Qubool Hai 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil is tensed when sanam comes in asking why isnt he ready yet. but ahil reprimands her that now she cares and what was she doing with rehaan sometime back. sanam says that she understands everything, and asks him not to place accusations. ahil says that she can do, but he cant talk about it. sanam tries to make him aware of her prestige and respect that he is trying to tarnish. Ahil ends up saying that he should bother opnly when the lady is respectful. sanam is hurt. sanam says that she is boggled with herself, that she hopes from him, that she would speak something nice from him about her, whereas he is just concerned with trying to put her down. Ahil says that he doesnt need anything that she gave to him, and returns back the suit that she had selected. Sanam says that she too can return the favour, and takes out all the beautiful dresses, and that she needs freddom from him and this fake relation, as she feels suffocated with him, and when this ends, she would be the happiest. He places the dress back in her hand, and says that she knows that. He levaes, angrily. sanam is tensed too.

Razia eyes the newspaper’s pic, and understands that seher doesnt seem sheikh’s wife. razia thinks that seher cant be his wife, and then this means that seher came stealthily, and maybe she’s the one who is being searched by everyone, and is amused that she would find it out, where seher is. she thinks that seher would definitely go to sell it, and would be caught.

Scene 2:
Location: Jewellery shop
Seher gets impatient while the jeweller wonders how this happened, that she got hold of this. the jeweller says that this set is fake, and gives a petty sum for it. seher talks back saying that she shouldnt be considered helpless, and she isnt an idiot, and that neither the set is fake nor the gun, and then places the gun on him, and gets scared. he says that he was joking and says that its a real, and that he cant give more than 10000 for stolen items. as he opens the safe, she lustily eyes the bundles of notes kept, but agrees on that amount nevertheless.

Razia finally arrives narrowing her search down to the final shop, where actually seher is busy selling the jewellery, and then counting the notes. She starts approaching the shop, and when she opens it, she is surprised to see what she does.

Scene 3:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Rahat instructs the butler to get ready. Sanam dresses up seher and comments on her beauty, and hopes that she gets all the happiness in the world. She places a kala tika so that evil doesnt cast his eyes upon her. meanwhile, faiz asks rahat excitedly how he looks. Faiz says that haya took one dress larger, and that it would have fitted rahat perfectly. rahat is apalled. Faiz says that he is very nervous. Rahat is tensed while placing the sehra on faiz. Rahat smiles through his despair. Faiz hugs him saying that he is the best brother, as he made this day possible for him. His friends come in and take him away, while rahat is tensed. He thinks that it indeed is a big day. haya too thinks the same, dreaming about rahat, and their future life, and intertwined existence together. she eyes the gift that he has got for him, which is a sweater with rahat’s name on it.

Tanveer arrives at their residence. she thinks that again dilshad would have to face a tragedy on the happiest day of her life. She wants to find dilshad’s room. Just then sanam comes in asking if she needs anything. tanveer gets it out of sanam, indirectly, and smiles evilly. She sends sanam off, and herself walks towards it, at the excuse of the bathroom.

Faiz and rahat eye overwhelmingly, while sanam gets haya down, in a veil, and she is only able to see till the lower half, and presumes that rahat is wearing the sherwani. faiz tells rahat that haya is looking very pretty in the lehenga. both the bride and groom are seated. the priest asks if they can start. rahat says that only ahil is left. sanam hastily tries to cover his disappearance, by giving an excuse, while she is shocked, when she finds ahil walking in, wearing thesame suit that she had selected for him. Ahil gives gifts to haya while sanam eyes overwhelmingly. haya smiles as she eyes the groom in a veil. tanveer thinks that when tbhe marriage begins, she would steal into dilshad’s room and put her to a sleep forever. Finally the priest begins, and sanam gets the yes from haya, while rahat is distraught, and faiz is super excited. A tear escapes Rahat’s eyes, and then faiz too agrees to the marriage. the priest completes the marriage. All congratulate faiz. haya is congratulated by sanam. finally the bride and the groom’s eyes meet. Haya is shocked to find faiz dressed as a groom, while rahat stands alongside him, smiling at faiz. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Haya expresses in despair to rahat, that she has always loved him, and always wanted to get married to him, and still thinks of him as her groom and not faiz. He is shocked. Haya hugs him. Rahat hugs her back, in despair. Meanwhile, as tanveer leaves the room, after having tied dilshad and prepared her for her death, dilshad wakes up, and then finds tanveer leaving. she tries to reach out to her, but tanveer leaves by then. she starts getting dizzy, as a poisonous gas starts filling in the room from the vent.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Wtf how can haya marry faiz???????? Bullshit …..

  2. I can’t believe the writers got Haya married to Faiz…..now what!?!??! Steups. I mean, with Ahil and Sanam constant battle I would have liked to see at least one of the relationships moving kind of smoothly…..I am very disappointed.

  3. It is really unfair for haya. really bad.and I hope dilshad not dead also. taveer have already killed too many people.its already too much.now must be tanveer time without she kill anybody.

  4. Haya should marry rahat not faiz.. haya loves rahat not faiz this is not fair and too much

  5. Those veils need to be seethrough

    1. wtf hw is dis done…rahat dserves haya n nt dat faiz…haya dear wat wl u do nw…hpe u get ur love in ur lyf..hwevr i fear dat knwing da truth wat wud faiz do..he shd feel dat rahat dserves to live a lyf wid love aftr his wife’s death…n faiz rahat did so many thngs 4 u..u shd feel ur bro’s pain..

  6. Wen sanam was getting married she know she heard his name how cum hay a didn’t

    1. Haya didn’t hear his name because she is deaf. And she also wasn’t looking at the Imam’s lips when he mentioned Faiz’s name.

  7. noooooooooooo

    Please ….let haya and rahat marry

  8. I like both brothers hope things work out for both of them.

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