Qubool Hai 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
The new bride and ahil are in the car, while she is tensed for ahil’s reaction regarding her, and how he hasnt been hollering at her, and is happy. The new bride asks ahil why he didnt run away, when he so easily had the chance to, and asks him the reason behind it, and wonders if sanam is behind this. She says that she saw sanam in Pakistan. She wonders what could be more important than sanam is ahil’s life. She is determined to find out.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence and Hotel room
Latif is enjoying delicacies, while she is tensed for the new bride’s reaction towards her. She shwos the new bride the cake that she has prepared for the new bride, on her behalf, for apologising. She throws it away and asks her instead to find out where and whats ahil doing. she hollers at him, while latif instantly complies.

Shaad and jannat are extremely tensed as to where and how could they lose a bag at the airport terminal, and holler at the bellboy for it. He asks her not to worry. The bellboy apologises to sanam while shaad gets busy on a call. He comes back later, and asks her not to be tensed, and that they shall find it. He asks her to think that maybe its not her destiny. She says that she doesnt have much, and once she decided to start afresh, she didnt realise another hitch was in her way. She laments at her destiny. He is worried.

While he is immersed in sanam’s thoughts, Shaad calls ahil, and tells that one of jannat’s bag is misplaced in the car, and it contains some very special things, particularly her Statue of Buddha. ahil says that he shall check out. he thinks that love definitely finds a way to reach the heart. Ahil prepares a bag containing sanam’s stuff from the almirah, and all of buddha’s statue, and is about to take it out, when he hears latif hollering, which she does on the new bride’s request, when she hears about how ahil is packing the Buddha statues. Meanwhile, he thinks that maybe the suitcase shall remind sanam of him once again. latif distracts ahil, and the new bride stucks herself inside the suitcase, taking all the buddha statues out, which irritates ahil. He finally goes back and takes the suitcase, oblivious that it has the new bride inside it. Picking it up, ahil takes her out instead. Latif is tensed to see the enw bride’s hand poking out of the suitcase waving goodbye at her. Latif is guilty that he had to be an accomplice in her crooked plan, and prays for ahil’s safety.

Later, shaad has to go somewhere and sanam doesnt like it, as to how he can leave her alone in a strange city. he leaves, as he gets an urgent call.

Scene 3:
Location: Open grounds
The indian officer tells shaad that shashi is planning something really big. He wonders ih she is againm planning to detonate a bomb or something. he then gets to inspecting the garlands and others inconspicuous stuff to avoid a bomb detonation, and asks for a thorough check up for everyone for security persons. shaad finds that the place is abrim with who’s who of bhopal, and wonders whats shashi’s plan. A sudden alarms them all, as they all get to her attention. A VVIP ENTRY FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA arrives at the grounds, wherein actually its Shashi in disguise. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Sanam hugs ahil, and both are overwhelmed and shocked. Shaad hears shashi kapoor, in disguise, rendering a discourse to the Bhopal community, befitting to a political leader. he smiles as if he knows something.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Please take out that fa

  2. Please take out the fake sanam.
    She is unfit for the show

  3. How many villains in dis show yaar? Shashi kapoor, sanam 2 with gazalla nd lateef helping them. finally shaad who may turn against aahil if sanam gets her memory back. Letz c wt happens?

  4. OmG new sanam and lateef and ghazala and shashi and shaad VS sahil ..its too much ???you can change name of seria from qubool hai to evil

  5. Lol two dayaans n evil eyes ar back !!! Writer kuch tho nayah socho…no oomph…

  6. uff…. whats happening in the show now the serial must go off air

  7. Very disappointing, what a crap writers are showing us. A pregnant lady, how come she can fit in a suitcase and wondering all over the place. And all before that how come she gat pregnant when she doesn’t even have heart in her body, me as ns she is not hunan at all. This is not making sense at all. Totally unbelievable. And Sanam when you will get the memory back? Aahil you should not bring that witch to home. Shaad please go find Seher for you and pay attention to Shashi Kapoor, leave Sanam for Aahil only. Writers please show something realistic, this season 3 is not making sense at all. I still love QH1. Missing you AsYa. Please come back and save your show… 🙁

