Qubool Hai 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ahil wakes up annoyingly as alarm rings. He wonders who set that alarm. He sees a letter there and reads it..I know you are not used to waking up early, but today it’s Haya’s Nikaah and he has to be present there. He says so Sanam set that alarm. He reads further.. I have taken clothes out for you. He looks at it and is impressed. Sanam comes in. He puts his clothes away. She says time was less and he remains busy so she thought to buy new clothes for him. She hopes he liked them. He says it’s good. Sanam is surprised, relived, and happy! She turns back and smiles. Latif comes and tells them Tanver is calling them urgently.

All family members are in Tanveer’s room and she’s saying she hates when things go missing from her room. Ahil asks her if all okay. She tells him about the necklace going missing. All are shocked. Ahil says it must be somewhere here. She says it’s not here and I am not that irresponsible to put it anywhere. Razia looks at broken lock. Azhar’s mum asks how can someone open lock without keys. Tanveer remembers about giving keys to Sanam and takes her name. Sanam gets shocked. Tanveer asks another key remains with her, right? and says she took the necklace. Sanam says what are you saying? Tanveer says it was yours only, I took only so I can keep it safe. If you didn’t like that, then you could have said it instead taking it away like this. Sanam says she didn’t take it. Tanveer gets furious and asks who else took it then? You’re saying there’s thief in this house? Sanam swears of Badi Ammi. Tanveer calms down and says it’s ok. I understand you may have never seen necklace like that before. If you took it, then say it clearly. Ahil interrupts and asks why Sanam would lie? If she’s saying she didn’t take it, then she must be correct. Sanam is surprised. Ahil tells Tanveer that necklace could be elsewhere. They should search other places. Tanveer in shock says it’s possible. She starts talking about other possibilities that her or sanam might have misplaced the keys and someone else took. Ahil says anything is possible, necklace could have lost too. We are making big deal of this. We have to get ready to go to Nikah as well. He’s leaving. Tanveer stops him and says she only wants things like this to be in safe place and asks Sanam to return the keys. Sanam says ok, but Ahil again interrupts. He asks Tanveer why she wants to take all responsibilities, let Sanam do some of the duties as well. Sanam is again surprised. Ahil leaves with Sanam.

In their room, Sanam thanks Ahil. He says it’s ok. She says when no one trusted her, he stood with her. Everyone was against her, but he was with her. She didn’t expect this, but she was wrong. She knows he hates her and doesn’t like her, but still he did this for her today and it means a lot to her. She now also knows that Ahil doesn’t blame anyone unless it’s their fault. She thanks him from her heart. Her phone rings when Ahil turns to her. She tells Faiz they are about to leave. While she’s on phone, Ahil leaves from there. She wonders what happened to him now.

Tanveer is frustrated as Ahil went against her because of that servant, Sanam. Razia adds more fuel in fire. She tells Tanveer not to forget she’s Zoya’s daughter and pray Sanam didn’t go on Zoya else she can say good bye to her sleep. In coming time, she will be taking revenge.. Allah knows what worse is going to happen. Tanveer remembers a baba telling her she’ll be punished for her crimes and gets freaked out.

Rehan is doing some formalities for their deal. He gets a call. Razia tries to look into his laptop where video is playing that he recorded when sheikh was there. He goes away. Razia goes to his laptop and sees Seher in the video and gets shocked. She remembers the twins from childhood and says she’s no duplicate, she’s a twin of Sanam. Neither Sanam nor Tanveer would know about her. She laughs and says it’s a strange game by destiny. She hopes to teach a lesson to Tanveer now.. Allah gave her ace of this game and now she will win this game.

Rehan is going somewhere. Sanam stops him and asks him if he’s going somewhere. He says he’s going for land deal. He sees her upset face and says Tanveer shouldn’t have talked like that to her. She was very wrong. She should have kept faith in her and he will talk to her. Sanam says, what will you talk? Ahil is her son and she didn’t listen to him. You’re just a worker here. She then apologises and says shouldn’t have said that. She just doesn’t want to repeat all that. They can’t change what’s happened already. She felt bad, but what can they do? She’s happy because Ahil stood for her. She has also started feeling now that Ahil is not that bad. She never expected him to fight for her rights. It means a lot for her. He also got ready to go to Haya’s Nikah and she’s very happy from all this. Rehan says he always does unexpected. He asks her if she has any work. She says she wanted to buy gifts for Haya and asks about her salary before marriage. He gives all money that he has and tells her to ask more if she ever needs. She says she just needs 5000 and returns the rest. She thanks him. He asks her if she’s happy. Ahil comes outside and watches them. She says no.. in reality she is not that happy because one important part of her life is not with her. She wants that part of her life. Without that part, she feels incomplete, all happiness seem incomplete. Hopefully all will be okay soon. He says hopefully. Ahil seems to have heard that and doesn’t seem happy.

Precap: Ahil-Sanam congratulate Faiz-Haya. Haya gets shocked when she sees Faiz as the groom.
In their room, Ahil tells Sanam if she really finds him that bad then she doesn’t have to live with him. She replies that she also doesn’t need him in her life. If she needs anything, then it’s freedom from him, freedom from this fake marriage. He’s shocked.
Tanveer comes to Dilshad’s room and touches her face.

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  1. thnx for written update!! n real fans really respect to whom, who update written update.

  2. Omg! I’m so scare of this evil devil witch Tanveer. Go to hell..:-P

  3. What game will Razia play now with our beautiful and hot seher??? I am feeling really bad for seher.

  4. Precap is really bad

  5. thnxxx…for updating … i waiting when sanam falls in love with Ahil and they will get together……when truth will get out of billo rani….

  6. thnxxx…for updating … i am waiting when sanam will fall in love with Ahil and they will get together……when truth will come out of billo rani….

  7. why they always fighting…oh my god..stop fighting like a kids

  8. i wanted the situation to be cleared between haya and rahat its going to break haya down,faiz is not her love

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