Qubool Hai 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil tries to get close to seher, while she is awkward. He is about to kiss her, when she steps on his shoe, and he retreats wincing in pain, and then she pretends to be nervous and hence acting like that. She says that she is nervous since the time, that he had wanted to say something to her. He asks her to fulfill the wish. she retreats whenever he tries to get close to her. He asks why is she behaving as if he is touching her for the first time. she is frustrated. he says that he thinks that he is doing something wrong, and that she wanted to say something, but he didnt have the time to listen. Seher is irritated as to where she is stuck now. He confronts her asking that she is hiding something. She says that she should have told him a long time ago, and that the truth is…..ahil waits with bated breaths to complete her sentence. she starts beating around the bush, and then says that the truth is that she is very tired. She is herself amazed at her frivolity. She is herself shocked when she finds that it worked, and ahil instantly comes to her concern and care. he takes her to lie on the bed saying that she needs a good sleep. she is shocked that they have to sleep in the same bed. He is puzzled when she says that this bed isnt right. He asks whats wrong. she says that she has a severe backache, while he is amused, thinking that he is really stupid, and that he cant understand women, and that he should have known that he needed a massage. She says that she indeed needs a hard bed. He says that they shall go, but she says that she would, as she has to wake up early to pray for god. He is concerned that she is so thoughtful of everyone, and then leanes in close to her, but she complains of headache and makes a hasty retreat. Ahil is amused thinking that she is having her part of the revenge, and that she is trying to detatch herself, and that till now she has seen his hatred and from now on, she shall see his love, and that he would play along to her tunes. he is amused.

In Tanveer’s room, rehaan gives a hot bath to tanveer’s leg and then when the water goes cold, he leaves to get the new hot water. tanveer is haunted by sanam’s recent rebukes, and wakes up with a start, wincing in pain, in her arm. Tanveer wakes up and thinks that anyhow she would have to get their signatures on the papers, and that she cant lie in her bed like this, as its already too late. she thinks that sanam is also now to revenge and plotting. She remembers that sanam knows the truth, and is frustrated, wondering what sanam has, that she has become so confident. she says that she knows ahil wont believe her, but still sanam has to be stopped before ahil gets even the slightest doubt, and that would ruin all her plans and that anyhow she would have to get the signatures. She puts on her chappals and is about to move. before she can walk any further, she gets dizzy and falls on the bed. rehaan comes in just then and is apalled to see her like this. He makes her lie down and asks what happened. She says that she is okjay and asks him to go and relax himself, as she’s fine. Rehaan resignedly complies and then leaves. Tanveer is frustrated thinking that she isnt able to even get up. She wonders what must sanam be telling ahil.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
When haya comes back with tea, she finds rahat in army uniform ready to go, and is shocked. She asks him and he tells her about her orders. she is baffled and boggled. He tries to compose her, asking her not to worry, as she would be back soon. As rahat begins to leave, he wonders how he would rectify everything, as he failed this time too. She hugs him tightly from behind. he gets emotional, and turns around to face her, while she begs him not to go, in tears. He caresses her face and wipes her tears. She hugs him, and begs yet again, saying that she cant live without him. he says that she has to for some time. He takes his bags and leaves, while she stands sad. He goes out the maind oor, and then turns around to look at her. she runs to him, while he makes his exit. she stands teary eyed and sad. faiz sees this from a distance. she turns around to find faiz staring, and then without saying anything, she leaves. faiz is tensed. she wonders how she would stay here without rahat. she is surprised as she finds faiz sitting next to her. Just then, the lights go off, and he goes to get a candle, but they both up at the same time, and collide into each other, with her falling in his arms, while they have a quick flashback of their past lives. Finally he lets go of his grasp, and she too composes herself awkwardly, and then leaves. she goes to her room, and then tsaring at him, she shuts the door. She wonders why was he looking at her like this, when he clearly knows, that she loves and wants to be with rahat. she is boggled. outside, faiz thinks that haya is just his and that she would need time, but he shall wait, till the end of time, and that she would herself come and say that she is his.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residene
As seher starts walking through the corridor, she is frustrated with the condition that she is stuck in for money, tanveer’s killer instincts and ahil’s overexuberant display of love. she has difficulty finding sanam’s room, with the hard bed, and then finds a hall, at the end of the stairs leading to the top. she starts walking through them, as if in a daze, remembering the faint impression of herself in her childhood playing with her sister. She has flashbacks, of spending time with her sister, and she gets disturbed. She enters the room, which once used to their room, she and her sister’s. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Meanwhile, Ahil takes out an engagement ring, and plcs it on seher’s finger, and she is absolutely stunned to see the extravagant sparkling gem studded ring, with shock. He says that the ring is very special, and that it was given to him by his mother, and signifies the respect of the family, and asks her to protect it likewise.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I just hope Seher realizes everything…


  3. Want to see Sahil not Sehan

  4. This series has turned to utter crap. The writers hate the notion of love and even love itself. Just as Aahil and Sanam has declared their love and about to concretize it they tear them apart and replace her with her sister. The love and ring is for Sanam and not Seher. Stop this people!!!!. This has happened so often in serials where you have a sister/brother. The same thing is happening with Haya/Rehat/Faiz. Give people in love an change please!!!!!!

  5. I want Aahil to recognize Seher via her cooking skills which she is not able to do. And then find his true LOVE Sanam. And Seher to see Rehan and re gain her feelings for him and tell Aahil the truth that she is Sanam’s duplicate 🙂

  6. awesome but seher if you can replace someone can’t you figure out that you are related to a twin. nice aahil and sanam the movie is very interesting. love you aahil and sanam i want to become an actor like you excellent you guys good movie

  7. Why u always give the burdens to my poor aahil(handsome fellow).seher why u be lik this.i think ur love chang u.but u still like robbery fellow.director sir please give sanam to my hero as fast as possible.and aahil i are really awesome

  8. wow I like the episode I hobe one day one time ahil and sanam come to gether saher and rehan also come together I love qabool hi aahil love u so much

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