  8. writers I am fed up with the sanam I and sanam 2 story with ahil so please end it now for me ahil is toooooooooo dotish of a grown man why the hell he brought back sanam 2 back into his house and why is he allowing her to call the shots again and question him wherever he goes he has to put his foot down and show her long toe nail that he is the man of the house instead of him ahil acting like a pu**yfoot and allowing her to be in charge over everyone like if she owns the house I definitely cannot stand a man who is so so stupid for me sanam 1 will be better off being married to shad he is more handsome and serious and loving caring person to sanam 1 you know something if it was a trini in his place sanam 2 long toe nail would have been thrown out on her ass with nothing a long time ago and no one would care less about her so writer change the storyline and another thing this serial is going on way toooooooooooo long so it has become boring and monotonous one storyline over and over again come on wake up you writers and stop sleeping while you are writing you scripts

    1. quboolhai4ever

      Omg are u a trini me too
      ( we’s d best)
      But seriously if it was a trini in aahils place u know how much cuss up she woulda geh

  9. Totally agree with you Gloria.

  10. This is crap only dragging it over n over again i wonder if sanam/surbhi jyoti dont get fed up with all of this i mean it was a nice show at first but now it turn to nonsense

  11. End the show now and get rid of all this madness.

  12. When the witch goes I will return.No time for this .

  13. This show is so repetitive Ahil got a chance to get rid of that witch yet he brought her back to his house to go through the same s*** again how stupid can he be, Sanam and shaad should stay together let Ahil stay with the witch just for his stupidness. Time for me to give up watching this show again it’s so boring where is the other twin btw? And what about haya and Rahaat

    1. Yuppie so true…. Where is Rahat and haya? And what the heck happened to Seher. Why did Rehan die….. What did he do? So if ahli and sanam reunite…. What happens to poor shaad? Will he get paired up with seher? Why does poor seher have to get lovers who have in the past loved her sister? SO SHITTY.

  14. erdd….u can change this show name from qubool hai to dushman hai…..i dont the show but watching it cause of KVB+Surbhi Jhoti n Ahil+Sanam…

    1. *I dont want to watch the show

  15. What is this rabish there r no storyline in zee tv’s dramas sereously there is no message and no entertanment.in helo pritibha her doughter is very bed tamez wo pritibha ko apni ma nhi samjhti or apni chachi ko apna ideal manti h ase to larki ma se nafrat kare gi. In jodha akbar nd qabol h dono ak treak par he kala jado ye sab kia he or ahil ko kia zarorat thi us kale saye ko wapas lane ki agar us k sath hi rahna tha to itna natak q kia us k sath raho or sanam ko shaad k sath khush rahne to.jamai raja or doli armano ki ye dono same treak pr he jb sid roshni ko or ormi samrat ko chor chuke he to pher se un ki life me intefear qu kar rahe he sid roshni or us k ghar walo ki problam barha raha h nikalo is ko in ki life se udhar ormi apni or ishan ki life ko sudhar nhi sakti or samrat ki jasosi me lagi hoi h agar itna hi shoq he to pher ise ishan ki life se nikal kar samrat ki life me bhej do she desoure it. writer kia soch kar drama line likhte h un storion ko treak pr lao warna sereously end kardo har show ko in sab se to neeli chatri wale bohat acha h awosom h message b h or enterteinment b h zee tv owners plz think about it nd do some thing plz viewers k bare me kuch to socho

    1. Totally agree with you Pari. All these shows don’t make any sense at all. They should show something interesting and morally realistic.

  16. Or kumkum bhagiya is me tano ka ye darama bakwas he pragiya such ko accept kar nhi sakti or chali h tano ki life set karne agar pragiya ko abhi k sat nhi rahna to us ko abhi ki life se nikal do but tano ko abhi ki life distroy mat karne do or is pragnancy drama ko in ki merriage se phele end karo zee tv owners viewers drama entertainment k lea dekhte he agar entertainment hi nhi ho ga to viewers kia dhekhene ge or pragiya ko b thora lesson sikhao ye apne ap ko bohat inteligente samjti h is ka drama bohat over ho raha h

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