Qubool Hai 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: In captivity
Dilshad is apalled to find both her granddaughters in razia’s trap, and she threatening them, that if they dont agree to her wishes, then sanam would lose her life. Seher and sanam are apalled. razia says that due to zoya, her own daughter humaira, shed tears of blood, as she went to Mamu and told that she was her long lost daughter and she couldnt do anything. razia says that it would be wonderful had zoya been here to witness their ordeal. sanam is assured by seher that she wont let anything happen to her, and warns razia to let her go. razia asks her not to waste time, and accept her deal, as she just wants property and is least bothered as to who ahil marries. she says that she would leave sanam, and she can marry ahil, but if she delays, then ahil would know that his bride isnt here, and they would be left with nothing. Razia says that she knows tanveer and she wont let this golden oppurtunity pass by her hands. Razia says that she is evil, but she isnt tanveer atleast. While razia rants, Seher sees dilshad, who asks her to remain quiet, while razia says that if they dont agree to her wish, then it would be too late, for them to avenge their parents’ murder from tanveer. Seher starts telling razia to take care of herself, as she wont let her be successfull in her attempts, as she is nearing her loss, and that she wont ever be successful, and starts ranting about destiny and fate wanting them both to be together, to distract razia, from Dilshad who’s approaching her from behind, with an iron rod. Sanam, too starts ranting, to distract razia. Dilshad is about to hit, when razia turns around just in time, to save her attempt, and jerks her around, and dilshad falls at a distance, hitting herself on the head, having a concussion and falling unconscious, while razia eyes evilly. The sisters are shocked and distraught.

While razia is amused as she increases the flow of water, the water starts rising above her waits, and sanam starts being scared, while seher is tensed for her. Finally sanam goes under water. razia says that today all the three would die here today. She places a knife, at seher’s throat, saying that finally that would happen which she wanted 20 years back. Before razia can pull the knob, on sanam’s water tank, dilshad grabs her from behind, and they enter into a scuffle, in which with her, finally razia loses, and lets go of the knife, and dilshad overpowers her. Dilshad takes the knife, and cuts off seher’s rope, but just then, Dilshad grabs her from behind, while the ropes are half cut. Seher struggles hard to let herself free, while dilshad is in razia’s trap. Seher rushes to sanam, and finds the knob, that gets the water underneath her. Seher rushes and hits on razia’s hand with a rod, and she winces in pain, and falls unconscious.

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Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
faiz comes and says that since they are a married couple, he wants to share his life with her. He says that he wants all of his descisions with her agreement. haya asks whats the matter. Faiz says that he got a huge break, and he would be busy for some days, if he accepts, and haya says that he should go for it. faiz says that there’s a small problem, as the narration is today and he would be late. haya says that she would be fine. Faiz holds her hand, and thanks her for her support, and asks her to be by his side like this always, he leaves, while she is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While ahil is dressed as a groom, the priest asks for the bride, and is told that tanveer is getting her. all start getting impatient as the bride doesnt come. Azhar’s parents are amused, while ahil asks rehaan to go and find out where’s sanam, from tanveer. As expected a cheerful tanveer, comes with the bride, in veils, seeing whom ahil is relieved. the bride is visibly nervous, as she fidgets with her hands. she is made to sit opposite ahil, while azhar’s parents are baffled. tanveer asks the priest to commence with the marriage. Ahil is asked for his agreement to marrying sanam. As ahil gives his shy agreement to the marriage, three times, while the bride sits on the other side, everyone is happy. Azhar’s mother wonder who is this, if sanam ran away. the priest then turns to the bride, asking her agreement for the marriage, and she responds in a yes, while tanveer and ahil are happy, and azhar’s parents are boggled. With the three agreements, the priest announces the marriage to be final, and Tanveer is overjoyed. She congratulates sanam and ahil on their marriage. Ahil takes off his sehra to reveal his face, and then he progresses towards the bride, who too comes, but still in her veil, for their first pic as a married couple. tanveer thinks that finally the twenty years wait is over, and through this girl, she would finally get her passion, and what she wants, and whats her right. All congratulate ahil, as he mingles with the guests. Ahil is asked by guests if he wont show the face of his bride, to them. azhar’s mother says that if ahil sees her face, he would be furious, as he finds that its a fake, and not sanam. He goes to her lovingly to open her veil, to reveal her face, while azhar’s parents wait in anticipation, and tanveer is tensed. the screen freezes on ahil’s, tanveer’s and the bride’s face.

