshad says that she is helpless of age and haya, due to her destiny. she says that Sanam handles everything, and that the cards are ready, and noone is there to pick it up. Anwar offers to go, and says that he is like her son only. dilshad thinks that Sanam is fortunate to have a husband like her, otherwise they never thought, that she would get married in such a big family. she says that those who have to meet, and the matches made in heaven do cross paths someway or the other.

Scene 3:
Location: In the car
The mechanic wakes up Ahil and simran, who were asleep in the car, saying that he qwould fix his car. but ahil stops him, saying that only he can touch his car and begins to fix it with the spare part himself only. as the car starts, ahil is happy, and pays off the mechanic thanking him. He gets rehaan’s call, saying that he has to look at two more labnda reas

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Just to prove Dilshad’s opinion correct, snam and ahil’s ptahs cross, but they dont notice each other. Later, as ahil drives off, he notices a roadblock, and police having jammed the place. ahil is frustrated to know that there has been an accident, and that it would take the night for it to clear up. ahil is frustrated and vows that he would never ever take this place for a business venture. Aahil takes a short turn in a busy street, and when he isnt allowed to get ahead, he gets all the more angry. Aahil takes his car in the back gear, and accidentally squashes over the vegetables of a roadside vendor. Ahil tells the vendor that he shouldnt have kept the vegetables on the road, as they are meant for movement, and shuts him up when he tries to speak, saying that noone talks to him like that. Sanam confronts him saying that he could have watched his car too while driving, after getting over the shock that he is the same person who she saw shacking up, and then saw him get haya hurt too, and been a little more careful, so that he wouldnt have run such a huge loss. He asks the vendor how much was his loss, and is told that the veggies that got spoilt costed him Rs.500. Ahil throws a Rs.1000 note at him, saying that he can keep Rs.500 and give the rest to this girl, for her courage as thats the first person who has ever dared and stood upto him, and talked to him like that. sanam is shocked. He leaves, while she is stunned. He gets into his car and drives off.

On the highway, he gets his mother’s call, and tries to talk but doesnt get proper network coverage and hence steps out to talk to her. He says that he would take care pf himself, and asures her to take care of herself too. he promises his mother tht he would come by tomorrow. He cancels the call, and gets inside to drive. simran asks if he was talking to his mother, and laments that she cant talk to her mother for that long. he gets furious, and gets out and takes her out of the car, and then drives off, much to her scare. She runs after him.

Scene 5:
Location: Sanam’s residence
Dilshad and haya find sanam tensed. They ask why is she so tensed and rude today, with her recipe books who are like her friends. sanam narrates the incident today at the vegetable market, to dilshad and haya. She is highly frustrated. Sanam asks dilshad how can a person be so bad, and keeps ranting about it. Dilshad asks her to have sympathy for such callous people. Sanam says that she would get angry. Dilshad asks how does she know this and form such a huge opinion about him. Sanam says that she just knows and hates him to the core. Dilshad says that maybe he is rude and arrogant, but thats just one aspect of his character and maybe he isnt a bad person after all, and has nice traits too, and asks sanam not to be prejudiced and baised against him, giving her the example of contrasting features of a coconut from the insidce and the outside. sanam gets to thinking about it, but then dioscards it off, saying that man isnt a coconut but a stone, thats hard inside and out. dilshad and haya are tensed for her. the screen freezes on her and ahil’s face.

Precap: Sanam warns ahil, saying that he should behave and get out of her dhaba, or else. Ahil takes the challenge and takes her hand asks her what ahead of her warning….referring to her as Ms. Dhaabe Waali. Sanam slaps him tight on his face. he leaves off her hand with a jerk, and brings her closer to him, scaring her. He says that he would give a suitable answer of her slap on his face, by giving her his answer on the lips. as he begins to get closer to her, and draws her closer too, she gets terribly scared and disgusted, while ahil shamelessly brings his lips closer to his.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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