Qubool Hai 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 21st November 2013 Written Update

Episode start with Asad angry on Rashid ,he asks Dilshad to ask Rashid to take his words back…Rashid says he won’t…Asad grips him and pushes him out of the house…Dilsahd asks Asad to to leave Rashid.and asks Rashid to leave …Rashid says to Asad that he did the right thing but he is also not wrong at his point ,he says he wants to spend the little time left with his wife…Rashid leaves…Dilshad scold Asad abt his behaviour…Asad says Rashid was wrong he wants to take his mother away from him…Asad adds that he said the wrong thing how can you forget ur insult of 17 years…Dilsahd says she has said yes to Rashid…Asad looks shocked

Haseena ,is at some halloween kind of party with Nighata nd all…she gives masks to Nighat and Farhan…Nighat and Najma look at each other but they are having some tension between them

Asad still can’t believe this he says to Dilshad that he knows she is just angry at him for his bad behaviour..he must be thinking abt some new plan to hurt you,he is a mad man,,…
Dilshad stops her and asks him to behave as he is his father…Asad says he is not my father any more…
Asad says Ami u shd not have kept quiet because he always takes advantage of her silence…
Dilshad interrupts him and tells him that she wants to stay with his father…
Asad is shocked to hear this,
Dilsahd asks him to believe this
Asad is in a shock…Dilsahd leaves…Zoya tries to calm Asad
Asad says that man took my father from me 17 years ago ,and today he took my mother from me…

At Halloween party ,there is some contest for honey moon couples…Haseena forces his son to take part in teh contest…Nighata nd Farhan are feeling awkward…both the couples start dancing…Farhan gets distracted by some girl…Nighat asks him abt the incidence between her and Imran…she tries to explain herself..Farhan asks her not to says anything as he has complete trust on her…Nighat thanks him for the trust he has on her…Farhan says he is not as god as she thinks…They share a close moment and later Farhan gets distracted by some pr*stitute who spent time with him…Nighat asks him what happened…Farhan says he needs a glass of water

Razia poisons SHireens mind against Dilsahd and her kids..Shireen tells her that she always knew abt Rashid’s love towards Dilshad.but now she is coming to her house…Razia asks her not to keep quiet…she makes her believe that after Dilshad’s entry in this house,Asad and Zoya will come and rule over her kids…

Najma and Imran are dancing…The judge is picking teh couples…Haseena finds Najma and Imran dancing with each other ,she then finds Nighat standing alone…Haseena signals a waiter.,he throws a glass of water on Najma’s dress and makes it look like an accident,Najma goes to clean her clothes…Nighat is looking for Farhan…Haseena comes and asks Nighat why is she leaving when Farhan is standing there looking for her…Haseena pushes her from behind,Nighat almost fall on Imran,Imran turns and thinks its Farhan,Najma see this from a distance…Imran and Nighat get shocked to see each other,some dancing couple pushes Nighat from behin…Imran catches her and at the same time judge announce the most romantic couple …Its Imran and Nighat…Najma see them together

Farhan gives money to that pr*stitute for leaving the place…she hugs him forcefully,Nighat see this and calls his name

Update Credit to: an_k

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