Qubool Hai 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Shaad’s residence, Faislabad, Lahore
Misbah tries to be quiet and calm, while sanam has flashbacks of tanver. She asks misbah who is she, as she knows her. Sanam accuses Misbah of lying, as she seems to have trapped everyone in her good charm. All are shocked and puzzled at sanam’s outburst. she says that Misbah is a wrong person. she screams to shaad that something wrong is happening. all are boggled and frustrated. Misbah asks her why is she accusing her. sanam asks her to stay away from her. Aftab asks how dare she talk to misbah like this, and asks shaad to take her away. sanam tries to speak, but he too shuts her up, while misbah stands quietly. Sanam is surprised and tensed, as she is taken away by shaad forcibly. Misbah too gets tensed and leaves. Aftab and wazira are tensed.

In the room, sanam tries to tell shaad, that she knows her, and misbah isnt a good girl. he says that its impossible, as she went to salvage the situation and not worsen it. She is in inconsolable tears. He says that misbah is the one wronged, then how can she accuse her like this. she asks if she is nuts and how can he not trust her, and if she is adamant on her stand, he should believe her atleast. She asks him to respond, while he silently leaves the room.

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Outside, Misbah is tensed, finding shaad tensed, and tries to amuse him by taunting him, that he is only capable of being the tough one in army, whereas actually he is the weak and the meek. She says that he was always the one crying and she never used to cry just like today too. She gets ytensed while he feels sad. He again apologises for sanam’s sake, as he has no clue why she did so. she tries to say that she is a betrayer as for Jannat, she is the other woman. She asks him not to fight with janaat on this, and that she needs his support and he should always stand by her. she asks him to go inside, and do something cute that impresses her. He says that he doesnt know. she gives him a plan in his ears. He hears intently, while she is confident of its success.

While sanam sits sulking in the room, she finds shaad coming in with a gift. She wonders if he thinks that she would lose her anger so easily. she is boggled, as he takes the centre table, and starts opening the pakcet, and taking out, scale, hunter and knife. she is alarmed and asks whats this. he takes off his coat, while eyeing her angrily, and then starts to stretch, making her feel that he is getting ready to punish her. She asks if his previous anger wasnt enough. but much to her surprise, he comes and kneels in front of her, and extends his hand out, saying that he agrees to any punishment she gives to him. She is all smiles, and he too smiles back. As she takes the ruler, he closes his eyes. She keeps it back and then takea a sketch pen, and scribbles something, and he opens hie eyes in amazement. After she is done, he finds that she has drawn a heart. She tells him that her husband is a Major, and she isnt scared of punishment, but love. she smiles out loud, while he mesmerisedly looks at her. She gets into her angry mode, and says that she forgave him. he too plays along and thanks her. She asks him to get up now, and he complies. He comes close to her, and then takes her hand, boggling her, asking her to come along. He doesnt respond and takes her inside. he takes her to the living area, where aftab along with other family members are discussing for prospective grooms for Misbah. He says that he wants to say to everyone that Jaant is his wife, surprising them all. He says that he hopes he be given due respect, and that maybe his decsision was hasty and without any permission, but it was right and if anyone has a problem they should say so, right now. Aftab is about to speak, when wazira stops him. Wazira says that they dont have any problem with this descision. she looks at him happily. Misbah smiles too. Aftab is angry. Later, when he is gardening, aftab is surprised when misbah comes in asking him to accept jaant with all his heart, as the bahu of this house, to ensure the happiness of the house. she tries to make him see that when man proposes, god always disposes, and asks him to move on. He asks how can she say such nice things, when jannat spoke such harsh words about her. But she is adamant, and he finally gives in. On her insistence, he decides that he shall have a small reception and a feast, for its celebration. misbah is happy and leaves, to tell them this news.

