Qubool Hai 20th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
sanam comes to her room, and eyes the broken dreamhouse, and breaks down reprimanding herself for believing in something that was utterly fictional and imaginary. She says that when she knew all of this was never going to be real, why did she build up hopes for it to be true, and in end get left with shattered deramhouse, and along with it dahsed hopes and expectations. Ahil watches her tensed from a distance, as she picks up the broken pieces.

The next morning, the ladies come and talk about their expectations with ahil’s and sanam’s dreamhouse, as they have performed so well in the audition rounds. They ask for sanam, and when she descends, they tell her that they are excited to see their dreamhouse. tanveer asks sanam to show them the dreamhouse, that she and ahil so lovingly prepared with much effort and toil, and which the ladies are very anxious to see, how it has turned out to be. tanveer smiles with a sadiostic pleasure understanding sanam’s plight. sanam says that she wont be able to show the dreamhouse. Before she can give an answer and satisfy tanveer, ahil comes in saying that its right here, and tanveer is shocked, while sanam is unable to believe. She is shocked to find ahil coming in with their dreamhouse, with lowered eyes. All the ladies get up and gasp in amazement. As ahil descends down the stairs, sanam is still in a state of shock and beweilderment, as she sees first at the dreamhouse and then at ahil, boggled at what she sees. their eyes meet in a romantic yet awkward gaze. sanam asks ahil how did this happen. Ahil says that he knows it wasnt complete but now it is, and smiles at her. She too smiles back, still curious as to why and how this happened. tanveer however is frustrated that ahil has badly fallen for sanam. The ladies have praises galore for them and their dreamhouse, and is asked to explain the house. ahil starst from the kitchen, saying the reason being his wife is the best chef, and that a woman always wants the kitchen to be perfect. tanveer is disturbed to find ahil talking about sanam and their furture. As ahil talks about the kids’ ropom, and the ladies are amused, he rectifies it adding that its actually haya’s kids’ room. sanam is abffled and looks dumbstruck, while ahil takes over explaining the dreamhouse. sanam gets emotional and teary eyed. the ladies say that theirs is the best. tanveer pretends to be happy too. the ladies unofficially almost decxlares them the winner. they also comment to tanveer about how lucky she is to have a son and daughter in law like them. The ladies leave. Sanam asks how did ahil manage alone. Ahil tells sanam that broken dreams can again be seen, and maybe their house was a dream, but they build it together, and thats a reality that he can spend the rest of his life with. he apologises for having overreacted and then excuses himself. sanam smiles. tanveer tells sanam now to consider this small win her victory, and always remember what her stature is, and how dreams for her wont change into reality. Sanam says that another truth is that, sometimes beyomnd stature too, if a person has convictions in her thought, she can face the odds, and turn even the most hostile persomn loving and caring and make them turn a new leaf, and that every dream is fulfilled if wanted with a pure heart. tanveer stands irritated, as sanam leaves.

Sanam goes to ahil, and thanks him for doing what was completely unexpected for her, as that dreamhouse meant a lot to her, and they wont his round completely due to him. He says that they both won it. sanam also apologises saying that maybe she shouldnt have done what she did, but adds that she cant see him tensed, and hence just tries to see that he is rid of that tension. she says that she never fathomed that she would end up hurting him more, than solving them. she says that every person has to face problems but at the right time. She says that she wont ever ask anything from him about his past, till the time he doesnt utter it himself. he casually says that its okay. She says that it seems he didnt feel it really. she goes out saying that she would truly impress him now. Ahil is baffled.

Meanwhile, tanveer is shocked to know from the lawyer, over the phone, that ahil took the property papers from the lkawyer two days back, but never gave it to her. tanveer throws away the phoen is disgust, disbelieving that ahil lied to her, and blames it all on sanam, and her mother’s blood, responsible for ruining her life jusat like her mother did too. She says that she wont tolerate it anymore, as before they both get together against her, she would stop this love story and put it to an end.

Meanwhile, razia coaxes dilshad frustratedly to talk, so that she can get evidence against tanveer, that puts her in jail. Dilshad stares her mutely. razia says that she shouldnt force her to resort to wrong ways to get the truth out of her. Dilshad is tensed, as razia comes back with a packet that contains some sort of truth serum. But dilshad is unfazed due to helplessness. razia decides to use the serum, and says that she would get her to reveal the truth, and speak up today. Dilshad is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Faiz’s residence
faiz notices the extra steam coming in and thinks that its been 10 minutes, and wonders why haya didnt open the door yet. He starts getting choked up, and starts screaming for haya and his aunt, while his aunt outside, crueely stands outside thinking that he should bear for some more time, before he gets free forever. Haya meanwhile, is impatiently waiting for preparation of tea. She pours out tea, obnlivious that faiz is calling out for her. As his aunt finds haya approaching the door, she runs and opens the door. faiz is oblivious of everything, and falls on the floor. His aunt pretends to be shocked, while haya stands distraught as she drops the tea plate and eyes disbelievingly, while faiz lies unconscious on the floor.

