Qubool Hai 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 1st April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
The entire atmosphere gets tensed as shirin and dilshad stand ocverseeing the dead body.
Later, Zoya reprimands asad that he didnt even feel her tormented state for meeting her father, and today when she got him, he took him away from her. they are all shocked. Asad says that mamu is a murderer and zoya vehemently in a rage denies that he isnt one. Asad and zoya confront each other. He asks her why should he believe just because he said so. She is stunned as asad starts questioning everything about him, and even his relation with zoya, and that mamu wants them both to fight and hence created this dispute. She is stunned while dilshad is distraught. Haider thinks that he has proof of what asad demands, but should he give it right now. nazma is apalled too.

Later, haider is in a dilemma, thinking about zoya and wonders what to do, but then thinks that he should refrain from telling the truth, as if she gets to know that her father killed her mother, she would be heart broken. Haider comes and sits beside her. She asks if he also thinks like asad. Hader tells her that asad is equally traumatised at the loss of his father, and he doesnt know about mamu, but everyone knows about his criminal past. zoya asks if mamu tried to distract her by saying that he is her father. He says that he cant comment and asks her to trust her heart and its instincts. Zoya is tensed.

Later, zoya goes to the roof to find asad, and tells him that mamu isnt lying, as she had seen his eyes and love in them, which couldnt be false and that her heart says that he is her father and he hasnt murdered asad’s father. asad is tensed. He then turns around. asad says that if her heart says that mamu isnt the murderer, then his heart says that mamu had done this, and hence he would stay on this conviction. He says that he would do anything to prove him guilty and she says that she would do anything to prove him innocent. They confront each other.

The police tells them, on the next morning, about the post mortem report that he was first stabbed and then thrown off the roof, and it happened from 5:15 to 5:25 in the morning. shirin is devastated and dilshad too goes after her. Zoya gets up too. Asad tells the police that he hopes that the law shall punish mamu, and god forbid, if it doesnt, then he himself would see that mamu is severely punished. Zoya hears this and is shocked. The police assure that they are just waiting for mamu’s confession and if he is found guilty then they shall punish him, and if he doesnt open his mouth soon, then they have other tactics too. Asad tells them that he wants to see mamu till the gallows. Zoya is distraught while haider is tensed. Zoya calls the police and asks if sdhe can talk to mamu, identifying herself as his daughter, but the police denies, despite her several requests. as she turns around, she finds asad staring at her tensedly, in disgust. He tells her that rashid’s funeral is about to start but it feels that she has more important work, and asks her to join if she has tyhe time. Asad leaves, while zoya is tensed at his rudeness. .

In her room, shirin is lamenting over rashid’s death, shedding tears while dilshad watches her at the door, grief stricken herself. dilshad tells her that she understands her pain nicely, as they both have the same pain. shirin clutches at the pic, while dilshad says that when pain exceeds tolerable limit it should be divided. She says tyhat she knows shirin doesnt want them on the same roof, but could share their pain atleast. she tells shirin that its time for the funeral and leaves, unable to stop crying herself. Shirin is struck in sadness.

Scene 2:
Location: Sameera’s residence
haseena and farhan think that they should go to remorse too, and that they shall say that nikhat is in the clinic and they havent broken this news to her, because that would traumatise her more. Haseena is happy while farhan leaves. Haseena is tensed to find khushboo, pale and struck in sadness. she wonders what is this due to.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Tanveer comes to give fake pretense and consolation to dilshad, who doesnt even bother to react. Humaira is joined by zoya, who says that she always considered her as her sister, but its ironical that they got to know the truth about their relation at such a juncture. Humaira leaves in disgust. Zoya is tensed. When nuzrat comes to join shirin, she asks about nikhat, and nuzrat is unable to respond. But finally nikhat steps in. Nikhat joins everyone at the funeral, and breaks down in shirin’s arms. While haseena has come for lamenting, she is shocked to herar nikhat’s voice, and when she turns around to find nikhat in shirin’s arms, she is shocked beyond belief. She turns around and the screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Shirin tells dilshad that all his life, rashid had wanted them both to get along and be under the same roof, living together. Dilshad is overwhelmed. She says that now she wants to fulfill this wish of his. dilshad hugs her emotionally. Meanwhile, zoya tells mamu that she has had a talk with the lawyer,a nd they have a hearing the day after tomorrow. She places her hand on his, and asks him to promise that he wont give any wrong statement to the police, ptil then. But she is shocked, when mamu takes away his hand from under hers.

Update Credit to: rimjhim

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