When sanam hears this, she is excited that she finally got the blessings of their elders. she says that maybe because of that, she never felt like a part of this family. Sanam says that she feels that everything shall be okay now. she says that she knows that he is the reason his father has agreed to their marriage finally. In her excitement, she blurts out, I LOVE YOU, and is about to say Ahil, but stops at aaa…..surprising shaad, while sanam is boggled, as she is confronted with shaad, but is disturbed by memory flashes of her romance with ahil, seeing him in shaad’s face. she is confused, and wonders whether she was about to say something, and then her head starts aching. He gets concerned and asks if she is okay. she clutches her head and sits. He gives her water and she drinks it. He asks what was she saying. But she doesnt remember. he thinks that their false relationship is being exposed in front of everyone, whereas someone somewhere might be waiting for her. he is tensed.

Later, Aftab gets busy in arranging for the delicacies of the feast. He finds shaad coming out, and asks him to come here. Shashi Kapoor observes shaad being gifted a sherwani for the feats, by aftab, from the verandah. Shaad leaves having taken it. Shashi Kapoor thinks that he shall lose something very precious in the feast. He thinks that on one hand, the whole family shall be busy celebrating, on the other hand, it would cause such a spark, that would ruin everything and everyone in the family, and his happines forever. He says that tomorrow, he shall give him the biggest truth of his life. The screen freezes on his masked face.

Precap: While the new bride tries to make ahil understand that sanam might not be alive, ahil keeps vehemently denying this, and saying that he would do anything to get her back. He is distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Saad and sanan pair is supreb

    1. i don’t like this pair…i prefer AAhil and Sanam

  2. I still can’t believe that Tanveer’s daughter is so nice-hearted girl.

    1. Yes liya supraised to see know. We always hate negative correcters but they are actors and their personality opposite from their acting correcters. I think we supposed pass good comments about their acting rather than cursing them. I think Shashi Kappor is Tanveer Daughter. There is something cooking behind her innocence. One of the scene Sanam was screeming when Shashi Kapoor entered her room .so Shaad was searching Shashi Kappor suddenly Tnaveer daughter was appeared front of him. We have to wait and see who’s Shashi kapoor and Tanveer daughters real face!!!

      1. yeah,it is totaly surprising.I also think so.

  3. What was the need of seasn 3..well dn kvb..u took gud dczn of leaving show..there is nothing to do with ur charactr..i heard that vivaan dsena or rithvik dhanjani one frm thm ll play ahil’s charactr..

  4. When will sanam get back her memory
    I know she n shaad look good together but i fine it weird the way sanam talk n act every things is awkward oh and tanveer i dont believe she is all that good maybe some times the way sanam behave n accuse her then she will not be able to handle it and then maybe she will turn negative don’t know just saying

  5. this serial is a lot of crap only going around in circles if I was sanam I would leave ahil ass for good and stay with the major although I would have preferred seher for the major in stead of sanam she just come into the peoples house and claiming to be someone called jannat and he the major is acting like if she is really his wife what nonsense is this please writers end this serial it is going no where and we the viewers are frustrated

    1. Gloria, do you like ANY of the soaps?

  6. If Ahil planning to leave the show why don’t end the show. This show have had many leads. I think there’s no reason to keep ragging the show and changing the lead actor.

  7. seems like Tanveer daughter Misbha is sasi kapoor. Sanam keep seeing flash back i think she will remember her past soon!!!!

  8. sanam should unite with Ahil and seher should be with shaad…

  9. Ur right suvor

  10. Guess misbah and shashi kapoor may be twins. Like how sanam and seher .let’s see new turns. But shaad is cute. Want him to be paired with seher. Ahil and sanam always.

  11. my 6th sense tell that misbah is shashi kapoor…i dont believe n doubt on her nice character.. hypocrite…hehheehe

    1. I am thinking the same thing,knowing who Tanveer was and remember she said on her dying way that her daughter will revenge their death.So she could be doing a double role.

  12. I want sanam n ahil
    Shaad only want sanam for shasi kapoor

  13. I hope aahil ll leave the show as soon as he can waitin for it

  14. Tanveer is Shahi kapoor

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