As his aunt gets to reprimanding haya for trying to ruin faiz’s life, while she clarifies that she went for tea on her saying. his aunt however turns to haya reprimanding her for turning this on her. haya asks faiz to believe her, and that his aunt is lying. but his aunt plays the cards right, saying that she again misunderstood, and asks faiz to remember that he loves her but she doesnt love him, and that if something happens to morrow to rahat and her due to haya, would he be able to forgive himself. faiz remembers haya’s indifference since they got married, and shoves her hand away, while haya tries to clarify that this is all wrong. faiz says that its all over, and then agrees with his aunt, saying that their marriage cant be a success, and tghat they have no mutual understanding as a couple, while his aunt is amused that things are going according to their plan. Faiz says that he doesnt want this relation to go from bad to worse now. faiz says that they should end this now, while haya asks whats he saying. faiz says that she shall never be a good wife, as she has many faults. Faiz tells haya that they shall have to end this relation, and gives her the traditional divorce, uttering the word three times. His aunt is elated, while haya is distraught and still continues to plead with him, while he tells her to get out. his aunt leaves in amusement. haya walks out in a daze, as her feet lands on the broken cup pieces, and leaving behind a blo*dy trail, while faiz stands angered and fuming, as haya collapses against the pillar outside. haya breaks into inconsolable tears, remembering faiz’s bitter words, as they pioerce in her ears. When faiz comes out, he again finds her lying there. haya asks him to listen to her once, as she knows that he spoke in anger and asks for one last chance. she says that they shall write and talk, and tries to give how they shall be compatible. But his aunt comes in asking haya not top cry, as the divorce papers are ready whioch she got done rightaway. haya is distraught and continues to rant to faiz that she needs one chance, and asks if he even rea,lises what he is about to do. faiz hastily takes the papers and signs them, while haya desperately tries to stop him, but in vain. he hands the papers and pen to haya, and says that he has nothing else to give her, neither love, nor wait. He leaves. his aunt takes her to sign the papers asking her to leave after she has signed. His aunt starts reprimanding haya in her room, for even trying to ruin faiz’s life, whiloe she stands mute. haya is distraught, while his aunt orders her to sign the papers without any more drama. she begs his aunt for mercy, but she says that its in vain, as after faiz’s sign, this relation as it is, has gone down the drain. she asks haya to sign, without any more nuisance. haya resignedly takes the pen and paper and does the needful. His aunt stands amused.

Scene 3:
Location: Rahat’s office
Seher’s aquaintainces are shocked to see the luxuries in rehaan’s office. the lady goes to get tea for them. rehaan asks her not to bother. But the lady pretends to be very lovely, and caring, and goes to make tea insistently. The man refers to her as Rosy and rehaan is boggled, while seher is frustrated. He clarifies that it was her maiden name, before he changed it to savitri. They keep making blunders, and then rectifying it. rehaan says that he was searching for a person like him, trustworthy to handle the logistics and exports of their project. rehaan marvels at their love, while seher is tensed that they might let the cat out of the bag. rehaan looks back at seher, and in her mind, thanks her for giving him the first hand experience of family which he never had, and hopes that this never ends. seher thinks that she wasnt feeling bad till she was lying for herself, but with them also now, she feels bad to be lying to a person who hates lies.

Later, while the couple is gorging on food, seher stands tensed, while they discuss that its very easy to steal from innocent rehaan, and discuss whether theye should do it tonight, or after some days. Seeher says that they shall neither steal from rehaan nor would let them stay here. They ask whats wrong with her these days. Seher says that she doesnt do that work for which her conscience doesnt aloow, and it doesnt allow to steal from rehaan. the man asks what would she do if she doesnt steal, would he marry her, once he knows her truth. He tells her that its final that they shall steal from rehaan. seher again tries to convince them, but the man reprimands her for being impractical, and tells her that if she tries to back stab her, then they shall also turn against her, and they shall steal rehaan, with or without her. Seher is tensed.

rehaan and seher are bothj working in the office, where he starts to eye her overwhelmingly. she finds him staring and asks whats the matter. He makes excuse of getting her the Tax file, and also gives her the keys. She complies and leaves. Seher is searching around for the required file, when she comes face to face with the person. she gets tensed, as she tries to hide the keys. The man teasingly demands her the keys, while she says that it isnt in this bunch. The man refuses to believe her, asking her not to put wool over his eyes, who taught her this game. He again asks for the keys, but she resists. He asks her not to waste time, as if rehaan knows, both their games would stop. She silently begins to leave, but the man forcibly jerks her around and takes the key from her, and takes an imprint of it on the wax block, much to seher’s horror and shock. She takes back the keys saying that she would never let him do it. He smiles at her and leaves.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
tanveer tells azhar’s parents to get the property papers to her straightaway, and noone should get them before herself, not even ahil. she reminds them not to make any mistakes or else be prepared to face the consequences. tanveer gets zeenat’s call, saying that sanam and ahil have won, and the main jury has decided too, and tells them about the next round, where the videographer shall come for their profile. tanveer’s mind gets an evil idea, and asks her to send him today only. She cancels the call, thinking that she got the oppurtunity at the right time. she thinks that this competition is the biggest problem and they came close due to this, and now this shall seperate them too. she starts laughing evilly. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Tanveer continues to irritate sanam by giving her blank calls. Meanwhile, Azhar’s parents are about to mix something , which is in a similar yellow packet, that razia had the truth serum in. Sensing someone coming in, they keep the pakcet on the sill, and cuk underneath it to avoid being seen. razia also keeps her pakcet on the sill, and then goes to the frideg to take the juice to mix the serum in so that dilshad speaks up finally. In the meantime, azhar’s parents take a pakcet, and mistakenly take the other packet that razia had got. razia takes hosanna, azhar’s mother’s packet, and leaves. In faiz’s house, his aunt throws haya out of the house, and she swirls outisde with a jerk. haya is shocked as she lands in Rahat’s arms, who is distraught too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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