Qubool Hai 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 1st January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
While nikhat and nazma are out on the road, and nazma gets excited about babies, nikhat gets tensed, at her relation with farhan. Nazma asures her that soon everything would be alright between her and farhan. Nikhat starts teasing nazma about her expectant state, if there is. As they are laughing, they are surprised to see a girl running dis hevelled towards the cars, parked and then runs off. Nazma is surprised that it might have been tanveer. nikhat asks who. Nazma asks her to let the matter go, and says that when life is smooth, always there’s a scare that something would go wrong. But they shove it away and leave, in their car. As they drive off, the girl, who’s still hiding behind the cars, atually turns out to be tanveer.

While talking

to razia on the phone, mamu is out on the rad, in his car. A dishevelled Tanveer collides into mamujaan’s car. When mamu comes out, she desperately asks him to help her and clings on to him, identifying him and being shocked at seeing zoya’s father. He tries to get himself detached considering her to be a mad woman. As he gets back in the car, she shouts out that she knows his estranged daughter, and knows where is she. this immediately gets a shocked mamujaan’s attention and he looks up at her. Mamu gets out and asks her if what she said is true. Tanveer starts babbling and asks him to help her, and she would make him meet his daughter. Mamu wonders if this is true, and if with the year ending, his wait to see his lost daughter would end too. tanveer says that he would have to do what she wants him to, and then he may meet his daughter. Mamu agrees to help. But just then, tanveer is taken by mental hospital’s staff that tell mamu that she’s mad and always keeps disturning people. as they put her in the van and rive off, despite her calling out to mamu, he is boggled.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
While zoya is talking to asad, on the phone, she collides with badi bi, and drops the clothes on the floor. Zoya picks them up for badi bi. Badi bi asks her to tell asad that once he comes, everything would be alright. She asks her not to worry as she would find the papers, when she least expects them to. zoya is tensed, oblivious that actually badi bi is carrying the papers.

In her room, zoya is eyeing the same dollpiece, when a servant calls for her saying tht razia wanted to talk to her, she leaves, with the dollpiece on the bed. As she walks out, and humaira walks by her room, she is surprised to see the doll and hears its music. she thinks that zoya took it just like she took her father’s room. She is about to take it, when zoya enters.

Zoya comes and in and begins to start talking. But huamaira interrupts her’
She says that its must have been there and she must have picked it. as humaira begins to go, zoya holds her hand and stops her. she turns around. Zoya tries to take it from her, but humaira keeps it away. They eye each other awkwardly. zoya finally gives in saying that she can keep it. humaira leaves. zoya wonders whats wrong with her, as she doesnt let anyone touch this dollpiece and humaitra took it away. She wonders why she didnt stop her, and wonders whats happening to her. she opens the almirah, and takes out another piece, and begins to hear the same music, and thinks that she hads this one that her father made for her and if destiny wants her to meet him, then he would find her through this item.

Mamu remembers the incident and is tensed, and wonders whether he should believe it or not. Mamu wonders how does that girl and who was that girl, who knew about his lost daughter. He thinks that for an instant he thought, that he would get back his daughter. He is shocked when he hears the same music again, frm the dollpiece. He starts progressing towards the music source, where zoya is obliviously sitting in her room, not knowing that mamu is her real father. But he is led to humaira’s room. He asks her where did she find it. She says that she found it in his old room. he is confused as he had lost it somehwre else. She says that she did find it there. He says that it should rightfully be with his dughter. As he blesses her, he is oblivious that in the next room, zoya, his daughter too is sitting with the same dollpiece.

Later, haider and zoya are listening to razia and mamu’s conversation, where they are going to razia’s brother to find out if the papers are fake or real. zoya is tensed, but haider asks her to relax. mamu walks out of his room along with razi, but they find guests on the door, wishing them a happy anniversary, while zoya and haider are amused. Mamu and razia are tensed as to who called threm, as they try to enter and get them engaged, while they have to leave, humaira and nuzrat come in saying that they planned it all along, and they should be expecting others too. razia and mamu are tensed, while zoya and haider are happy tht their plan succeeds.

while badi bi is making sweets for the poor and disbled children, the servant eyes the papers in her clothes, and akss if he can use them to make packets. Badi bi agrees not knowing what those papers are. Zoya comes in asking for her keys. Zoya is tensed that they didnt find the papers. badi bi says that they feel that the papers are somewhere here only. they are oblivious that the papers are indeed lying in front of them.

Haider and humaira begin to serve people, while haider takes every chance to tease her. The guests start insinuating that haider being a nice guy, should be eligible to marry huamira. along with humaira, razia and mamu are shocked, while haider is amused. As the guests begin to go after the strters, and mamu and razia are relieved, but haider stresses them saying that there’s still a dinner to go nd partying to be done till midnight. razia and mamu are tensed.haider says that they are lucky to have a daughetr like her who arranged such a huge party for them. the screen freezes on humaira’s frustrated face.

Precap: A person tells mamu, in the crowd of people gathered, to party, that some time back some person had come searching for him. he is surprised and asks why and who. That person says that she was showing his pics, and saying that she was searching for her father. Mamu is shocked to hear this. he instantly asks him what was the girl’s name. That person says that he doesnt know the name, but he would identify the girl if he sees her once. Oblivious to zoya’s presence and her relation with mamu, both mamu and that person are talking. But his eyes finally fall on zoya, mingling with the guests and he is surprised.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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