Precap: haya has an attack from a stranger, with a mask. Meanwhile, on their wedding night, ahil finds that the girl is someone else, nervous, shy and scared, as she sits silently. He is shocked and distraught. Just then, sanam enters with seher, and azhar’s mother is shocked thinking that if sanam is on the door, who’s dressed as a bride. Ahil and rehaan are shocked at their revelation, and on top of that, they find the twin sisters.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. huh.cant dilshad beat razia immediatly?4 what is she waiting dis long???

  2. hope atleast 2dy seher,sanam entry is being shwd nt like last week precap’s…

  3. sorry..2nd

  4. it is similar as all other stories why both sanam and seher cant come a minute earlier or the marrage can not accur a minute later.

  5. thats d over action of d shw….cz they need to do drama,rona dhona etc etc

  6. Again the same thing well I think that sanam and seher are tired walking so they are standing on the doorway

  7. again one more episode

  8. is it not the same precap from the last few days ?

  9. huhhh chi its beter 2 stop watchng dis shit…4 hw long yrs r they gona shw d same precap??hell wid the creative team….do u guys thnk d viewers of d shw gona like dis shit??????same old stupid… …. precap 4 ages together…people shld stop watchng dis dirty shit then atleast shw writers gona get some worth ideas othr dan dragng d same old shit..

  10. What rubbish…..dis is totally disrespectful and annoying

  11. Omg… -.- I really hoped the twins would reach there on time to stop the wedding… Btw anyone has any idea who the bride is??

    1. D bride is sum additi gupta!

  12. Don’t end aur pyaar hogaya name plz..

  13. Don’t end aur pyaar hogaya na plz..instead end tis serial

  14. same precap

  15. Btw, why haya is not attending Sanam’s wedding???? Did writers forget about her???

  16. this soap is going all wrong like I said it cannot reach a climax at all that will work out. what the hell is going on come on now how many time would haya be attacked by a stranger who know it must well be faiz who cannot wait to sleep with her so that rahatt would lose out and would not want her again. as for seher and sanam my gosh how many times would they be rescued and who the hell did ahil got married to this story line is tooooooooooooooooo confusing now and it is about time they show each others face when they are getting married otherwise anyone can fool them and sit in for the bride in this modern times this should not be so. writers bring this storyline to a close now we are all frustrated.

  17. Franchemen ce scenario c 1 ke masti…so bad

  18. Hw can aahil marry somone else. Such an awful serial

  19. What about signature on the Niqahnama(wedding agreement)??? Isn’t that not showing Sanam’s full name and sign? How Aahil not paying attention to anything at all? I can’t believe someone can be that lost or oblivious of the situation? Not making any sense…. 🙁

  20. kameeza budhoo

    hw log will we wait to see one thng.i am waiting hw long to see sanam and seher get to no each finally they no each other and seher no de whole story hw tanveer kill their parents hw long will we wait to no when sanam will no de story n let aahil o so we can no whether aahil will go with sanam or his freaky witch step mother n whether rehaan will go with seher n haya go with faiz or rahaat \this series is going like shit need inprovement in it

  21. guys de show is gettin irretating,it’s going very slow….evil tanvir is always winning..on top of until wen will bad deeds wins,am sorry to say qabool hai used to be my fav show but now dey r confusing people….plssss do light up.

    1. I loved the one of asad and zoya

  22. OMG! These people aren’t even real muslim… You don’t marry like that we don’t celebrate Hindi holidays it’s weird…

  23. Something’s wrong with them when did they… Oh my god I’m fed up of all these ZEE TV Shows

    1. I’m fed up of all TV shows

  24. The priest say Sanam Ahmed Khan right? But the girl is not sanam so how this marriage will be legal…writers plz be realistic

  25. What the f**k??Did they realy change the story???It wasnt which has been showed last session!!!

  26. thurga mohan

    wats going on..vry boring drama n sanam pity she lose her husband and ahil aso sanam

    1. they got Aditi, why do they need razia.
      tanveer for sehar and additi for sanam.

  27. i loved this seire, but now, its boring, we need action….., how long haya needs to know the truth about faiz, !!!!!!!and when the twins and dilshat will tell everybody the truth about the devils tanveer and rasia , !!!!! when is razia going to hell….this serie must must improoved…and why we hear nothing about rashad daughters and ayan………..the show is going very slow,

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