Qubool Hai 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 20th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Rashid trying to tell abt Dilshad to Shireen ,Shiireen thinks he is talking abt Mr Sheikh…Rashid tries to explain abt Dilshad…but Shireen interrupts and tells him that she wants him to live his life the way he wants to as her happiness lies in his happiness,Shireen tells him that Razia has told her abt her meetings with Dilshad and adds that she is not angry at him as his life and his happiness is most important for her…Shireen hugs Rashid..Rashid asks her abt Dilshad’s stay at Ayan’s mansion..Shireen is shocked hearing this..

Haseena asks Nighat to go get ready in Najma’s bathroom …Haseena takes her to Najma’s room,Imran goes to his bathroom…Haseena asks Nighat to take a bath …Nighat goes inside ,Haseena leaves the room by locking the door from outside…Nighat enters the loo and finds Imran inside…Nighat tries to leave the place but the door is locked

Rashid talks to Shireen and tells her that he always tried to love her only but he never got the courage ever,he thought his lie will turn into the truth…and no more wants to live a life seperated in two halves…Rashid asks her to live with Dilshad for him atleast …Shireen asks him when she is going to be here…Rashid replies as soon as its possible…Shireen is devastated

Nighat and Imran try to open the door…Imran calls the room service…Nighat is trying to open the door…Haseena comes with Najma and opens the lock…Nighat opens the door and Haseena asks her why hasn’t she taken a bath…Nighat is abt to say something…Imran comes out and Haseena starts her drama and asks whats all this…Nighat tries to exlain herself…Haseena doesn’t believe her…Imran tries to stop Haseena …Najma leaves the place and Imran goes after her…Farhan also leaves the place ,Haseena smirks on the success of her plan

Najma is crying near the pool side…Imran comes and tries to explain his position…Najma doesn’t want to listen…Imran asks her not to believe all this as it was just a coincidence…Najma says she trust him and Nighat both but the repeated events made her think all this…Imran asks does she think he is doing it purposefully…Najma says she trust him but might be possible that Nighat has done something ..Nighat overhears this,Imran asks Najma not to think negatively abt her sister

ASAD AND Zoya are playing chess…ASAD beats her knight,Zoya beats his king…Zoya goes to get some coffee for Asad…
Dilsahd comes and is tries to talk to him
Asad asks what does she want
Dilshad starts by saying””as u know ur Abu is really unwell and i don’t wnat to leave him alone””
Asad says he will send some flowers from her side
Dilsahd says his Abu wants something
Asad asks what does he want?
Rashid enters and says he wants her Ami to stay with him
Asad is not happy seeing him there he asks him to leave
Rashid tells him that its the time he wants to amend his errors
Asad shouts and says the time has passed at which he was allowed to amend his errors…it was over for him when he said he said he is leaving Ami forever
Rashid calls him beta
Asad shouts “”mein aap ka beta nahi hoon””
Asad asks Dilshad to ask him to leave
Zoya asks Asad to let him talk atleast
Asad asks Zoya to keep quiet
Rashid tries to say something
Asad asks shows him the door
Rashid comes forward and says he wanted to take Dilshad with his consent but now whether he wants it or not Dilshad will stay with him
Asad ask him to leave before hedo something bad
Rashid says he won’t leave without Dilshad
Asad asks not to talk abt any right on his Ami
Rashid says he is my wife first
Asad grabs his collar …Dilshad and Zoya asks Asad to leave his collar…Asad is full of anger

Asad is arguing with Dilsahd he shouts””how can he even think that u will go with him after all this””
Dilshad shouts back and says””i have said yes to him””
Asad is shocked

Haseena in a party asks Najma to punish Nighat as she is her culprit…Najma goes to Nighat

Update Credit to: an_k

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