Qubool Hai 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Gazalla sees ahil’s name on the palm of the entertainer, and shocked, tells tanveer that its sanam, and wonders how did their plan fail like this, as the move was right. tanveer says that this is right, and that she had tried to prevent ahil’s insult from happening, but ended up defaming herself, a typical sign of a weak player. Tanveer is amused. Ahil is unable to identify her, whith her veil, while she starts gyrating on a taunchy number, with people ogling and hogging her. Tanveer and azhar’s parents are amused. ahil, rehaan and the new bride are amused. While dancing, when she falls on ahil’s feet and the mask falls off, ahil is stunned and speechless to find that its sanam. She is mortified and composes her mask, and begins dancing again. Ahil is distraught to find sanam hogged by men, throwing money on her, while breaking glassbottles at her feet, and she desperately still dancing, her feet severely wounded. The guests compliment her, and Ahil is about to say something, while tanveer stops him, and then taking off ahil’s evil eye, she hands the money to Sanam, taunting her that her face should be shown to her admirers, so that they can enjoy. she takes off the mask, and waits in amusement, while all are shocked, as they recognise her as ahil’s first wife. tanveer pretends to be mortified, commenting to what lengths people can droop down, for the sake of money. Ahil is shocked and apalled, while all others sympathise. Tanveer tells sanam that she danced really well, given the claps, and asks how can she being ahil’s first wife, is doing this in front of everyone. She whispers in sanam’s ears, that she warned that she would make her love and their relation a public disgrace, and now that she has defamed ahil completely, ahil would be very furious and she should be ready to bear the brunt of his rage. sanam says that she isnt at a loss, as those who love never lose. she says that whatever she did, was to save ahil’s respect and status. All look at her tensedly. Sanam says that she would be frogiven as she hasnt committed a sin, but this is worship of her love, that sustains her, and makes her breathe. Ahil notices the wounds on her leg, while she starts having a fainting, dizzy spell, and she collapses, while ahil rushes just in time, to take her in his lap, assuring her that nothing would happen to her. He and rehaan take her inside, while rehaan calls the doctor. tnveer is frustrated, while azhar’s parents instigate her more. Tanveer says that she knows what needs to be done.

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Scene 2:
Location: Farmhouse and on the road
faiz changes the sim in his mobile. faiz calls up the police inspector, while he is working on the haya case. he says that he cant tell his identity, and that tries to give wrong information, that he saw rahat carrying a big case, in the car. Then he abruptly cancels. The inspector wonders who it was. The police drives through rahat’s car. He thinks that its due to haya that he has to do this, and if anything happens to rahat, then she would be to blame. Rahat asks the inspector whats the matter and why isnt he searching for haya. The constable shows a bag of haya’s clothes. Rahat accepts that these are haya’s cloth, and is shocked to find that there’s female blood and hair loos too, in the dickey. the police accuses him and says that he would have to be taken to the police station. He frustratedly complies.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
In her room, as sanam lies on the bed, ahil waits by her bedside, anxiously and impatiently. With much care and caution, he tries to take the glass shards. she wakes up with a yelping pain, and says that this isnt needed. He asks if what she did was at all needed, and why she did it. She reminds him how important the entertainment was, and if that didnt happen, he would have been insulted. She squirms at the slightest touch, and then adds that where he sent her, rasili bai wasnt there, and that she had tried to call him too, but remembers that tanveer had picked up, saying that rasili bai wont be there, and first ahil shall be insulted, and then he shall isnult her. He asks what happened. she says that she didnt get through his phone, and to save him from being insulted, she did this. he is shocked, and sits by her side, and asks if she did this just for this. Sanam tells ahil that a wife’s respect is with the husband’s respect, and whatever she did was to prevent him from being insulted. she says that she has loved him truly, and true love isnt scared of sacrifices. Ahil is tensed. She takes his hand, and cups it, closing her eyes, and he apologises that due to him, she had to behave like this. he says that he didnt realise what sin he committed, by getting her to call rasili bai, and due to him, she had to behave like a market woman. She starts crying, and he goes to wipe her tears. Just then, tanveer comes in, and starts prasing while taunting her, saying that she is a magician, and he cant see the truth, even though its right there. The new bride comes in tensed and scared. sanam is baffled. Ahil asks whats the matter, and tanveer continues to instigate him, that sanam did this just to get his sympathy and his love, care and affection and exactly that happened, which she wanted. ahil says that sanam did this to save his his and his family’s respect. Tanveer asks what happened then when she jilted him at the altar, and then asks him to think about the new bride atleast, if not for himself, who did everything to save their respect. she warns and reminds him what he got every time he had trusted her, as he got nothing but betrayal. tanveer says that she can just alarm him, but he can do whatever he wants to, and asks if he can really ruin his life, and the bride’s life, for the girl who always betrayed. she pretends to be upset and then asks him to have the final say. Ahil finds her tensed. sanam gets up, despite ahil tells her not to, saying that ahil wouldnt have to do that. Sanam says that the lord knows that she never wanted to steal the new bride’s special night from her. She says that she doesnt even want, that the responsibilities that her husband owes to her, arent fulfilled. all are tensed, while tanveer stands frustarted. She limps and insistently begins to walk out, while ahil tries to protest. But tanveer shushes him, and sanam leaves painfully. Ahil is tensed, while tanveer smirks evilly. She thinks that all that she feared is happening, and that sanam is desperately trying to win him back, and she has to stop this at any cost, asap. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Tanveer tells ahil to play a game, that she should get the lawyer, and ask sanam to sign the property papers to ahil’s name, and that at any cost she wouldnt give her half of the property to him, nd shall refuse. He agrees to get the lawyer. Ahil says that he too is frustrated with the battle between the heart and the mind, and wants the truth to be revealed now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Tanveer feet should have also hit with glass

  2. Wow its going superb

  3. go ahil,try finding the truth vch u ought 2 knw atleast nw!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. No sanam wont sign the papers…bcoz she knw if she sign she sing the papers she shld leve ahil….and his house…so she wont ths wil mke ahil to get mre angry on sanam….this is also one of the evil plan of tanveer..

  5. This story needs a end now toomuch pehli baat to officially or religiously ahil ka nikah new girl se hua hi nahi nakih ke waqt na baap ka naam bola gya na paper per koi sign hui

  6. please it is about time this story comes to an end it is getting toooooooooo frustrating especially the faiz rahatt story if you want to make this story interesting in order for haya to get away let her get faiz off guard and kill him that is the only way someone will find her otherwise it is going to be a long and draw out story.

  7. This serial drags n takes the whole week to show 1 day .and as 4 tanveer she’s completely blind but can see everything without any help .its absurd n dumb

  8. Let rehan get to know about sanam and seher he with surely help them.

  9. you guys like the love scenes and tanveer you will never succeed in your plans and aahil and sanam excellent

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